California State University Maritime Academy Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I havent gotten to personally know any of them, but they all seem like responsible, mature young adults who have a real passion for the major they are involved in.


The atmosphere here at CMA is definately one that would keep you focus and busy.


It may be tough at first but you can get through it. I have two jobs, a 3 year old son and on average 19 units per semester but the goal is to stay focused and never give up. The rewards at the end are well worth all of the hard work you put in. 4 years of college is nothing compared to the time you'll have living a successful and happy life.


If my classmates must be described in only one sentence, I would use that sentence to explain such that there is no way in hell, I mean positively no way- that one can describe such a demographic in one arrogant fell swoop of his breath.


Small campus size leads to a closer knit student community where everyone knows everyone else even if they don't know them that well