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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


the advice i would give myself that i know what would be to be as social as possible. the only poeple that are going to make college fun and interesting are the people you go to class with and the people you have class with. talk to as many poeple as you can, make as many friends as you can. at the end of the day those are the people that will help you in a study group and they will be there when you are away from home. if you are good friends with someone in college, you never know, five years from now when you apply at a big business he may be the person that hires and he rememebrs you so he will put in a good word to his boss for you. be nice to everyone because you never know who they will become in the future


Advice i would give myself is eat as good as you can, dont take 8 am classes because you wont wake up for them, dont skip class because it'll ruin your college career and stress you, but most importantly dont stress too much. Try to enjoy this experience as much as you can because it goes by really fast. Also dont spend so much money, trust me, the shoes are cute but its not worth it.


If I could tell my high school senior self one thing it would be stress kills. This may not seem like much to say to someone but people would be suprised how much this gets over looked. Senior year you need to enjoy yourself as much as possible, do not have any regrets. Do not worry about how much the university is going to cost and if you are worried start off at a community college first because it is cheaper and it will save money. Many people know this but this is one piece of advice I could have followed. Now I have to worry about paying thousands of dollars of loans back. But back to stress, you have to relax. Do not let stress overcome you! It will take a toll on your health it will make you lose weight. Yeah you've heard of the freshmen fifteen well not only can gain fifteen you can lose fifteen as well. The best way to solve this problem is by getting involved on campus and excercising because it really does help with stress believe me. Make friends, get involved, study and STAY CALM! College life is amazing enjoy it.


Dear past Rachel, Do not worry aboutyour social life as much as you do now, it is not that important. You will want to have fun, but always remember that work comes first before fun, try to get everything done before the weekend so you can actually have a break. If you have a multiple midterms, do not freak out just pay attenion in class, keep up with your homework and study; since it is better for you to ask questions go to tutoring and have study buddies. Trust me once it comes there is no turning back; it is much easier when you talk to your teacher, but do not innterupt the class. Also, you should always keep track of time, how much food you consume and how much you exercise. The healthy you are the less lazy you will be and the more time you can focus on what is important. Do not stay awake past midnight, otherwise you will sleep during the day and it is much harder to attend class. Sincerely, Future Rachel


Knowing what I know now about college I would tell my high school senior self to drop everything im doing and start over. I started going to college late because I didn't know much about college. Being the first one in my family to go to college my family couldn't help me. Knowing now all I could've done to start my career would have been amazing. At the age of 26, by now I would have been done with my education or maybe even started a masters program. All the resources that the high school offered but never took advantage of would have helped me out a lot. All I cared about in high school was having fun. I had finished my credits early so i only went to class for a few hours. I would tell my younger self that instead of going home after my classes were done i would've taken advantege to all the resources the counselors offered for going to college after high school. The most important thing I would tell myself is too think about a career early on so I would know what classes to take when I started college.


If I were talking to my high school self, I'd tell him to remain focused, intense, and organized, because college will only be more demanding. What I know now of my college experience is that working hard consistently is the key to success. I've learned that a little effort can truly be the difference between a A and a B on an assignment or in a class. A successful experience in college requires putting one's best foot forward at all times. Everything must seem vital and neccesary. I assume that my high school self would be somewhat scared by this truth. However, it represents a challenge to be embraced. The more I've come to see my own ability to achieve, the more I've felt more confident in education, as well as life overall. My high school self may have felt somewhat similarly, but, had I the opportunity to talk with him, I'd emphasize that point.


If I was able to go back in time and speak with myself as a senior I would let myself know that I don't need to be scared. CSUMB is a great school and you will be happy. You don't need to regret your acceptance decision because this school is the right choice for you. Even though you are worried about dad, he will be okay. I know that you are worried about recieving phone calls about him being in the hospital but you have the freedom to go visit if you need to. Keep your grades up senior year and dont let dad's health and the divorce slow you down. Continue to enjoy your senior year because you deserve to enjoy it. The next few months will be hard but you are stong and will figure everything out.


The advice I would give myself would be to apply for more scholarships since my first year of college relied on the loans I had to get.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school senior self I would have told myself to be more active and participate in more activities. I would have told my self to not be the fly on the wall and be the fly buzzing around the room because being active and participating in activities helps with meeting people, being more sociable and pontially getting a new job. Sometimes its not about achievements its also about contacts - "its not about what you know its about who you know". It also helps with making fun school memories that will last for a lifetime. Another thing I would of told my high school self was to leave that procrastinating habit in high school because in college proscratinating can literaly be the reason for failing a class or even flunking out of school. Last I would of told my high school self to develop a study habit because studying is a must in college.


