California State University-Monterey Bay Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


the best thing about our school is the students that attend the school. everyone at this school is so friendly and people are always in a good mood. no matter what class i am in students say hi or they ask a question, nobody thinks they are better than someone and everyone treats each other equally and that makes you feel very good because you dont feel less than anyone at the school


The best thing at my school is that it is near the ocean and has a lot of land; this is useful for the school and the students to utilize or just enjoy.




I think one of the best things about my school would be the environment and diversity it brings. The class sizes are great and my teachers are wonderful. I love the area and just the experiences ive had being here at CSUMB. I've made amazing friends honestly I just love my school and the environment it brings.


CSUMB is a very new, very small, pulic university. This is a great combination! Since many departments on campus are very new and a have a very small number of staff, there is TONS of opportunity for flexibility in your education. Class sizes are, in general, very small, which allows for greater personal understanding amongst students and between students and professors. This allows for a private-school-like-dynamic, at state school tuition!


The small size of the campus and student population. It provides an opportunity to really get to know the professors and other students.


The best thing about my school are the technological devices that are available for my use in the new library. I love the fact that Mac laptops can be borrowed and used conveniently anywhere inside the library structure. As a student that has to share a laptop with other siblings, the ability to be able to use a laptop on campus facilitates the burden of going home and having to wait for the laptop to be free to use.


In my opinion the best thing about my school is that it is community service based. I am very interested in community service and non-profit, so I believe that this is a good school for me. I feel that the classes that CSUMB offers will prepare me very well for my career.


The best thing about my school is that the small class size. This makes it easier to get to know the instructors and learn a lot form them. In addition, everyone is given the chance to express our view points during in class discussions as well as understand new ways of interpretation through classmates.


I am not currently attending yet, but if i was to name a specific thing I would go with the location. Monterey Bay is close to the water as well as downtown Santa Cruz.


The best thing about my school would be the campus layout. The campus is spread out but it is still small. On the maps for tours, the buldings are supposed to be where they are just like how they are seen on the map. That is one thing that I liked about the campus the most.


The best thing about my school is the environment. There is a beautiful ocean right next to campus and many nature spots. The shopping is nice is as well. School itself is quiet and peaceful most of the time which is a plus compared to other campuses i've been to.


The best thing about this school would be the fact it's a small school, the students feel a strong connection with one another, especially with the smaller majors.


Cal State Monterey Bay is still building and establishing itself. The best part is that the students are part of the school's development and progress. We are participating in new programs and using new resources. For instance, our new library just opened in the Spring 2009 semester. The campus becomes more beautiful each day.


Our campus has a wide range of diversity and the offers an friendly and welcoming environment to anyone that enters it. The professors really care and share a common interest in your success.


small classes, your teachers know who you are, can walk anywhere one campus, near the beach,


That the teachers really care about the students and want them to succeed. There isn't a lot of judgement that goes on here on campus. People are not afraid to be who they are...


I love the new library and the teachers. Also ive made a lot of good friends here and i learn a lot academically.


The close community.


The best thing about my school was some of the professors. A lot of the professors allowed for out of the classroom time to take field trips and encouragedthe students to collaborate together on assignments and projects. Allowing for teamwork and group projects allowed us students to learn how others think and their thought processes.


everyone gets along with everyone. great surroundings.


The ability to be a part of its growth. Due to the young status of CSUMB, everything is up for change and improvement, and as an active student, you can make a big difference in the way things are run and will develop over time.