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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


You should go to college, because there is nothing better than going to college and get a degree and find a job, meet friends that are for life.


If I had the chance to go back in time and talk to my senior high school self I would tell her that she should start preparing herself for long nights of studying. I would also tell her that procrastination is not an option when dealing with college homework due to the fact that if not dealt with in a timely manner it would all pile on. Then if I needed to turn in assignments for my classes it would be a headache trying to finish all that work on time. From the perspective of a high school senior college seems scary, but I would tell myself not to worry. There will be times when the homework load will be overwhelming and it seems nothing can get done or nothing will be done on time, but I would still tell her to hold on because although it is hard right now the end result will be worth it. I would tell her to stick to the motto I have always lived by "winners never quit, and quitters never win" because there is nothing more rewarding than an education, with that you can achieve anything and everything.


If I could go back in time as a senior in high school I would advice myself to be more aggressive or assertive knowing now how college life is. Mainly because, I have learned that in order to get what one needs in life one has to be aggressive in order to get what one wants. I never had imagined the real world being so hard and heartless at times. I knew it was going to be hard but because my parents pampered me too much I have had a hard time adjusting to the world out there. I really wish that I could go back in time and tell myself to prepare mentally for what is to come because the road to success won't be easy.


College is like a strong current, if you arent prepared to swim in it, you wont survive. Flexibility and adaptation is super important, this is all new territory, so my suggestion would be to expose yourself to various groups, clubs and activities., this is help you decide where your area of interst may be. Do the best you can in school, and dont forget to set a goal for yourself. A few small ones that lead to a big picture is a good way to start, but try to map it out the best you can. Focus on what matters to you and know how to utilize the school as well as its programs to reach your goals. Dont ever be ashamed to ask questions, its the only way to get answers.


Continue to work and study hard and not have a full time job so that you can put more time into your school work.Also, join clubs and organizations.


I would advise myself to construct a college plan. Know what college is compatible with my field of interest. I would also instruct myself to apply for scholarships (as many as possible) and find out all the information needed for financial aid. I would make sure I know the great deal of responsibilities that college places on ones life. Especially being responsible in utilizing all the help I can get from professors; and speaking with the academic advisors. The counselors provided at school, I would say, are there to serve a purpose. They are there to advise you which course to take for your intended major. I would tell myself to obtain all that you can, never settling for less than to strive and squeeze all the information and knowledge from the professors and counselors. I would encourage myself and let myself know, it's not going to be easy. So many distractions and complacency will be an option, but stay focus and know that in the end; your hard work and late nights of studying will pay off. Complete the dream your father himself wanted to do, and that's to finish college and achieve greatness. Thank you


I would tell myself to travel after high school, after which I should prepare to get myself into college instead of going into the workforce. The biggest way to make the most of my college selection process would be to discover my affinities and desires and plan to pursue them. Having a consultation with a talented job placement counselor could help facilitate this. Once I have an idea what I want to study, a good next step is to identify and list the schools that would be a good match for those studies. I should then look at cost and financial aid availability for each institution in narrowing down my choices. After choosing the top 10 schools that fit my needs, each of the schools should be contacted and, where possible, visited. Finally, I should select a mix of most practical and most desired campus choices and submit applications and, if necessary, request fee waivers. Then I should pick the best school and throw myself into my studies 100%.


the advice i would give to parents and/or students would have to be to visit the colleges of your chioce for either the parent and/or the student. get to know the college very well, and decide based on what seems right for you as an individual. make sure the college fits you best interest towards school and/or other activities you are interested in being involved in. and it never hurts to go on a tour of the camps when one is offered.


While deciding which college is best for you or your child, look for the same qualities one would look for in a person. A college should not only be fun with multiple parties and social options, but should also be trustworthy, honest, caring, and resourceful. The right college should be well-rounded and should not focus on one aspect, ie. sports or academics only. College is the time in one's life to get a once in a lifetime experience. and it should be fun but intellectually stimulating. Students should play sports, join school clubs and study groups.


Choosing the right college is sometimes listening to the people that love you, ie your parents. When choosing the right college the student might be 17 or 18 and sometimes are just driven by the popularity a school has of the parties. I was aiming for a school that was more of a party school, but my parents wanted me to go to another school that was not a party school. Parents are more wise and knowledgeable about life then the students, therefore knowing more and just knowing what is best for their son or daughter that they are sending off to college. So when choosing a college listen to your parents I did, and thank God for that, I love my college life. Get involved, join clubs, fraternities/sororities, club sports, to get the most out of the college experience. Also don't skip anything: Class, Homework, sleep, meals... or a good party have lots of fun!! But remember to Study Hard. It is up to you to get the most of your college expereience.