If I were able to go back in time, I would tell myself to work harder. That way, it would have been easier to get into a good college. When I was in high school, every year I passed by the skin of my teeth. I honestly thought I was going to be able to get into a big university with my horrible grades. I would tell myself not to be such a slacker. I would say to get the homework done and in on time. Just because extra credit is offered, doesn't it's going to make up the rest of the grade. I would also tell myself to stop researching art school. Not only can you not make a living out of it, but you will find a new interest in psychology. Save the art for a hobby. Go for psychology and don't wait until you're twenty-two. Go to college right away and apply to the university with better grades. Maybe, with the hard work, You will get accepted and not have to go through the hassle that you will endure in the future.


College is the time to get to know yourself and what you are capable of doing and accomplishing. Greet each day with a fresh start and open your mind to new people, experiences, and opportunities. Here, you will grow as a student and a person and it will put you on the path to who you will become. Try new things and broaden your horizons. Make the best of every situation and learn from them. Push yourself to your limit and you will be amazed at how resilient you can be. Have fun whenever you can, but remember why you are in college. Stay focused and work hard academically. Build your resume as much as you can, even if it is just volunteering. Test yourself and see where your hard work can take you. Embrace this opportunity to grow and learn and discover who you are and what you want out of life. Finally, just be you!


If I were to go back into time and talk to my high school senior self, I would tell myself to stop being lazy! College is an exciting time where you can be anyone you want to be away from your parents. You really have to think about where you want to be, what type of weather you like and actually think about a career/topic of interest you want to study. Think of all the possiblities before you pay thousands of dollars to decide that you hate college. College is what you make it. I've seen dozens of students go to college and think it's boring, but they never leave their rooms. Make the most out of your experience, join a club (actually go to that club) and meet amazing people. College is about getting out of your comfort zone and of course you're going to miss home, but also remember that you're there for a reason! Experience something new, but be responsible about it and embrace the unknown.


Dear Ritz, I know you're seriously excited about attending attending college, but there are so many things that you need to keep in mind before packing your bags and saying "bye" to mom and dad. Just remember to always keep your grades in top shape, and to continue doing your best to achieve academic success. Get everything submitted on time, and no matter what, avoid catching the deadly "senioritis" virus, because it will definitely mentally and physically impact you. Be involved so you can learn how to divvy your time equally, and just balance out your social life with your academic path, because after all, it is your last year in high school, so make it all worthwhile! And when it comes to college, you need to always remember that no matter what, you're there for a reason, and that you're paying for your education. It's not a free ride any more. Also, visit Mr. C whenever you need advice for college, he'll always have your back no matter what. I believe in you, and have fun, because just like high school, college will pass you by just as fast.


I believe the most important advice I could give myself as a high school senior would be to live in the moment. To enjoy every moment I had with family and friends discovering who I was going to become. To take each moment and truly discover what I was capable of accomplishing. To be open to learning from every challenge I might face while in college and know that it is part of the process. To never give up, to always believe in myself. Finally, to know that in the end it was all worth it. College was and is worth every moment I have and will spend creating the person I want to become; a person who is compassionate, creative and confident.




First I would tell myself not to worry so much. Stressing over transitioning and whether or not you're going to make new friends in an area you know nothing about is not worth it. Now that I've gone through the process it isn't as hard as I thought it was. You're going to get into a school no matter what, so you're going to college. You're going to make tons of friends because everyone in their first year of college is looking to make friends. The school work isn't as bad as you may think and it is definitely achievable to get through. Another big thing I would stress on is the fact that I need to spend more time with family and friends. College is definitely a great experience where you get to meet a bunch of new people but you need to cherish everything that you have now because you're going to be moving away from all of it and starting over new. The time you still have to spend with family and friends is extremely valuable.


Before you make your final decision on which college you would like to apply for, think about what you want, not what your mother wants. Take the risk of following your dreams because once you've had enough, that's where you will be headed towards in the end anyway. In doing this, you will save time and money. Please make a wise choice for yourself, not for someone else; it's your own life, and everything depends on you and what you want for yourself.


If I was able to go back and do my senior year again one thing I would change is how lazy I was. I would go back and work on my scholarships. I worked on them but I know I could have done more. Their were so many scholarships I let pass me and now I haven’t received any. Sometimes I wonder how my parents are going to pay for my education because we can’t afford it. I admit it's my fault.


