California State University-Northridge Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Like any other school there are some great and some not so great professors, but the quality of education is very good overall. I think upper division classes are more competitive especially in math and science majors.


Academics are behind in the times of how and what is really going on out in the Healthcare world...the.real world is full of the latest technology and implementing it, where School is not preparing us for the reality of the workforce.....just getting us 'book smart."


Most professors do not know my name, but this is because of the large class sizes. Small sized class teachers such as my English Teacher however knew my name. My most favorite class has been my programming English class first year, least favorite has been programming. Class participation is common in the smaller classes, not so much in larger classes. Students are not too competitive even in classes that are curved. The most unique class I have taken is Java Programming. My major is accounting in the department of Business and Economics. The department has the most students, although accounting is not too popular after sophomore year. I wish the academic requirements were harder just because its requirements are what give is some low prestige. My education is geared toward getting the CPA requirements and than an accounting related job.




1. Professors do remember names because classes I have attended are small. 2.My favorite class has been my central american studies because the teacher engaged the students in learning my using media and lecture. 3.My major is television production and it's a great program. The department is great about informing us about internship and job opportunities. 4. I don't really like the schools academic requirements because my plan was originally to double major in tv production and broadcast journalism but the school does not allow CTVA major to major in journalism. Also, my broadcasting classes I took at my junior college were not accepted towards broadcast so I had to stick with TV production


If the classes are enormous than it is hard to get your professor's attention. However, with that said, the professors in big classes, and big would be like 100+ students, than the professors make it one hell of a time in class. They make learning great. If the class is small, than the professor's know every single student and their capabilities. Students are always helpful and it's just a great environment to learn in. Students take their academics seriously and the professor MAKE you be active, not just sit in front of a computer and work your fingers all night long.


The university offers many different types of academic classes. I think that this is a plus for CSUN because students have the option to choose any class they want, particularly ones that they will enjoy. My favorite class would probably be English. I love to read and write, and the English class I have has been able to help me improve my skills for this subject. Although the school's requirement may seem to be a lot, it is not impossible to fulfill them. It depends on the student, whether he/she wants to be on top of his/her academics. The education at the university is geared toward getting a job and learning for its own sake. It equally pushes for both because CSUN strives to help the future generation.


I don't have any negative experiences with professors; maybe because I am lucky enough to have gotten all the good teachers or all the teachers at CSUN are great at what they do. Since i like to participate in class my professors learn to know my name, I believe it is the only positive way for a student to get noticed in class is to be active in the class. My favorite class that i have attended so far has to be HSCI 131 Health and Society because the topic is what interested me the most and the fact the teacher made the class interesting. My least favorite class that I have taken is Math 102 College Algebra, not because I did not like the subject but the fact that math had to be done online instead of handwritten is what i did not like. What I like about the college environment is that everyone is their to learn and they all motivate themselves to succeed because that is what they are there for. Of course there will always be those few that are there because they were forced to attend college by their parents or whatever the reason may be but they do not care to be at school. Hearing the majority of people in college say " I am going to study" is music to my ears because that is not common to hear in High School. Also, the conversations that are carried out of the classroom aren't school related unless discussing homework but there are a couple of people that i have interacted with that are really into what they learn in the classroom and like to share their knowledge. I can say that I am one of those individuals because I try to apply what i learn in class with the "real world".


In any college it is crucial that academics are nothing less than excellent for students and I think Cal State Northridge does a great job at covering that. Professors are very dedicated and often make it a point to memorize everyone's name. Unlike my expectation of college, I have found that class requires you to be interactive with your classmates. Professors grant various ways of teaching and I find that to make class much more interesting. I have found that class participation is common and that studying within students is encouraged. It is also encouraged to meet with your professors outside of class, during their office hours, for extra help which is influential for a greater learning opportunity.


Being a transfer student in the Political Science department was great. I knew all my professors and many times I purposely had them for more than one semester if I liked them best. At times we would see them together doing some assessments. I have to for us they were like celebrities without any negative connotations.



