California State University-Monterey Bay Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


California State University, Monterey Bay is small, community based and even though it may seem empty their may something amazing for you here that would have never expected.


Cal State Monterey Bay is an eco-friendly school which provides me with quality education, professors that care about my future, and a campus that thrives on its cultivated surroundings.


My school is not the best school to go because it does not offer that many varities of majors and it is not as big yet, environment not as encouraging.


The school is beautiful with nice weather, the small classes allow students to have that one on one with the teachers, and there is so much help for students all around campus.


CSUMB is very spread out and has old buildings everywhere. It has a very modern look to it. It is right by the beach and a lot of the time it is very foggy. When it is sunny though it is so pretty that one day of sun is worth a week of fog


CSUMB is a very laid-back college in a beautiful area.


My school is in a relaxed environment, full of friendly and energetic people, my campus cares about the environment, the neighboring communities that surround it, and it's a good well-rounded facility for a four year education.


A humble academic community where nearly everyone talks to eachother and strives for a common goal. (Graduate)


CSUMB is a small school that has a stong focus on the students and their sucess and is sometimes mistaken for a vocational school with a majority of the students entering the workforce after graduations and not attending a masters or PhD program..


CSU Monterey Bay is a growing campus that has a great spirit and positive focus on students.


A school where the artistic muslim mathematician and japanese surfer social action writing majors come together and create a colorful, vibrant, active community of people attending a work-in-progress institution, that progresses with each student's passion, redifining what encompasses "a good education" on the edge of the pacific coast.


recycling is VERY important


the school is great, just beginning to develop, it is a fun and good school to be at.


CSUMB is a great place for hands on learners and people who really care about their education :)


A wonderful, supportive learning environment which provided me with a wonderful education and career.


A school with good intentions lost in bureaucracy, politics, regulation and standards.


very innovative, outgoing people, nice weather, very open people, ocean, beauty, great professors. Good housing, nice Residential Advisors , very liberal and people are always ready to engage in learning


Small, right by the beach, not too over populated


very accepting and a friendly environment.