California State University-Los Angeles Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


there is nothing.


There is nothing that is frustrating to me. I am there to learn and educate myself in my field of study.


The most frustrating thing about this school is that some classes are only offered once or maybe even twice a year. This makes it difficult for students to graduate on time, because classes get full easily and there is not enough money to open more classes and enroll the rest of the students who need it. Also, if someone changes major in the middle of the year, they better make sure that the classes they will now be needing are offered the following quarter or else this could set them back as well.


Parking and sometimes the amount of students it has been getting very compact lately


The most frustrating this is budget cuts, but that goes for a lot of cal state schools. It's unfortunate, because sometimes you can't get the classes you need or essential classes are cancelled for a quarter, which could make the process of getting through school a lot longer than you expected. Also, Administration is not too great, it's unbelievable how easy it is for them to lose your transcripts if your a transfer student.


Since I am living on campus, the most frustrating thing for me is the stairs connecting the dorms to campus. I hate going up and down the stairs everyday.


lack of sporting events.


The most frustrating thing about California State University, Los Angeles are the scarce availability of classes which affect the the number of classes they are allowed to take and the ability to graduate on time because of the State Budget Cuts.


The most frusterating thing about my school is the increase in fees and that it is not going to be closed every other friday.


The most frustrating thing about my school are the times allotted to the classes offered during each quarter. If you work and are a full time student you most likely will not graduate on time.


The administrarion and counselors are not vey helpful at all.


The MOST frustrating thing to me is ow much money you get back for selling back your books on campus. I bought a $120 history book, literally used it twice, and my school took it back for $30. It might as well have been sold back new with the number of times I used it.




Parking can be frustrating if you are adamant on having a space really close to campus. I never minded parking further and finding a for sure spot then walking less than half a mile.


trying to find your advisor


I am a transfer student from CSU Fullerton, many of my classes did not transfer over to CSULA. I did not recieve any help from staff on what classes I needed to take to graduate. I am still learning everything on my own.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the fast pace. Since our school is divided into 10 week periods we learn so much and absorb it so fast that it can also slip away if done too quickly. If we fall behind we have limited time to make up our mistakes. Grades are really important to us and there are several occasions when the grades are not what we hope for. Sometimes we expect our grades to represent how much we learn from this school but to be honest life lessons cannot be measured by grades alone.