California State University-Northridge Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


i brag about our art program, i say that in my eyes it the best thing CSUN has to offer. As an art student I feel really secure about my education because I know our art professor are teaching us and getting us ready for the real world.




It is such a beautiful campus. The walks between classes are pleasant due to all the green. The library and the gym are new facilities and include the latest equipment. The beauty of the campus gives it a serenity that makes it easier to stay relaxed.


I always tell people how friendly everyone is at CSUN. You can walk around and say Hello to people and smile and you will always get a smile back. This is a very diverse campus as well, there is no race we do not have. Faculty here at CSUN really give there all and are deciated to help.


My Campus is small but it is very envormetally friendly. On the roof of some of our Parking lots we have solar pannels to be moreenergy efficient. My campus is very diverse so it is very hard to feel out of place in this campus.


It is a great place to get your degree done without the hassle. There were a lot of people, and resources avalible to me to complete my degree on time, and with great grades.


I always brag to my friends that compared to most schools my school is farely cheap yet you get fantastic, hard working, quality Professors . I also have a good personal connection with my major Professors with helps me find jobs and class I could take outside of school.


Close to the enetertainment capital of the world.


I brag that my university is very career-emphasis and puts a premium and practical, career-related experiences. Internships are very important to students and staff and faculty emphaize the importance of having internships. It is very diverse with a very large LGBTQ community and is very open and helpful to students with disabilities.


The most I brag about California State Northridge, is the Oviatt Library, huge library where it's the best place to study and has many resourceful books, videos, journals, etc; tutoring is avaiable mostly for all subjects, and when needed!


I would brag about the atmosphere of my school because it is so clean and such a large beautiful campus. Eveything is open to us, and we get discounts almost everywhere. The food is good. We have so many useful resources on campus, and a brand new recreation center, a health center right on campus in case we need to see a doctor. My school has everything that could fulfill a students needs. The accomodate for people with disabilities. The school communicates well with its students and lets us know about any changes being made or special events.


I always brag about the fact that multiple movies have been filmed at my school, like Star Trek, Sky High, and many more.


That I have a great deal of freedom in choicing what I want in a class. That I can meet great people here who are fun, friendly, and I will probably know for the rest of my life. And that wake up exicted for class each day.


I brag to my friends that my school inspires me to stay. The reason why is because the school is so diverse and and a great is a good place to network and make new friends easily. Also, the professors here help you to succeed and give great advice. Plus, the classes are great because everyone there is willing to learn and helpful to one another.


California State University Northridge have many great events to attend to, Some of them have great learning lesson for us to learn. They also have amazing food to choose. Its hard to pick one because so many of those food are so delicious. My favorite part is their orentation week. It is incredible, That week bring me to find few great friends. There are so many different people there, it is easy to find friend at CSUN. I high recommend you to go California State Univeristy Northridge. Go Madator!!


that it is a school for returning adult students.


The best thing about CSU Northridge is that the student population is very diversified. All colors of the rainbow walk around campus and there are many groups and clubs that you can join based on your major, race or ethnicity. You are sure to make friends from all walks of life.


I mostly brag about the free resources such as concerts and campus hosted parties.


I say that my school is unfortunately big, but all of the teachers are very helpful. The halp you, they make class interesting, the tell jokes and they care. My college is great because of how friendly people can be at CSUN. When you walk into a class, you may seem to be alone the first month or so but they will interact with you and be friends with you. If you have trouble, any one of the classmates or teachers that you have can help you through your strugles during your first couple years at CSUN.


Top 3rd in the nation in Deaf Studies; UC like in the research that takes place within the major. Strong: Kinesiology Department, EOP Program, Upwardbound, and more than half undergraduates are awarded with scholarships, and grants. CSUN takes care of its student.


CSUN offers great and affordable programs for working adults . Great campus, great location, clean and safe.


that its huge and its a good schol in the csu system


The school is fascinating. The teachers are extreemly educated and wonderful, while at the same time the students are really nice and always eager to learn something new. The campus is large and beautiful with green grass, tall trees, newly built state of the art buildings and lecture halls the size of great big auditoriums. The campus has a wonderful Library with books galore and many on-campus restraunts that are good priced and delicious. It's huge! Placing 4th largest campus in California and 2nd largest in the CSU System.


