California State University-Northridge Top Questions

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What sets apart this university from the other choices I had is the different colleges that it has within the school that are dedicated to specific majors. Also, for the major that I am currently in they have a very strong ansdsuccessful program that students graduate from in their four years of their educational carriers. There is also a high job placement rating for students graduating from the University in specific colleges. This school also provides all the adequate reasources that students need to succeed like; free tutoring a fully stocked library with matterial needed for reasearch.


I chose CSUN because it is local and affordable. On campus I've noticed that there is a lot of ethnic diversity. I really like that about the campus


Everyone here has something unique about them and they're all very outgoing.


I love the art department. I believe that is stands out from the whole school. The building is magnificent and i love the structure that it gives the school. The department might be hidden, as i mean that it is all the way in the corner of the school, but once you enter the department, you feel like you are in another world. The Colors and structure of the building is out of this world.


With the other schools that I considered, Northridge seems to be one of the most diverse university out in Southern California. I have so many Hispanic friends, Hawaiian, Indian, Caucasion, African American and Asian American friends. I love that its not just one common culture. With so many cultures and ethnicities on campus, there are alot of cultural events held where the university can learn from each other.


They are very warm and welcoming and have many resources to help you through whatever you are going through.


I think whats unique about CSUN is that it has a very diverse population of students as well as many opportunities that i can have benefit from.


Its a public school. Less sheltered.


There are a lot of movies and television shows filmed on campus that we get a chance to watch.


The buildings that Northridge has are uniquely designed, also there are a plethroa of movies that have been filmed at Northrige, especially because of the library.


THey come together to help you learn what you need to do to learn everything you need to know.l


Considering the population at my school everything seems to flow rather well. At such a huge campus you'd expect lots of troubles. My one concern is the parking. With the permits at such a high rate you'd figure that you wouldn't have any problems finding a place to park. On average you need to get to school at least a half hour before class starts just to find parking.


I beleive my school is unique compared to other school I considered because it is an outgoing school. The people there are diverse and very friendly. I don't feel judged when I walk by or uncomfortable at all. This school was my first choice because it is extremely clean and well-organized. There are so many groups,organizations and sports to choose from.The teachers have great knowledge; it's amazing! Being a part of this school is a priveledge to me and am so proud to have gone straight to a 4-year college.


CSUN is one the few universities where professors actually care about their students taking the time to help them and give them career advice.