California State University-Northridge Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


There is very awesome gym (they call it the SRC), and also the library is the place to go during school hours. The school is like a city, there are so many stuff that you will find your activity.


Im not involved, in most activities so im not sure.


Associated Students, major related clubs like accounting assoication, and many fraternity's/sororities are popular groups on campus. I am currently not involved in any clubs, although I am looking to get involved my upcoming sophomore year by joining the finance committee in the Associated Students. Most of my closest friends were met threw my smaller classes and my major classes. If I am awake around 2, I am usually on the computer like many others. The main events that happen each year are meet the clubs, new students orientation in the summer, and voting for president/vice president of A.S. in the spring. Last weekend I spent time studying for my first test in my summer class. Most time off campus I spend some time with friends, some time online, and interact with my family since I live at home.




There's tons. I can't even begin to explain. There's countless clubs and activities open for everyone and they make everyone happy when they do their thing in the middle of campus. However, there's only one thing that bothers me. THERE'S NO FOOTBALL TEAM! Imagine how great and more popular the school would get with a football team! Sports, music, dorm life, etc are just phenomenal.


The most popular activities at my school are basketball, volleyball, and soccer games. the most popular student groups are Unified We Serve, Sororities, Fraternities, intramurals, and more. A group that I am involved with is known as Unified We Serve and it is a volunteer group that helps out the community around us by doing special events that change lives. It really helps people really care for others that are less fortunate or have disabilities and let them know that someone out there cares. No student in the dorms leave their door open. The athletic events are extremely popular. People draw all over the ground letting everyone know that there is a game coming up. Most of the major events are popular and people really get it out there so people can attend. About the dating scene, there are many people who date people off campus and others are dating people that also attend this school. Many of the couples just enjoy themselves with their significant other, but also hang out with their friends at the same time. I met my closest friends through a group I am a part of and also through classes. If I am awake on a Tuesday, I am either watching a movie or checking my Facebook. I do not really know what traditions or events happen each year. People party every Thursday mainly and probably Friday-Sunday too. I think fraternities and sororities are important to the students because so many people want to join them. Last weekend, I went to the mall. On a Saturday night, I can either go to the mall, go to the movies, or just stay at home.The main thing I do off campus is go to the movies or the mall.


I would say that Cal State Northridge doesn't necessarily have a most popular student activities/ groups, but students do make it a point to engage in extracurricular activities/ groups. A student a CSUN will always be encouraged to get as involved on campus in order to make their college experience more memorable.


I have to say the Italian Club at CSUN is the most fun, educational and elite group on campus. Aside from that I love LXA and CSUN Young Democrats.


I am the Vice President of the American Marketing Association and a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. There are so many different clubs to join! There are Nutrition clubs, Greek life, religious clubs, music clubs, film clubs, business clubs and SO many more. I met one of my closest friends at CSUN in my psychology class.


Frats/ sororities are the most popular groups on campus. I am involved with many clubs and orgs on campus. I was a Senator for my college and President of the Young Democrats club.


Oh god, don't get me started on the frat and sorority people...


Even though the Greek System here (Fraternities/Sororities) isn't as strong as some of the big name schools, they have their hands in the majority of student activities. There are plenty of non-alcoholic events one can participate in, it just takes question asking and a general love for being involved.


I am not sure what the most popluar clubs are but i know MECHA and PsyChi have a good presence. I am involved with NSCS and we do many activities. I usually only take part in a few of the activities due to time constraints and schedule conflicts. Guest speakers are very well recieved, often selling out. You meet your friends mainly because they are doing the same major you are. Freshman celebrations occur each year and they are great due to free food and music. Fraternities and Sororities are not very important from what i can tell as they have limited presence in school. CSUN has a Performance Hall, and they bring many artists and acts, such as Tom Petty, Chinese Performers, jazz groups, and other acts. Nothing too great is close that is off campus, but because it is in California, you can got to Uiversal Studios, Hollywood, and other cool places like minigolf courses, or some close mountains.


Fraternities and sororities are very common at CSUN. Just walking around campus you see many people with their greek letters. I've met the majority of my closest friends because we take many of our classes together. We have a lot of things going on in the theater and we have guest speakers often too. I've gone to see some of the dance and musical shows on campus and I heard that Hillary Clinton came to CSUN


social life on CSUN is all about the greek system, it opens so many doors for you not only socially but when it comes to networking for jobs and stuff. If you want to get involved I would recomend you join the greek life.


There is a large range of activities at CSUN, including clubs, groups, frats/sororities, and internships. Depending on what you are interested in, there is something for everyone. Hott spots, such as clubs in Hollywood are 30-40 minutes away, while Universal Studios is only 20 minutes away. Disneyland is over an hour away, but you need a car to go to these places. There is shopping in waking distance as well as a big mall and resturaunts that are 5-10 minutes away.