When i talk about my school I like to brag about the how beautiful it is. whe ni first visited the school, i fell in love with the structure of the school and how it seemed peaceful and a perfect enviornemnt to attend school. I have already invited all of my friends to visit because i find my school is the best place to chil and have nice talks with friends.


How close it is to my house


When I speak about CSUN, i talk most about how creative the school is. I have been to some of the different recitals and theatre perfromances that go on at the school and have been throughly impressed. We have a great cinema department and the staff here represent the great mixes of races we have in America.


i tell them that even though i dont get to go home i still feel at home living on campus with my friends. i always tell them that the campus is located in a safe area, its very quiet, and you can enjoy your time. as far as education there are many good campus resources, teachers and tutors are very understanding and helpful, and as a freshman the other students and even staff working on campus were helpful when it came to finding my classes, and giving helpful information on anything i needed.


When i talk about my school i mostly brag about the sense of community that you feel on the campus. there is no way you can feel alone or out of place attending Northridge. You immediately feel welcome and it's very easy to find out where you belong. It's not just a school it's a big family and they make everyone feel like they are a part of it.


The fact that it's in LA because it's close to a lot of famous places. Everything is also accessible to you


The campus, the amazing professors and the state of the art equipment that our school has. The combination of these things provide us with the best education possible that will halp prepare us for our future.


The thing that I would probably brag most about is the fact that Cal State Northridge is so diverse. The fact that it is close to Los Angeles is also a plus. I also tend to tell my friends about the interesting things I learn in my classes and how they do actually apply to real life.


I tell them that i want to become a doctor in education, because my dream to become a professor. I want to become a great example for my 3 beautiful children to offer them a better life.


The best part about California State University, Northridge is the cultural tolerance held by the CSUN students. There is a high volume of international students at CSUN along with the wide variety of races amongst the local and out of state CSUN students. My university embraces all these races and goes out of its way to create multicultural tolerance programs and events. These programs are very fun and manage to be very effective.


I brag about my professers beacuse they are laid back and most of their lectures were actually interesting.


I got out of there with no debt, thanks to financial aid.


The extra-curricular activities it offers and the school social gatherings. I also brag about the professors ability to teach.


As a student who grew up around the corner from CSUN i never really gave the university any credit. Now, after attending the school, i realize how well ran it is, how clean the campus is, how diverse it is, and most of all how much it has to offer my education.


good location. strong alumni base. quality teaching.


I tell my friends about the careeer center and how they were able to get me into good internships for my major. I like to tell my friends about how the teachers are really good about giving the help.


It is very diverse. There is a place for everyone even if you don't feel like you know many people. Teachers are always available when needed and there are both full-time, part time, and full-time/full-time working students.


we have an amazing queer studies department with amazingly intlelgent staff and active ulumni community.


How we like to kick it. By that I mean there is a lot of downtime for some students.


I don't ever brag about CSUN


Because of the Northridge earthquake, most of our buildings and facilities are fairly new and in a very nice and clean condition. Another thing I can brag about my school is that we have a very good servicies for students with disabilities, especially for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students, so you can see a lot of deaf or hearing students signing and the deaf culture is accepted very openly.


The music department


The only thing to brag about is that I am able to live at home and get my bachelor's degree in or around 4 years, as most other people in the area either attend community colleges. For those who attend UCLA, I don't brag, I just smile politely.


i mostly brag about the weather and the environment. The school is very clean and i love the sun that the school gets. I also brag about the area, about how we are close to everything like Santa Monica, Hollywood, and other great Los Angeles areas. I also brag about the art department. Since that is the area of the school i am always at, i brag about how great and abstract that area is. I love all the art work in that building, it is so inspiring.


That my school is so diverse and very lively, I just love it.


The Weather is amazing!


When I brag about school, I tell people about how incredible some of the programs are that CSUN offers. Its teaching credential program, its business program, its deaf studies program, and its film studies program are among the best in the country.