The advise that I will give myself is to start in college and take as many classes as I need to get my general education finished along with transfer credits. I would also take as much classes that count for my major since it is cheaper in college than a university. Even though, I would still be undecided I would tried my best to decide a major as soon as possible. Applied to different universities instead of just one university. Taking classes that I needed instead of taking whatever classes in order to qualify for full time of financial aid. Finishing college in 2 to 3 years instead of 4 years in order to have more financial aid grant money and qulaified for more help since financial aid only helps a student for a certain units and years. Working in the summer on part-time jobs to save money for school. Since tuition keeps increasing more and more haivng no money to afford school. Being a low income student gives me a lot less chances to be able to afford college. Especially, university where it is surprisingly expensive not having the money to continue my education.


Every freshman should know that getting out there and joining clubs is the fastest and easiest way to make friends. Sure someone will probably create a group on facebook and you will talk to each other on there, but when it comes time for school to start no one talks to each other. Also try not to text your friends from home so much. They aren't with you at college and even though you have probably known them forever you need to make some new friends to. I'm not saying forget about them just don't invest all of your time in your phone.


I would have told myself to take my Advanced Placement classes more seriously. At the time I just used the AP tests as a way to get out of my in class finals. It was not that I was failing, but I was just too lazy to take the finals. Since I was on low income, I was able to take each AP test for five dollars and I took that cost for granted. Now I realize the true difference between a five dollar class and a hundred dollar class. I also would have taught myself to not be lazy or procrastinate because I had to teach myself after I reached college. It is hard to learn a new way of working after going to college, rather than before.


As a high school senior, my advice to myself would be to just be yourself. Just becuase your going to a new school or environement doesnt mean you need to change yourself to emulate the people you are around. I learned that the hard way and had a lot of growing up to do in the process and it wasn't easy. If i accepted myself for who I was from the beginning, maybe others would have appreciated the real me. Also procrastination is a big thing, people told me this all the time but i figured im a good student I dont need to listen because it won't happen to me. Unfortunetly it did and i had another wake up call. Just time management and learning how to do it all on my own would have helped alot at the start of my college journey. As of now I can say I've grown a lot and I'm proud to say I've matured to be a well college student.


I wish I could tell myself to stress less! Between the SAT/ACT, college and scholarship applications, avoiding senior-itis, and being critically ill in my senior year, along with waiting to hear from colleges, it was a very stress-filled year. I had a lot of fun as well, but I worried about leaving my friends and family to go away to school. And because I became ill right when it was time to accept college offers, I had to decide between staying home to be close to my specialist, or accepting the offer from my dream school and moving away. Luckily I recovered, and am now at my first choice college. If I had known how much fun I would be having, and how well I would fit in at college, I could have relaxed more. I had one moment on the first day when I wanted to go home (my mom asked me to sleep on it and then decide), but from that day on, I have never looked back. Even though money is still a worry, everything else has turned out wonderfully. I would tell my senior self to relax - it will all be fine!


I have learned a whole lot from my college experience but for the most part I have learned about loving college. Before college I disliked school so much. School just wasn't on my mind because I thought it was boring. Now as I grow older I find college to be very interesting to me and I actually get excited to get to class in the morning.


So far from my college experience I have learned that stepping outside of your comfor zone is the best way for you to succeed in college. When attending college no one knows eachother and it's so important for freshman students to meet other people. Social networking and communicating with others is how you get yourself out there. Doing group projects and talking in front of your professor and class gives you confidence in yourself and helps you build trust with other people. Attending college has been valuable because of both of these things. Being a Business major I have learned that communication and networking is the only way that I will be able to succeed in my carreer in the future. I also think that expressing what you think and generating ideas to others are good skills to have in this fast paced world.


Attending helped me learn more about what fields of study I am interested in , and what I can not go into.


Attending school at California State University Monterey Bay has brought me so much excitement and college experiences. Though I am just finishing my first semester I have fallen in love with the college life! I am able to go to the library until midnight to do my essays and homework, and I can do it all on my own time. Im able to be who I want to be and express myself creatively as well as culturally. Im not held back from what I want to talk about in essays, I'm given the choice of what I want to do and what I want to become. College is one of the most valuable experiences life can offer. It's an opportunity to be on your own and learn for yourself what is right and wrong. It gives you the chance to learn about what you want instead of what is required. It molds you into the person you really are!


