California State University Maritime Academy Top Questions

What should every freshman at California State University Maritime Academy know before they start?


THE MONEY ISSUE IS A BIG DEAL. I know you shrugged and said to yourself 'eh, I'll figure out how to pay for it when I get there', but that is definately not the right way to go about the financial aspect of college. I don't care if you're, and I quote, "just a senior in high school and not even an adult yet", you need to apply for scholarships right now, sell some stuff of E-Bay, learn how to play poker, or appraise some jewelry or something! Anything! Actually, you should've started worrying about the money issue the beginning of freshman year. Oh, by the way, don't underestimate your possible desire to actually start dating seriously. I know, I know, you always say "ugh, I'm never going to date in college, I'm only interested in my education". Girl, I know. But I'm just telling you that you're going to need a lot of resistance to dismiss the fact that over 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the people in your school are guys. Your eyes will wander, but never lose sight of your purpose to get a degree! (A bf is extra. ;D)


"Hey Kabrianna. I know that you are stressed, but without stress, we wouldn't accomplish half of what we do! Don't let that stress worry you, because you CAN and WILL do it, I promise. Continue keeping your grades high, but do not forget to put family first. It is so easy to say ' I will just stay out tonight and come home later' and before you know it, it is time to grow up, and your beloved sister, Kyla, feels distant. Most of all, realize that you will be OKAY! In Fall of 2013, you're going to rock your red graduation gown and smile to your unsupportive family as you're eighteen with your associates and a 3.9 GPA! There will be a time you are bitter for supporting the family and be the provider. I know it's hard to believe, but they will be okay without you and things will look up. Mom will straighten up and help you care for Kyla. You just need to stay strong, and keep on keeping on. Its going to be hard, but breathe, because you will be okay, I promise. Take care, and boys are bad, mkay?"


I would give my self these words of advice never let anyone make you feel belittled. Try your hardest and never give up. Always ask for help from teachers.


I have learned that being a college student means working harder than before and thats what seperates a person with a degree to a person without one.


I'm not sure what I would tell myself... College life isn't hard in terms of responsibility or work load and self-discipline; because of the way I was raised in an Eastern European houeshold, and the excellent learning programs that I was in at the schools I went to before college--like the GATE program in elementary and middle school and the PACE program at Long Beach Polytehcnic High School. But one thing that I would tell myself is to be more comfortable and less shy around girls, and not to bring so much stuff with me to college that I don't know where to put everything.


Actually, my senior year isn't the year I would speak to myself, during my sophomore and junior years I decided my friends, party's etc were much more important than studying and school. I struggled, my gpa went from over a 3.0 to a 2.3. My folks were angry, my teachers had given up on me. I wasn't interested in school. When I was accepted to a 4 year, my counselor and teachers were shocked and didn't think I had a chance. They really had written me off as a JC college kid. After spending a semester at college, I realize if I would have paid just a bit more attention and tried a little bit harder, my gpa would have been well over a 3.0 and all the arguing and struggles to get to CSU-CMA wouldn't have happened. The transition has been easier than I expected, although the school is very structured, so it makes it easy to understand what is expected of you. My grades are up now. I only strive to keep them improving more each semester!


The most important peice of advice i could give myself as a senior would be to do everything i can to find scholarship money before starting college. i would tell myself about how much more difficult it is to search for money while trying to deal with all the classes and demands of living on a college campus. I would also tell myself to try as hard as i can early on so that i dont have to struggle later to reach the level of achievement i want.


Be sure that the classes you are taking or have taken is what you need to build a strong foundation for further education, if not look into what will. A proactive student is always a better student, go out there and do the needed research and get to know what you are getting yourself into. Knowing yourself better makes it easier to interact with others and knowing more about what you are getting yourself into or want to get yourself into make you a better and more goal-oriented person. If peer pressure and the pop culture society did not get to you in high school than be sure it does not in college either. Take what you have leave and develope in high school as of discipline and management and so on down the list and apply it to the college life. That way everything would definately be better off and the road to higher education will be a lot easier. Interact with others, such as students at your future college or professors and ask them as many questions as you possibly can. Stay informed of the world around and stay open minded to experience and learn new things.


I would recommend actually going to each of the colleges that the student may think he/she is intersted in seeing if you could imagine themselves living there for the next 4+ years. See how each college feels, what majors they offer. Look at class sizes, campus life, and extra activities. Find what fits the student because the happier he/she is to be there the better they will perform in school. The most important thing about college is the education that the student will recieve from it. So when trying to find the right college look for the one that seems to fit the student best academically and learning wise. The college you choose will be the gateway to your new successful life so choose wisely.


Do your research.