California State University-Monterey Bay Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Adventurous, curious, fun, and nature-lovers are the type of people who should attend this school. People who can handle the laid back structure and handling the college life on teir own would be perfect for this school.


A student should attend CSUMB if they perfer smaller class sizes, more interaction with the professors and would like to become more involved in the community.


Anyone who wants to take part of a community. CSUMB likes for students to engage with the community that surrounds them.


Someone who is fun and carefree, but also concerned about their academic career.


someone who wants to get college experience but needs undergraduate work. Transfer to a school with more hands on trianing in field of interest.


If you are a friendly person with enviromental values, you would love this school. If your very interested in the enviroment and "going green" CSU Monterey Bay is the perfect choice for you. If you like one on one conversations with your proffesors and being able to really speak out in class, CSUMB offers it all!


The kind of person that should attend this school is one that is motivated and determined to succeed. That's what this school is all abput, helping students succeed as well as gearing them into the degree that best fits them and works well for them. Also, someone that is very hands on. Our school is extremley driven by the fact that students learn real worl concept through hands on activities as well as gaining presentation skills and skills in the workplace, such as Service Learning that will help them succeed far past graduation.


It is said to believe a person who if free-spirited and loves the out doors aswell as the cold weather.


Someone who really cares for the environment and can share their own opinions on the environment and how we can improve sustainability further.


some one who likes a small campus and that the school is a bit different from most universities


We have a very strong science and math departments. A person interested in attending this university would be someone who wants to learn directly from faculty. Prefers small class size and flexible office hours. Faculty here really love there students and wants us to suceed.


someone laid back who isnt obsessed with academics and likes to take it easy.


CSU Monterey Bay is for students who prefer a more laid-back lifestyle. Cultural diversity and community involvement are stressed. In fact, coursework requires many hands-on experiences to analyze and understand. However, campus offices are very disorgranized. Patience must be practiced.