Just be happy you are blessed with the opportunity to continue your education and make the best of it where ever you choose to go.


My advice would be to find a school that offers a degree that you or your child is really interested in. Your college years will be a lot easier if you are pursuing something that you really enjoy. If you do this, you'll find that everything else comes a lot easier. You will meet people who share your interests and you will enjoy almost every moment at your school. Even the days of hard work will seem easier, as you will find the challenge rewarding. Do not be afraid to pursue your dreams. You only go through this once, so make it something beneficial that you will fondly remember years from now.


Go to the college with the people you are most comfortable with. You won't do well if you aren't happy with where you are.


Alot of the time, students just want to get away from home and live freely, which is why they mostly choose schools far away. I was thinking the same thing, but then I thought of how expensive it would be! Not to mention, I get homesick quite easily. At any rate, choose somewhere you love, that has a diverse group of people. It will truly change your way of thinking. And if you still want to get away from home, there are always programs like studying abroad. So, not only do you get a home away from home, you also have something to come back to with open arms.


save a lot of money, as much as possible, and learn to schedule your lives so you get the best out of it


get a good councelor


I would encourage them to weigh all your options and go with the school that is best for you and not necessarily the least expensive or the most prestigious.


My advice is to research all the schools you'd like to attend as much as you can. It's also good to have visited the campus; the more you know about your school of choice, the more you'd be comfortable with getting around, and the more certain you'll be of what you want to major in. It's best if you have at least a little idea in what you want to do in life, so you'd be able to start on your major's studies/courses a bit faster. Take your time and don't take too many units at once; you'll be really overwhelmed with all the work you have to do and the requirements you have to fulfill. Manage your time wisely, and it's good to sacrifice hanging out with your friends for a night of homework! Go to all of your classes; missing one lecture turns to two, then four, then eight, then you struggle to catch up, putting more pressure on yourself. And for parents, don't pressure your child into getting a high GPA, or doing well in school (clubs, etc). Home should be a comfort!


Look at each school and what they have to offer. What you heard is totally different from what you will get. Go to orientation ask questions, and talk to people they wont lie. Be sure your in it for the long run and make sure your waisting nobody's time.


What I would tell students is to always follow their dream no matter how hard it might seem. Always have a positive actitude and do not give up . Do not be shy to speak up for what you believe in and for your education. Try to get as much involved in school as possible it will help you in being a well rounded student. In finding the right college go with what you feel comfortable with and not just because one of your friends it attending that particular school. Friends come and go, but your education does not. For parents try to suport your child as much as you can in their education since this is their future. Try to better understand them since their role of a student would be different in a way because of more responsibilities they would have. Always encourage them to ask questions since there is nothing wrong with that. In addition, be there for your child and make them realize that no matter what decisions they make you would be there for them. Try to establish a good communication.


My advice would be to find a college that best suits both parents and students. The cost of tution should not put financial burden on the family. The quality of education should be beneficial for the student now as well as in the future. The school should also be active in trying to get its students involved in clubs and put major emphasis on shaping careers goals. The most important thing about choosing a college is that you will be proud of the college you are attending. If you choose a school you don't believe in, chances are you will not have a good college experience overall.


They should join at least one club/organization when they are in college. Find a college that has your major if you know what you're majoring in.


Visit the campus to make sure it is the right school.


Finding the right college is about exploring your options as a student. Students should think about what it is they like to learn about and find out what academic school that falls under. Then google it and look at different school's academic programs to see if the classes listed are something that may interest you. Also, look at how long the program will take to complete; how many units and graduation requirements like an internship or a 50-page thesis are things to consider when weighing your options. Finally, don't be afraid to move to another location that you've always thought about living in because going to school is an adventure in itself, and what better perk than to be able to travel while doing it. For parent's, just be encouraging. Don't put your goals on your child's shoulders, let them find their path. And be interested in what it is your child wants to learn. No matter what, when they graduate, be proud!!


College is an important time in a student?s life. My suggestion for finding the correct college is finding a school in where the student is comfortable. It is important for the student to feel safe and comfortable. Make sure the campus is diverse so you can meet new people as well as other cultures. Be sure to inform yourself of the college course work as well as important deadlines.


For me, college life have been very interesting. I would advice parents to support their children in all their needs. Be willing to encourage them and motivate them to continue even if it gets hard. Parents compared schools with your children and advice them on what you think is better for them but do not force them to decided what you want. Students try to have a social life at school and make friends so that your college experience will be memorable. I know it is hard when one has a job off campus but the little time that you may have on campus socialize with others. Socialization is very important because those people will be there to help you when it comes to studying or getting notes from,


Take the time to investigate in all possible colleges. Look at colleges from all points, i.e. school safety, admissions, campus life, academics, etc. Most of all, take a trip to the college and get a feel for it, if it seems to be the right one, go for it, but do not poceed if it feels like it will not.