All my professors know my name because I am active and sit in front of the class. There are many professors that know everyone's name in the class. My favorite class is my marketing class. My professor is very intelligent. He teaches at both CSUN and UCLA and has awesome marketing knowledge and experience. My least favorite is geology just because I am not a big science person. I have taken SO many interesting classes, but a really interesting one I took my freshman year was Music in Film. I learned a lot in my class that made me appreciate the work that goes into making a film. I love my major and my department is also very helpful with guiding their students. CSUN believes in getting job experience it is a requirement in my major that I have an internship. The internship at the school is so helpful! He helped me get my internship this summer at NBCUniversal.


Education is a top priority at CSUN. Although there may be extremely difficult classes such as Organic Chemistry, there are also easier classes like History of Music (In that side note, Music 107 with Prof. Pozzi is a must!). However, students must still put equal and utmost effort in every single class. Thankfully, the university provides its students the resources and facilities to make this happen. With that being said, students can find peace, quiet, and computers in the Oviatt Library. The University Student Uniion also provides students the access to print 20 FREE pages each day. After all, CSUN is a place for higher learning. Fortunately, it is also one of the few universities where teachers actually take the time and effort to learn the names of each of their students. Instructors are also available to answer any questions outside of class during their office hours. In my specific department (College of Science and Mathematics), acquaintances are easily made, but the competition is intense. Because most students in this field plan to enter some sort of graduate school, this is not a surprise. The education at CSUN does not actually gear students toward getting job, but it prepares them for life and its obstacles. Overall, the academic system at CSUN is spectacular.


We have great professors, they know my name and their door is always open. Students always participate and are expected to so.


Once again, depends on your major. I'm a writer, and I've found all of my teachers extremely supportive, helpful, and insightful. In general though, all of the classes are relatively small which is nice. It's a lot easier to get 1-on-1 attention from teachers, and you can always find people to study with (I've only had a couple of classes with over fifty students). The library is massive and the staff are really helpful. Most of my G.E.'s haven't been very hard, and I can pretty much bull my way through most of them. However, the upper division classes will rough you up if you're not prepared for them. I'm in the Honors English program, and I have to read anywhere from 4-6 books a month, not including whatever other classes I'm taking. I have friends in physiology who were struggling at first too - but on the plus side, my classes are really small and the material is fun, and my friend in physiology got to work with real cadavers. There's definitely a lot to love here as far as academics are concerned.


California State University, Northridge is really an under-rated school. The academia is excellent and there's plenty of different environments that are conducive to studying. Most professors understand what it means to be a student and many try to learn the names of their students, or at least the ones that participate. I was just in a History lecture with Dr. Josh Sides that had about 150 students and he learned almost all of our names. Most professors understand that you have other commitments with other classes and non-school related activities. Particularly at CSUN, most students have one or two jobs and sometimes internships, and most professors are flexible with their needs. Also, professors usually are very open for people coming to them outside of class at their office hours (which is why they have them in the first place) and as you get into upper level classes, they really enjoy when you update them on your life in general and how internships and things of that nature are going. This school, along with most state schools, are more geared on getting students a real career after college verses having a purely research based environment like that of the UC system. My major in particular, journalism, is very much a hands-on learning technique because the professional world of journalism is looking for more experience rather than pure knowledge. You learn how to use cameras and editing systems, how to conduct interviews intelligently, how to write stories, and how to fully put on a newscast, among other things. Many of the other departments function in the same way, and it makes you feel much more prepared for a real job. Those hands-on "activity" courses tend to be my favorite courses. One of my most recent favorites was a reporting class where we had the chance to choose our own stories, research them, film them, edit them and present them like it would air on a real news show. I've talked with friends with the same major at other schools and most say they do not have any kind of training like that. I notice it at my internships as well, the more hands-on training, the more prepared most other interns seem to be. Most job markets, like journalism, are very competitive and experience is usually the first thing recruiters look for and CSUN definitely gives you that leg-up.


Hey, a C is passing so it's all good!