No one chooses the life they're born into. During this life, some allow themselves to be set adrift like leaves on a breeze. Floating about, and landing wherever the wind takes them. Others choose to harness the wind, grab hold of the ropes and set sail. Whatever chance you can get to learn to read the stars, draw out your own maps, I say take it! Learn from what nature has in store for you on these shifting seas and decide where you want to go. College helps, helped and will continue to help me make some semblance of sense of things. It has taught me to learn to read the currents, ride with the tides, find all truth and knowledge for our kind, and has shown me the way to recognize the patterns. An education of the world I live in will allow me to set my own sails and find my direction while I'm swimming around in this whirpooling little world we call home. It will set me free to sail the sea to find an island all my own.


I started out college thinking that I wasn't actually going to need a degree for any career opportunity that I wanted to pursue. I am an artist, and I figured that I would make my own way, and that no one would be requiring a bachelors degree from me. I thought that I was going to school mostly to "have the college experience." I'm now a junior transfer student in my fourth year of school, and my plans have changed. I still plan to spend my life living creatively and being an entrepreneur, but I also want to spend some time as an elementary school teacher. This means that getting a BA has become an extrememly important part of accomplishing my goals. I think that attending college allows you the incredible gift of "buffer time" between high school and life as a full-fledged adult member of society. Even if you know exactly what you want to do coming out of high school, and are sure that you won't need a degree to do it, having the extra time to finish your "growing up" and get a little bit more ready for the real world is huge.


I have not yet attended college, however, my #1 goal to attain by going to college and the reason I feel it would be valuable to attend is that I believe college will help me better myself. I graduated high school a year and a half ago and over that time frame I realized that I cannot work my entire life without ever having graduated college. Graduating college means better job opportunities, better earning potential, and an overall better life quality. I want to be a better person and I am striving hard every day to become one. Bettering myself is a challenging and never-ending process, but I believe college would help immensely with my goal. I understand that college will be difficult but I believe that aspect will also further my goal because I need to stretch myself and expand my horizons to become a more well-rounded person. Please consider me for your scholarship opportunity, as it would be a large factor in my college experience and my goal of becoming a better person.


I have gained so much out of my college experience, including leadership, and it means so much to me. I have decided to get involved in various clubs, I've completed community service hours, library hours, I applied to be an Orientation Leader for my school, and got the job year of 2010. I work on campus for one of our support porgrams called the Educational Opportunity Program which otherwise known as (EOP) for short. What this program does is serve as a Support Program for First time freshmen who are;low income and first generation. We offer peer mentor support, free trips, workshops, financial help, and unbreakable relationships. I have been working as an Admission Speacialist for this specific support program since my freshman year, as I was an EOP student as well. CSU-Monterey Bay is valuable to attend because when you're here staff, faculty, and peers treat you as if you are a part of the CSUMB family, freshman or transfer student. There are 50+ active clubs that you can be involved with and Monterey bay wants to ensure that you graduate with nothing less than a B.A/B.S degree of your field.


Attending college has been an invaluable experience. I cannot even begin to measure the amount I have grown nor the number of different ways in which I have grown. My college experience has not only helped me to learn more about myself and the world around me but it has also taught me how to learn. I find myself to be a more open, positive, and motivated person. College has brought me friends and experiences I wouldn't trade for the world. The exprience of attending CSU Monterey Bay stays with me even though it is now years later. It has created in me an ambition and a direction for my life. My experience has prepared me for my future educational goals, which are now to attain a teaching credential in special education at CSU Sacramento. Had I had not attended college and completed my bachelor's degree I would not be half the person I am today nor half the person I am still striving to be in the future.


Monica, there will be many things you will have to learn once you are in college, but one key factor you must learn as of now is time management. There will be many essays to write, many formulas to figure out, and countless literature pieces to dissect, but time management is the key to succeed. In order to keep sane, you will have to learn how to manage a full schedule consisting of school, work, homework, and family time. Keeping an agenda in hand and sticking by it will relieve you of procrastination and have you meet deadlines. This will decrease your stress level because it will prevent forgetting important due dates of assignments and give you more free time to spend with family. Family time will be very much needed to refuel your energy source and gain the extra family support to keep you pushing harder. Time management will help you keep the necessary hours of sleep instead of trying to stay up doing the 10-page paper that was assigned to you a month ago, but that you failed to start until the week before. It will benefit your sanity and your body will love you for it!


