California State University-Northridge Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


CSUN is a beautiful, reputable, and welcoming campus in the heart of an amazing part of southern California; what more could you ask for?!


California State University-Northridge is the type of school that encourages you and constantly helps you in your endeavors to succeed but it doesn’t make it too easy for you without some challenges because the real world isn’t easy.


The school atmosphere is very independant, most people are doing their own thing.


California State University, Northridge is a school that gives many opportunities to students who onced believed they would not be something successful in life


Don't be fooled by the beautiful campus, classes are hard to get; I must say, however, that the teachers are decent.




very easy to navigate, useer friendly.


California State University of Northridge is a welcoming campus with helpful resources. It has appropriate placements for students that need accomadations in learning and grasping the material in a course. It is a campus that stays updated to current events and uses the resources to teach students how it can be applied in the real world in many senarios.


A school built on faculty and student realtionships and success.


The campus is so hot, people are cool, and I feel moderate about the the school.


Diverse campus with opportunities to be involved if students pursue them.


CSUN allows students to meet new people and open up more due to its not so huge campus compared to other schools.


Work hard mostly by yourself.


Cal State, Northridge is a very hot place- the staff is great, and sometimes we have trouble with getting classes and our budget cuts, but after a longs day work, things work out.


CSUN is a school that has many interesting and knowledgeable teachers, a very nice and well-kept campus, and excellent resources like the Oviatt Library for students, but it still lacks in other areas that make it difficult on students when trying to add classes.


California State Northridge, has productive programs, clubs, jobs, etc; has many opportunities for students and have a lot of help if needed, great school if live around the area, pretty much have everything that is needed around.


Cal State Northridge is a very diverse campus and has programs that can help you succeed.


Northridge is a some what quiet school that has a lot of underlying issues that need to be addressed.


Accommodating to individuals based on their needs.


California State University of Northridge is a great school that provides valuable education to all students.


California State Northridge has a very diverse population, it is a semi large campus, and most if not all students are friendly and willing to help others.


I occasionally bring my family and friends to the CSUN campus, and they always mention that it is very green. It is a very large campus, and it is definitely easy to get lost, but there are maps by every single building. The campus is also very pro on recycling. Everywhere you turn, you will most likely see a recycling bin. Other than that, the campus has a very woodland nature to it. There are trees and grass everywhere. Overall, I would say that CSUN has one of the greenest campuses in CSU system.


CSUN was the premiere learning environment for local students in Southern California until the universitoes got hit by budget cuts.


CSUN is a relatively small campus when compared to UCLA or UC Berkeley. However, it is big enough to get tired when you walk from class to class. Most of the buildings on the south-west part of campus are relatively new and modern. The buildings north-east are somewhat older, but aesthetically pleasing. Three of my favorite buildings on campus would have to be the Oviatt Library for it's grandness, Manzanita Hall for it's modern appeal, and the newly built Valley Performing Arts Center. Another thing to know about CSUN is that it has an amicable population of squirrels. There is not one day that I walk across campus without seeing two squirrels chasing each other or a squirrel following me for a piece of my snack.


CSUN is a diverse campus withadvisors and professors that are always available to guide you to the path you need to graduate.


My school is its own little international airport.


A very large, welcoming community with very diversified students and residents.


CSUN is a diverse community, not only ethnically, but educationally; there is a niche for every person who wants to grow culturally as well as education wise.


My school is really good and quite competitive in certain areas, however, it can be expensive to people who live in families like mine.


CSUN was an diverse school with a plethora of ethnicities and cultures that brought character to my learning experience.


My school is very diverse, it has a very relaxed atmosphere -everyones is friendly and the staff and programs are great help.


CSUN is and upbeat school with so many opportunities for socializing and learning.


In my opinion California State University Northridge is individual in the sense that students have more freedom to express themselves academically, it is diverse and it embraces the different culture and ethnicity of each student.


California State University Northridge, located in the heart of the Los Angeles county, is a commuter school which harbors a very diverse and interactive student population who enjoy a great faculty and staff, close proximity to Hollywood, Disneyland and world-renowned industries, and numerous opportunities through student resources.


My school is a diverse campus with a phenomenal educational system and great Kinesiology department that truly cares about the wellbeing of the students.


This school is serious about students getting their education.


CSU Northridge is a well advanced campus because they use alot of technology making it easier for students to communicate with the professors, turn in homework, and access notes on their online programs; as well they have a very diverse and friendly environment that can be found on campus and in dorm life.


CSUN tries to push for eco-friendliness, has many events to promote social connection between fellow Matadors that may be new or want to meet new people, the campus itself is generally well kept and clean, and overall its administration and staff are helpful; however trying to get the desired schedule when signing up for a semester is not possible until one has many units under their belt so always make sure to make a second and third back up schedules.


Northridge is a school of people who are commited and has shown in the past where people have succeded in their life


Extremely friendly community that surprises you at all time and that is willing to help anyone at anytime.


My school is for any individual that wants a suburban college experience near many conveniences!


Cal State Northridge is a liberal campus with a huge variety of ethic backgrounds. This campus is made up of multi-cultural people. The students at Cal State Northridge are postiive and very friendly. They help make the campus climate unqie and different than other college campuses. Cal State Northridge is a very large campus. They have modern buildings as well as old buildings which plays a favor for every students prefrence. The dorms are very well designed and maintained and the security helps every student living on campus feel safe in their enviroment.


CSUN is about growth in all aspects, I have seen myself take advantage of various opportunities that has allowed me to blossom socially, acedemically, and mentally.


An amazing school that has the best professors and equipment to prepare the students for a job in the field of study.


Its interesting and fun with very knowlegable professors to teach you.


It falls between the cracks of USC and UCLA


Small pond with big fish.


Open to all basis of differences amongst people.


Green, friendly, and lovely.


CSUN is the right school for me.