California State University-Monterey Bay Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The limited number of majors offered. It scares alot of possible students, because they do not feel that they have the room to explore different majors.


The limited number of majors offered. It scares alot of possible students, because they do not feel that they have the room to explore different majors.


My school has many students attending it, and it is difficult for them to have a place to stay. At the moment they are working on rebuilding some of the old army base which our campus use to be, and they are creating more dorms for students who do not yet have a room or have to pay extra to live in the North Quad buildings.


It's locared on an abanded military base (Fort Ord) so there are a lot of old, falling apart buildings. It doesn't seem that attractive and the somewhat spooky buildings surround the entire campus.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of school spirit. This is because we do not have a football team and that makes it hard for the student body to come together and show how much being an "Otter" means to us.


Since the school is so new, it doesn't have all of the anemities that many larger institutions have. The gym is small, there are no chain restraunts on campus, etc. Also, because the campus is a converted military base, the layout is not typical. Classes can be pretty spread out, but the University provides free transportation to get around campus, so it's not too much of a problem.


The administration at this school doesn't know what they are doing.


the distance to one class to another. The classes are spread apart and with traffic and little parking spots its hard to get on class ontime. DOnt get me wrong CSUMB is awesome, but unless your classes are across campus you are better off walking. i have no complaits of walking i love to but when you have a class that is across campus and only 10 min to get there and little parking its hard to get ontime


I wish the school was a little bigger and had a little more to offer. If it was larger there would be more majors to choose from and probably more to do around campus. However, I do keep pretty busy because I work part time at a gym and I play basketball for the school.


The worst thing about my school (Cal State University Monterey Bay) is motivation, i feel like the school lacks with motivation.


Right now the state budget problem is making the educational process on everyone. We're paying more, but cuts are made everywhere else.


I think that the worse thing is that there is not football team on this campus.


We are still a smaller school and starting out and trying to recieve money for more up to date facilities. We are barely 20 years old and have so much potential.


The conselors tell you one thing while your advisor says another. takes longer to graduate since there are small classes they don't offer every semseter.


Nothing is too bad to be classified "worst".


I would consider the extra requirements a hassle for students because there are MLOs, ULRs, and GLOs. We have to perform service learning and take a language.


The lack of social activities available. Such as fraternities & sororities and sports.


On an old military base. You have to drive everywhere, just to get anywhere.


The worst thing I've encountered here are some of the ridiculous administration issues I've come up against. Basically, student housing is a pain. There is so much low income housing around the school that people shouldn't even need to stay there anyhow; it's too expensive to live on campus.


the school is a little on the small side for someone who is looking for a big college experience, however, i do not mind.