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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


They aren't accurate at all. My friends many of whom went to Berkeley, Stanford, and UCLA were shocked were I gave up a chance to go to Occidental and UCLA to go to CSUN. I came because it was the best place for me to take a good teaching program. My friends made me think that because I was going to a Cal State it would be so easy and that I probably wouldn't even have to go to class and still get straight A's. I learned pretty soon that it was so far from being true. Not only do you have to go to class, but at times I feel like I have no hw then my friends who go to "harder" schools like UCLA. The stereotype about everybody being stupid and just people who didn't get into a UC is also really far from true. I would hope that I'm an example of a person who graduated in a rank of 27th out of 800 so I don't think I'm that stupid and gave up some tough schools to come to CSUN.


(Look at previous question & response.)


NO! There are so many things to do here, especially if you are part of the greek system. There are tons of students who always want to have a good time.