California State University-Monterey Bay Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Greek life is popular on campus but does not dominate the school. Students in dorms tend to alway leave the door open. I became very close with my hall the first year of college. Guest speakers are very popular we have been fortunate to have amazing people come talk at csumb for example Clint Eastwood has come numerous times to talk to film majors. Many people start to have serious relationships in college. I meet my closest friend and my currents boyfriend at one of the many famous csumb bonfires. Thursday and Saturday nights are party nights! There are also many things to do off campus such as go shopping, visit cannery row, surf, got to the beach, visit carmel, got hiking at big sur, visit the aquarium (once a month it is free for csumb students) and so much more!


There aren't any popular groups or organizations. Most students do not leave their dorm room doors open, although it is really great way to meet people. Athletic events are not usually attended. If you are looking for hot guys/ cute chicks, do not go here. Most of the student body is nerdy. If you do find someone you like here it would be a very good environment to have a relationship because there probably won't be anything to distract you. My closest friend is my roommate, that is how a lot of people meet their closest friend. The school was very good at pairing you with someone you would like. On weekday nights most people get together to smoke weed, thats really the only thing there is to do. The only tradition I have witnessed is the day before finals the Dinning Commons puts on a free meal late at night. There aren't a lot of parties, so people party whenever they can, even if its on a school night. Fraternities and Sororities are not very important. Most are predominately Mexican. There isn't anything to do unless you have a car to drive into town or to the beach.