California State University-Monterey Bay Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


There is so much to offer with CSUMB. They mainly take pride in sciences and business but there is something for everyone. There are small class sizes and definitely helps when picking classes.


Professors at CSUMB know the students by name and make an effort to know our names. The first day of one of my classes we played games so that we could know each others names too. My favorite and most unique class was my Reflections on American music class. The teacher was great and taught us a lot about music. We did presentations that were personal and on things that we were interested in. The professor had us write a 12 bar blues song and we spent a few class days forming a house band and playing all of our songs. We had class discussions on movies that we had watched or the chapters in the book we had read. The best part of the class was that the teacher was open to listening about how we wanted the class to be. Students are studying all the time and the library is constantly filled with people. My favorite part about finals is that the library is open 24 hours. My major is Marine Science and there is always so much information and help from the counselors there on my major. Any questions I have can be answered either in person or email to my professors and counselors.


Class are relatively small at csumb. Professors tend to know there students by name. My favorite class at CSUMB is the web/ graphic design course. Class participation is not only common but encouraged. It is a very hands on learning process at csumb. Who you hang out will usually determines if you are exposed to intellectual conversations. The education at csumb is geared towards getting a job.


Class sizes are really small, most professors know your name. The classes are not challenging at all, I feel like a Freshman in HIGH SCHOOL instead of college. I never studied and passed all my classes. Students do not have intellectual conversations outside of class, most of the students here probably can't even spell intellectual. I have also never witnessed an intellectual conversation inside of class. The students are not competitive. This school lets in anyone and most students are just trying to get by, leaving them no room to be competitive. CSUMB does not have very many class choices, none of the classes are unique. The academic requirements are more like academic requirements for 8th graders. Also, CSUMB's requirements do not match up with any other university, even other CSU's, this makes it almost impossible to transfer out. The education at CSUMB can hardly be called an education. Graduates will probably go on to be mid-level employees at some sort of corporation.