Well, first off, I would tell myself to be more focused on getting into a University rather than settling for a JC. Because even if I was not accepted at those colleges, atleast I made the effort. I would also tell myself to speak to councilors on a monthly basis, to make sure I am on track and not missing anything I am needed to do. I would also advise to apply for financial aid ASAP, because struggling with tuition is not the way to go. Its possible, by why put yourself through it. Another point I would suggest is to get into the school spirit and join in on club and student activites. Because being the student who goes to class and leave home, not seeing the school til your next class is no fun. Doing that in JC got me nowhere, but coming to CSUMB was a new start for me because it was a new place to start off fresh. And finally, enjoy it and take advantage, because there are others out there who cant or dont have this chance to better their future, and you were lucky enough to get that chance.


I would strongly reccomment applying to quite a few colleges so that you will have more choices. Either before or after being accepted to colleges, visit the campuses and make sure that it looks and feels like somewhere you would like to live. See if the college you are applying to have a good program for the major you would like to persue.


If I could go back in time and give my senior-self advice about the transition into college, there are a few things I would warn myself about. First of all, I would tell myself to get into the habit of doing scholarships, because the more I do, the more likely I would be to win one and recieve some help in the financial area. I would also tell myself that even though college life might get hard sometimes with work, classes, etc, that I shouldn't give up, and that I need to continue to work hard so I don't get behind. Lastly, I would tell myself that I need to think seriously about what I want to do in life and, as soon as possible, go talk to an advisor to make my graduation plan. The sooner the better so that I can make a plan to graduate on time. Other than that, I would tell myself not too worry, that college shouldn't be too bad as long as I stay focused.


Knowing what I know now, I would tell my high school self to not change a thing. As long as I could remember my teachers have told me horror stories of college. They told me stories about their all-nighters, high level of caffeine, fifty page papers, and of course the THESIS. My senior year I remember pulling all-nighters working on projects and on papers determined to make them perfect. I was taking honors and advanced placement classes to prepare myself for college. While I would get good grades on my assignments I would never get the grades that I wanted for myself. Determined to get high marks on my papers I continued to work hard and eventually it paid off. At the end of year my grades were close to perfect scores and my teachers were impressed. Yet, when I got to CSUMB my high school seemed harder then college. I would whip through papers and get high marks/ compliments from the professors. Looking back I do not think in reality high school was easier I think that I pushed myself to new heights that made my transition from high school to college much easier.


As a high school senior I was applying to what in my opinion were the best schools in California. While everyone around me seemed to know which college they would choose, I was not so sure which one was for me. In the summer of 2007, I had chosen to go to a community college instead of a four year school. I completely hated the idea, and loathed the school without even giving it a chance. My first day of school I woke up an thought, "wow all my friends went off to college and I'm stuck here". Unable to find the reason for my negative attitude , I had a feeling that I had made the wrong choice. I walked into that community college feeling like I was just a little freshman, high school all over again. "Am I smart enough to be here?" I thought to myself as walked to my first college class Monday morning. My last day of community college, two years of schooling coming to an end, and I loved every minute, every final, every 6 am bus ride, every not so boring class I took. "Esther trust won't regret a thing."


If i could go back to highschool and give myself some words of advice, they would be to stop trying to impress others and start trying to impress yourself. Since i have moved away to Monterey Bay and started my college experience I have faced so many situations and obstacles which have taught me this exact lesson. I have faced poverty, homelessness, and deceit from all sides and yet I continued with my schooling and have excelled in my classes. I have learned that its not being the "popular" social butterfly which gains one their success (although it does help), but making myself happy and proving to myself how successful I can be, even in the most difficult of situations, is the most fulfilling feeling one can have. I would also tell myself "Dont sweat the small stuff, because it is all small stuff!" Through all my success in school in the face of adversity I have realized that accepting things for what they are and still trying to do ones best is the easiest and most fulfilling way to live, it develops wisdom, determination, and other skills which will be useful to my future.


I found it interesting to reflect on the question of what advice I would give myself about going to college if I were to go back in time. The funny thing is, I wouldn't do anything differently. I knew what I wanted in a school and I researched schools that fit the criteria I set. After recieving acceptance letters from 3 colleges I made my final decision to go to California State University at Monterey Bay. I made my decision all by myself based on my needs and wants. I would say to anyone, "just go for it and enjoy the experience". I would encourage someone to go away from home (as I did) and embrace the idea of new friends and experiences. By far, I have enjoyed the freedom of college more than anything. I love making my own decisions and this all started with me choosing the college I wanted... not someone else choosing it for me. One final thing I might say, if I could go "way back in time", would be to save money now. The earlier one starts saving for college the less stress you and your family will feel when fees are due.