The way CSUN gathers it's professors has a less competitive edge than the University California schools, and fewer than some Cal States. The income flow of students generally range from lower to middle-class. That being said, I believe CSUN garners less intellectually motivated students compared to the UC schools and out-of-state campuses. However, diligent students can locate realms of intellectual environments and gatherings, the amount will just not be that high. Furthermore, not all professors are as intellectually spirited and must split their time between the multiple classes they are teaching due to budget cuts.


The way CSUN gathers it's professors has a less competitive edge than the University California schools, and fewer than some Cal States. The income flow of students generally range from lower to middle-class. That being said, I believe CSUN garners less intellectually motivated students compared to the UC schools and out-of-state campuses. However, diligent students can locate realms of intellectual environments and gatherings, the amount will just not be that high. Furthermore, not all professors are as intellectually spirited and must split their time between the multiple classes they are teaching due to budget cuts.


I myself am very outgoing in class, challenging the intellectual prowess of the professor, however, this is not the case for many of the students who attend CSUN.


The academics are overall good at CSUN. The teachers are all well qualified and helpful. Even though the state budget is affecting class sizes and class availability, the professors remain very engaged in teaching and helping. If you make the effort to get to know the professors, the professors are more than willing to return the favor. Class participation is average, there are always those willing to participate as well as those not willing to. Students talk as much about classes and careers as they do about trivial things, when out of class. Many students are very driven to do well, but as always there are those that dont seem to try as hard. My major is psychology, and i can safely say that all the teachers are very good and approachable. They are easy to access, even making time to see you if you want to. I have met with a few of them out of class, and they were hlepful and willing. The overall education is geared for getting a job, especially with the offering of classes that aid in networking and exposing you to the possibilities that are available in your field.


Being a business major I am involved in many business and non-business related school activities. Because I am involved, show enthusiasm during class, and go to professors office hours; professors have gotten to know who I am. This is why many professors do know me by name. As a business major, students study everyday to keep up with ones lecture courses. During lectures, class participation is encouraged. In fact, many professors include class participation in grading. Each professor is different. The professor will let you know at the beginning of the semester in the class syllabus.


The academics at CSUN are definitely geared toward producing students that are capable of pursuing a higher degree. Due to budget cuts, class sizes have increased substantially, with about 30 to 35 students in a regular classroom. Nevertheless, the professors make an effort to personalize their lessons for each student and welcome class discussions on a regular basis. One particular class that pretty much encapsulates my classroom experiences at CSUN is Political Science 457A: Constitutional Law I with Dr. Leigh Bradberry. This class consists of more than thirty students, all of which show up everyday. Despite the size and the rigorous material that is covered, Dr. Bradberry makes the extra effort of knowing every students' name and making sure that each one of us understands the material properly before moving on to a different topic.


The majority of my professors know my name because I have pretty small classes. My smallest class has about 25 people in it and the largest class I've taken has about 130. I don't spend much time with professors outside of class, but the majority of my professors really well you to come to office hours or email them if you have any questions. Class participation is common especially in small classes.


Well kind of continuing from "the Big Picture", CSUN is definitely a great school as long as you take advantage of what is offered. The professors would definitely know your name if you took any opportunity to have at least one word with him, whether it may be a question, comment, or opinion, throughout the semester. Class participation can be common but not as common as I'd like. I know people can get very shy yet that is what college is about. Get out your comfort zone! OUtside of class, students definitely have intellectual conversations and students can get very competitive depending on what class and major the student is enrolled in.


I love the classes at CSUN, they are the perfect size. It gives you a chance to get to know other students and your professors on a more personal level, you are also able to participate more and that makes the class more interesting.


Teachers are pretty nice and easy, depending on the teachers, of course. If you get to know your teachers and email them when you have questions, or go see them during their office hours, then they will see that you are working hard and will be easier on you. (if they are nice) Class sizes are pretty small compared to UC's....they can range from the 20's to the 100's. If you have a smaller class, your teacher will know your name. However, if you are stuck with a 100-size class, then you have to make yourself known.