I think that it is very important for future students to want to attend college, and not attend due to what others think that they should do. Also, if you choose not to go due to issues with money, there is always help for you just go out there and look!


The best advice that I could give to students and parents is first and foremost try and visit your top picks for a college. Its one thing to look at a brochure and say oh it looks like a beautiful campus but its another thing to visit the campus and get somewhat of a feel for what campus life is really like. I also advise that you take into consideration the amount of students that attend the school and match it with your preferences. Also I think that being sure that you can be financially well during college is important so its key that one chooses a university that is affordable for them.


Apply to many colleges, even if it is expensive to do so. It is always better to have more choices than to be left with only a few alternatives. If you don't get into your first choice, you will want to have many other choices which you can research.


This is a wonderful college and I would recommend this college to my friends and family members.


Visit the campus, talk to the students, and drive around the area. Make sure your major of choice is a focus of the school.


Find the college that suits your needs, your abilities, and your preferences. In order to do that, you must always keep an open mind and don't be afraid to just emerse yourself in the school's vibe before making a decision. Once you're in, making the most of your college experience is just to have fun in what you do with your time there. Be open to people. Just let your inhibitions escape you and you'll find the experience to be mesmerizing.


The advice I would give to anyone trying to find the right college would be to look for the college that offers the classes of the major they want to study in. Most people don't realizie, when they first go to college, that most of them do not offer the same classes. Other colleges will be better in one field but not on another. They must research colleges before they decide to attend. Another way to choose is to know how much the college costs and how they will help you if you are in a financial disadvantage. Many people don't know that resources that a college can offer, it is important to research what they offer once you already attend in order to make the best college experience. Some will give discounts for working on campus and give discounts just for attending their school. The discounts can vary from movie tickets, to many other events going around town. The important things is to know all you can about your school and become active.


visit the school. go to a party. sit on a bench and watch people. sit in a class and listen. take your time.


I would recommend asking current or recent graduates from the school you want to attend. You can only get a certain viewpoint from books, websites, and tour guides. In retrospect having been a junior with friends at other colleges i would have applied at different schools. I really feel no one can give you a real idea of the school than the current students there. As far as making the most of your college expierence I would say making sure your school has things set up that interest you. For example if your into sports going for a school that has a football or athletic program already set up. For people who want to a full social expierence in college living n the dorms and joining a school that has a large greek life system set up would be of utmost importance. Do your research and you will be happy with your choice!


The advice I would give to students and /or parents would be that they need to pick the college that is well known for the type of degree the student is interested in. Also to go and check out the campus and see if they feel comfortable attending there and try to meet with a few teachers and ask as many questions as they can to learn and be more aware of the college( remember you will be attending it so its better when you like it). Now to make the most of your college expirience I would have to say that you should try to be part of the social activities, such as but not exclusive to, clubs, faternities/sororities, and special events. And also always bring a happy outlook to campus because thats when you do the best in class.


Learn about the majors that are most popular. These are frequently the ones that the school focuses most on and allocates the most resources to. Find schools that focus a lot on your major. This will not only help you find a school that is a good fit, but it may even help you find financial aid. The school will likely have more scholarships related to the major. When you have chosen a school and been accepted, make sure you participate in new student orientation, if they have one. This is a great way to get acclimated to the school and find out about all resources on campus. Also, don't be afraid to join groups, clubs, etc. Not only will you get to know more people, but you could possibly find more sources of financial aid. Also, if you have a chance to get together with a group of classmates for study sessions, take full advantage of these. Finally, if you need help, most professors are more than willing to help. Make full use of your professors' office hours and review sessions.


Finding the right college doesn't mean finding the college who excels in your program - find one where you feel comfortable on campus, where you don't feel too lost or too personal. You want to be able to not feel like a freshman during your senior year - struggling to get by and forcing yourself to fit in where you don't... Don't go to a school just because your friend is going or the "love of your high school life" is going - I've seen so many of these turn out wrong - trust me now when I say 95% of them don't work out and hate living together - it's completely different when you're together all the time - ask your parents what the first week of living together was like if you don't believe me... Find a college that interests you - with local features and someplace where you can go to when you need time - the library, a cafe, a restaurant - any place that you can call your own to study at, to nap at, just to "be away from it all" at.