I would remind myself to stride for the best and put out everything you got. Life is an adventure and whatever journey you want to face will take dedication and hard work but if it is something you really want, go for it! Life has been an adventure for me just being enrolled at a community college. I have meet so many fascinating people and have learned so much on the way. I am ready to take on a new location, and a location that best describes who I am as a person. Taking the easy way in life will not help you get anywhere but will only hold you back. Learn to meet people, learn to be optimistic, and learn to except who you are as a person.


I am Latina. I grew up in a small town, surrounded by oilrigs and lifted trucks, and where the highlight of the year is high school football. In this town, I grew up as the minority, stuck in the middle of the blue-eyed blond-haired girls I grew up hanging out with and Latina girls who hated me for doing so and said it in Spanish as I walked by because they did not think I understood. I was also scared of what the girls I hung out with would say if they knew I did know what the Latina girls were saying. If I could go back in time and tell myself what I know now, I would tell not to hide the different parts of me. I would tell myself to embrace my heritage, and not hide beneath the layers of life that molded my existence. Making the transition to a university allowed me to do that. It showed me that I do not just have to be one piece of me, but that all pieces of me are important and that I should proudly display them to the world.


If I went back in time at high school, I would advise myself to work harder on my classes and spend a lot of time studying so that I can get better grades than I had before.


Registering for college courses is like battling against another person for a seat in the class. You have a day and a time when you are supposed to enroll for all your classes. It is easier to enroll for your classes if they are in your wish list. If you are not able to enroll in your classes that you wanted you have to find other classes that will satisfy your learning requirements. It is best to choose the right classes for your major because it helps determine when you will graduate. Take as many classes you need to help you stay on track so you know when you are going to graduate and you will be able to graduate as planned. It also helps if you go to an advisor for help with your upcoming semester courses. Your advisor will help you choose out which classes that you should take for the semester and which ones you should hold off of. Having the help of an advisor helps since they have gone through the same process that we are going through now.


First and foremost, be prepared to dedicate most of your day to your studies. It is no lie when teachers warn you of the work load you will face in college. Be proactive and start assignments as soon as you get them, assignments have a due date for a reason. It is nothing like high school where teachers give you extensive durations of time for homework and projects. Lastly, PRIORITIZE there's plenty of time to have fun, college should be the best time of everyone's life, but always remember it's the most crucial as well. Adapt to studying through fatigue, it will only benefit you when finals come around and when it's all done with you will be more than satisfied for those long nights when your grades come in.


I would tell myself to apply for many colleges and for many jobs. Financial aid is also a big thing I would have applied for many scholarships and programs if I knew what I know now. Enjoy life and learn day by day.


I believe I made the right decision about waiting to go to colllege. I took a few years off to think about what I really wanted to do. I then went to the local junior college and discovered psychology was my passion, just as I had thought. I would advise myself to do the same thing. I also advise others to do the same. I see way too many students who are too young and aren't ready yet to be at college, failing their classes and screwing up their futures. I have no regrets.


I would recomended to look into other colleges instead of jumping into a situation that i was blind about.


Thinking back as a high school senior, there are many questions about college that I did not consider nor asked about prospective school. First of all, it is very important to find the right fit! Four years is a long time to live somewhere else for school (especially if it is far away from family). Location is a major factor. High school seniors should consider if the area has positive benefits for their major and if they enjoy that local climate as well as how much they would like to go home and how they are going to travel home for holidays. Secondly, it is important to look campus facilities, future projects, and the statisfaction of current students. Prospective students should not be intimidated to ask college students about what they think about their campus, because students will have the most honest feedback about where they are living. So in summary, high school students should find out all the information that they can. As corny as it sounds, no question is too simple (or stupid) to ask.


Knowing that I cannot go back in time, but having reflected a lot on my transition from high school to college I have come up with several things I would tell myself back then if I had the chance. Probably most importantly, I would remind myself to hold space for my youth. To enjoy senior year to the highest degree and let myself try more things, have more fun. Aside from that, I would urge myself to have kept all of the possibilities open. I would suggest to my senior self to think about the future: what she can actually handle and what will make her feel the most happy. I would have urged my senior self to prepare herself for many of her friends to move away. I would let my senior self know that having a boyfriend isn't everything, that being single comes with a promise of finding herself. Above all, I would encourage my senior self to see the world is before her and that, it's just the beginning. I would tell her not to be afraid, to expect difficulty and keep going even when things are different and unfamiliar.