California State University-Monterey Bay Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


What i brag about the most is the new nursing program they have. Only a few are selected and i was one of the lucky ones. Alot of people dont know this Extended Education program exist. So everytime poeple ask me how im doing, what ive been up too i always tell them abut the program. i always tell them how to apply for the program and how fun it is.


The beach is a mile away and there is access to hiking trails and kayaks. It is a small campus feel but you still have the normal provisions of a big city


When I tell my friends about my college, I like including the diversity, opportunities, residential life, and the little known fact that my school was founded on the former site of Fort Ord.


One thing I alwasy brag about would be the view from our campus, especially from my room. The campus being only 1 mile from the beach gives my room that beautiful ocean view. The people I have met here are honestly the nicest people I've ever met, considering I come from the LA area. The professors here are also outstanding, very understanding and the class sizes are decently small so you really get a connection with your professor.


I brag about the land and the space we have for new and exciting things. I talk about the free transporation on the bus and the amazing free things we get on a daily basis. The gym, which i found out a lot of schools do not do, is free for students and its great ! :)


California State University Monterey Bay is a small yet diverse school filled with opportunities offered to each student who attends the school. Classes are small, therefore there is only a few large lecture halls, leaving most of the classes with 20 to 50 students. This makes teaher-student interaction easy and comfortable. The campus is also a brief walk away from the beach, which you can look out at from the library and certain spots on campus!


What I brag about the most when I tell my friends about my school is the great, small class size. As a result of this, the professors are able to have more of a one on one connection with you and you have the opportunity to build close relationships. I also brag about our support programs such as EOP, SSS. and CAMP geared to help first time low- generation students as well as offer tremendous amounts of support. Another great thing about my school is the free tutoring program known as ASAP. Academic Skills and Acheivment Program.


I generally brag about the surrounding area. I love the beach and there is one right by our school, so I tend to go relax over there a lot.


The instructors truly show that care about the students and are always there to help us in any way they can. They also make class subjects interesting by relating the classes to the real world. What makes the school awesome however, is it?s proximity to the ocean and many other oceanfront cities.


When bragging about my school I always say how much I love my teachers. The curriculum, content and passion that goes into each lesson is extraordinary. Aside from the interdisciplinary approach to college level course work, I really appreciate the small class size. and diveristy. The area that the school is located is so beautiful and the beach is only 5 minutes from my campus. Still, I think one of the greatest parts about my school is the malable majors, felxibility and freedom to choose your path. CSUMB has caring advisors who listen and encourage you along the way.


I brag about the beautiful surrounding area. This is the best place in California to be for my field. It is also very nice to have small classes with dedicated professors in which I can learn and gain real-world experience. I feel that I am participating in programs that I never would have been fortunate to encounter at other schools.


the location and how small it is.


I'm a few blocks from the beach, we have a private beach space, we are historically rich and our campus is full of old abandoned military facilities that are a blast to explore... Everyone on campus is really laid back. The scenery is beautiful, and I love the people I've met.


I love to tell them all about how much fun I have at my school. Monterey Bay is not one of the most well known schools in California, so it gives me a chance to try and attract attention. The sports programs are a blast, socializing and partying always makes the weekends fly by, and I always seem to be happy when I'm there. My living situation is great in North Quad, and all the kids are great to hang out with.