Take the time to look at the location that the school resides in. I mean, really take a good look. It helps if you know what your major will be or least have an idea. For example I am a film major and the best place to be for that is LA. I would advise students to have a counselor as a freshman that they stick with and have a close relationship with throughout their stay at college. I wish I had someone to help guide me so I didn't waste my time taking unesscessary classes. I would also encourage people to not be afraid to talk to other or ask anyone for directions or help.


To parents... by letting there son/daughter to start making there own decisions in life and of course only if they ask what they as parents do think to let them as young adults to start life... which is making choices! and as students.. do not just run away from home, and look into the schools that have programs and etc.. within your major., and of course economical desions for the students that don't have papers, income problems, etc.. and in the end to make your college experience worth your decision.


When it comes to finding the right school, parent's should only do everything in their power to be supportive in their role. Too much advice or pressure can only make for a tumultuous beginning of the school adventure ahead for students. In addition, parents should listen to concerns that their children have regarding money, anxiety over expectations, and also any looming confusions. Venturing off to college is a whole experience on its own, and honestly for students, it really helps in shaping how they will tackle future obstacles to reach goals in their lives. That said, for students, they shouldn't go to school with just one degree in mind. In fact, it would not only be beneficial to take a class that you never would have dreamed of taking, it enriches your horizons and also shows you that there are always other doors. And most importantly, keep track of your progress from day one-your advisors are not on baby-sitting patrol, they're there to help steer you in the right direction. Be open-minded, take classes that interest you, and make the most of it for yourself-it's your time!


If i were to give advise to parents and or students about finding the right college, I would say dont look at th college because of th popularity, athletic programs, party school or because everyone wants to go there. The students should know he or she's learnig style and if that student knows that he or she cant learn with a larg quantity of studnts then maybe a big campus wouldnt be best. If a studnt is easily distracted or gives into peer pressure easily then maybe out of state isnt best. The parents and student should visit all campuses he or she applied for before making a final deceison as to where this student belongs. When he or she gets on campus there are various ways to make the most of he or shes college experience. Ways such as getting involved on campus by joining clubs and groups,working on campus, taking advantage of the free resources offered on campus and choosing friends wisly. I would also recommend taking a PE class because somtimes you will need a break from class work and by taking a PE your earning a grade but your also taking a break.


Who says the best years of your life have to be high school? Proactiveness has a lot to do with how you'll experience your college years. If you're the type of person who wants to interact with lots of people, choose a school that has lots of extra cirricular activities. What do you do if you don't get into a school with a plethora of activities, you ask. You will have to be a go-getter. Make the most of your college experience by starting a club of your own. Hold a position in the student body. You have the ability to enter a school that you weren't too thrilled about attending, and making it the school of your dreams by being proactive. You also have the ability to turn your ideas into reality by getting the surrounding community involved. All this doesn't come by chilling and kicking back. The same desire you have to graduate, is the same desire needed to achieve the best college experience.


The best way to really enjoy college is to find a path for yourself. First learn through your highschool by joining afterschool activities or clubs. Whatever you decide in life understand that it's not always a clear path, but a path that becomes more visible with the people you meet and the experiences you face. After gaining more knowledge of what you want to do with your life, volunteer where you can expand the notion of making a career out of it. When you see yourself heading toward a direction, find a college that can provide you with steps best suited to your needs. Look past the idea of a college that has everything because what really matters is believing in yourself that you can make the best of what the campus has to offer. Hopefully with each class you take, you see it as a learning opportunity for life lessons than the subject alone. Not everything you learn will always be remembered but if you make the best of each class you can see that there is more to learn about how to approach different situations than any equation or formula. Life isn't memorized, it's practiced.


Just take your time and have fun, don't rush into things, but don't forget to be responsible.


This is your education and you want the best. Make sure you visit the campus, ask questions, Meet current students. Look at the department you are interested in majoring and ask questions regarding classes, career options. Always remember that schools, teachers would not exist if it wasn't for students. Most importantly remember that its not about finishing fast and getting out, its about finishing.


The advice I would give a students who were trying to find the right college is to know what kind of learner you are, if you need more one on one time with a professor or if they can suck everything up from lecture. If a student needs more one on one time after class to get extra help i would recommend a school like mine where the classes are smaller and the professor would have more time to answer any questions. I know that at Cal State LA a lot of the professors ask students to go to their office hours becuase they want them to do well and pass the course. Another thing that is important about finding the right college for you is to know what kind of environment you would prefer. I like the city life so i would never go to a school that's located in Northern California where all the farm lands are. My advice for making the most of your college experiance would be to make friends and keep your mind open to the point of view of others. Go outside you comfort zone and take different class and learn something new.


To really be able to choose the university you will attend it is VERY VERY important to visit the school. And once you are there it is also vey important to speak to a student about your school and not just the professors or counselors.