California State University-Northridge Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Film production


Our school is famous for their school of Business and Economics, Accounting and Kinesiology majors. We are also home to the Valley Performing Arts Center. Our CSU system has graduated more teachers than the UC system.


Before I attended this 4 year university, I always heard that this school is a party school. I always said that I wouldn't go here because of the rumors I heard. Then a recruiter came to my high shool representing the school and telling us about their campus and programs. I became interested and visited the school and got a tour. It was nothing like what I heard as rumors. The school is known for their big events that tey have on campus, and their diversity.


California State University Northridge is best known for it's deaf studies program. It is one of the best programs of its kind in the nation and it is also a very diverse school. I found out about CSUN by it's film program. Many students attending CSUN have actually got jobs in the film industry and are doing well.


From what I know, CSUN has a decent Education Program. The Communication Disorders program is excellent for Speech Pathology, but do ont expect to get classes. Also, the Deaf Studies Program is the third in the nation, behind two deaf colleges.


My school is best known in the state of California for it's prominence and superior capabilities in the field of Psychology as well as being one of the major universities to offer a Chicano Studies and various other ethnic studies programs.


My school is best known for its emphasis on performing arts and education. It hasn't dimmed a light on the liberal arts and is rather encouraging of the vast amount of differences its students have. My school is known for its support of being an idividual.


My campus is known for its artistical side. We have a lot of passonate film, art, and Kin Majors and it makes our campus very liberal and free to express yourself.


My school is best know for there high bussiness major and english majors. Students really like these feilds and they have great toutor to make sure you staying on top of your work,


My school is well known for haveing the most deaf students.


My school is very well known for all departments, nothing is specically better than the other. I feel as if you will receive a great education no matter what


California State University - Northridge is known as the earthquake school. Prior to my enrollment, the campus suffered extensive damage due to the 1994 Northridge earthquake. While I was not at the school during the earthquake, there were reminders of devastation the earthquake caused. Although this is a strange thing to be known for, the school holds it self to a high standard and reminds people of the resillance of the human spirit.


Very friendly people


CSUN is known as one of the most outstanding business schools according to the Princeton Review 2010.


I think the school is best known for it's library and certain majors like CTVA, Communication Studies, Journalism, and Chicano/a Studies.


I would say my school is best known for their Business Department and for their Liberal Studies Program.


Don't Know


I think my school is well known for its diversity.


The music and business departments, among other programs.


CSUN is well -known with prestigous professors all having their PHD and doctorate. They always around to help students in and out of office and classrooms. The advisors help students to succeed in their career goals. They continuously check on student to see how they are doing and assist students in all areas. The professors write the best letters of recommendations and always help students in any way they can. The class size are small so there are more student-teacher interactions in class. The campus has been rennovated with new builidings and new technology for students.


It is best known for its Business department as well as its Fine Arts department. Supposedly, after one receives a degree from this University, job placement is realtively good, as they work together with industries in the same field.


Cal State Northridge is best known for its location in the San Fernando Valley, many people would say that the valley is a bad place to go to school because of the heat and its high temperatures during the summer; that doesnt not affect the student life here at CSUN. Another recognition academically, that it is best known for being the heart of the Chicano Studiest Department, not just that department but the high respect Art Department and its graduates that go to work immediately after graduation.


CSUN is best known for the tragic earthquake that occured in 1994 and destoryed basically most of the campus but on a positive note CSUN is also best known for our wonderful library.


I believe that the organization, clarity, and presentation of lectures are effective. I learn more from lectures and interacting with the teacher than reading the books. Although textbooks are vital, they do not guarantee or provide clear explanations or examples of the proposed ideas and subjects. The professors know how to deliver the material of the courses they are teaching.


CSUN is best known for its Deaf Studies major as well as its Cinema and Television Arts major. CSUN's Deaf Studies program has students from all across the country and is one of the top programs in the field nationally. CSUN's CTVA major is compared to the likes of USC with a cheaper price tag.


Affordable state unversity for state residents, part of largest state university system in U.S. Offers many undergraduate and graduate degrees. Student population of around 36,000. Many students live in the area.


My current school, California Lutheran University, is best known for preparing students for their future career. Because it is a private school, the number of students in each class is small. This allows students to receive personal attention from professors and often times the professors serve as mentors outside of the classroom. There is also a career center that is available to alumni as well as current students and it remains a free service beyond graduation. While most universities have similar services, CLU is famous for the personal attention given to students and this really helps their future careers.


this University is known for their kinesiology program that I'm working on joining next semester. This program is very popular at this University for students that are majoring in Atlethic training, physical therapist, docotor, padiatrics, and many others. The University gives students hands on experience base on their major for their future career.


CSUN is best know for its Music Deptartment because it is the best undergraduate music education department on the west coast.


this school is best known for it's diversity, it's small classrooms and how professors' challenges their students to think outside of the box.


CSUN has a reputation for general excellence within the Engineering, Business, and Education Departments.


For its teaching credential and business departments


The Best University in the Valley.


The business, performing arts, and communication schools.


The 1994 Earthquake...


CSUN is best known for their psychology and business departments. As well as performing arts. Its known for being servicing a very large population within Southern California.


My school is best known for quality academics taught by seasoned professionals. The professors are very approachable and are all encouraging and willing to help if needed. The class curriculum is comprehensive and complete. The school is incredibly diverse, and various cultures are represented publically to students. Their are plenty of ways that students can attend class when personal schedualing is difficult, including plenty of onlines classes as well as after class office hours. The campus is beautiful with plenty of green open spaces for personal meditation and study. The library is comprehensive and includes all of the leading jourals.


CSUN is best known for its academics, primarily the Engineering, Business and Accouting programs. We also have an impeccable English and Psychology program as well. We are known to be very diverse with 33{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} Latino/a 33{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} Caucasian, 33{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} others. We also house the National Center on Deafness and has the biggest number of deaf students in the West Coast.


They have a great Cinema and Television Arts program and seem to have a good reputation for academics in general.


Our teaching credential program. Many people ask me about that program when I tell them I attend California State University, Northridge.