California State University-Northridge Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Northridge is that it is a commuter school, meaning getting to and fro can be a bit tough. However, the school is one of my favorites I have ever attended.


The worst thing at my school, the heat. When it's really hot it's the worst my immune system is weak so I get sick very frequently because of the hot heat then AC's in the buildings.


The worst thing at my school, the heat. When it's really hot it's the worst my immune system is weak so I get sick very frequently because of the hot heat then AC's in the buildings.


The worst thing about my school i would have to say parking because it's really difficult to find parking at time and you have to wast about 20 minutes trying ti find parking


The worst thing would be the over crowding population. It makes it difficult for many students to enroll in their required course that are necessary for them to graduate in a timely manner.


The worst thing would be finals week and how hectic everything gets. Theres little place to studdy its packed but they do help out with free things.


The location is great, don't get me wrong, but looking for an avaliable job is difficult. The surrounding area is very residential so there are a lot of homes, which means a lot of people. This makes it very competetive to get a job, or even an interview.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of counselors for many fields of study, due to the financial situation faced in California, many cuts to education have been made. One of those cuts have been how many new employees can be hired and who has had to be let go.


I honestly can't think of the worst thing about my school. I believe schools is what you make of it; it be a great exprerience or the worst experience.


In my opinion the worst thing about my school is the lack of information given to first time transfer students.


The worst thing about my school is that the nursing department does not clarify its requiements to apply and join. Most people have the misconception that Nursing is a major at CSUN but that is not true. CSUN has a nursing program which is for graduate students or community college bridge programs offered only through College of the Canyons.


Honestly, there really isn't anything about my school I dislike.


Class sizes are too large and classes are hard to register in due to the multitude of students; classes fill up quick.


The wost thing about my school is it doent have a football team. This the wost thing to me because they have alot of student here who like the sport and cant play because we dont have a team.


I had many issues with the administration on this campus. Over the two year span that I attended CSU Northridge, I had a handful of problems in which administration had made a mistake with my paperwork and they were not very kind most of the time. I did not feel like the school cared about me.


I don't find anything wrong with CSUN, besides the fact that the classes and the dorms are a 30 minute walk the campus is beautiful and it's a welcome environment everyone feels like there part of something.


Classes are frequently very hard to get and financial aid is very slow to process paperwork.


Not so much a community.


The worst thing about the school is the ever-decreasing amount of classes offered each semester because it makes it almost impossible for students to take the classes necessary for them to graduate. It's even extremely difficult, if at all possible, to add classes once the semester has started, therefore if one only has a single class necessary for graduation they may have to postpone it for a semester or two until they can find a spot in the class they need.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of campus community we have. The school is closed on the weekends, there is a lack of transportation to anything that is surrounding and there is less of a push for students to get invlved unlike other campuses.


With the budgets recently, Northridge has struggled to keep itself organized. The classes is a great variety, but at times can be cut or taken away. The career center was not as helpful compared to the career center I had in high school. Finding a job, even with work study, seemed impossible. I applied everywhere and did not really get one interview at all. The career center's portal was very confusing and hard to understand how to get around.


I consider the city atmosphere the least favorable thing about the school. There always seems to be the same unfortunate amount of traffic on the roads, and there are many turn pockets onto highways or freeways that back up traffic. I don't enjoy the constant fast-paced motion of the city, and would much rather have a slow, mellow area surrounding the school.


RUDE PEOPLE! If I call to ask a question to just about any department, I talk to rude people that talk to me like I'm stupid and waisting their time. Students and staff alike.


I consider worst thing about school are their appotiment with students, Its can be weeks later. You must make an appotiment right away if you need something as soon as possible. The first week of school, When we buy books and supplies, it is worst because too many people are there. It is incredible long line of people waiting to buy their books and supplies. So my advices for you is get books and supplies ahead of time before you start attending to college.


there happens to be nothing about my school that might be bad, because everything is in good order, yet the only thing is as said earlier the lines that cause frustruation but that is basically it, other than that my school is in good standing!


The worst thing about CSUN is that there aren't enough dorms for incoming freshmen. I applied for dorms but only made it onto the waiting list. Although there are different ways to get to school, the bad thing is that I live two hours away from school. And although, taking four buses for two hours sounds harsh, the worst part is that I have a 7a.m. class everyday. In order to get to class on time I must wake up at 4a.m. If the school had more dorms available then it would be more convinient for me.


The worst thing about my school is the weather. Its too hot. Specially if you have sensitive skin.


I don't think they prepare you enough for graduate school as they should. Unless you're constantly asking professors and/or advisors, you would never know what to expect or how to get accepted into a graduate program.


i really dont know it is going to be my first year attending csun, but i see it as a very interesting and very student friendly and learning environment.


The availability of classes in general.


I think the worst thing about my school is the athletics. We have very good athletic teams at our school, however our fields and gyms are very old and bad. Our Volleyball team could not even play the finals in our gym because it was not regulated. I think with good sports teams we should have better facilities, maybe then more people would come to the games.


The worst thing about my school is the disconnect between students because of the commuter atmosphere of the school. There is very little school spirit and sense of pride in being a Matador. Most students come to school for class only and never get involved in any of the extracurriculars available on campus.


The only thing that comes to mind are the "furlough" days, where professors are required not to teach in any way for a few select days due to the budget cuts. It feels as if I am paying more for school but going to school less. The instructors don't particularly like it either, and as a result some assignments may be dropped so I feel I am not getting the same education as someone else received last year.


The area around CSUN is not pleasant. Northridge is congested with cars, freeways, and consequently automobile traffic. I constantly pass by accidents on my commute to school. Crime in the area is another obstacle to going to school in Northridge. Fortunately I don't live in the area or dorm in campus housing. Although CSUN is not in the most pleasing areas, I am receiving an excellent education. I am blessed to be in CSUN's Athletic Training Education Program which is one of the best sports medicine programs in California.


It seems be in the middle on no where. Not much to do out here.


I consider the lack of school spirit to be the worst thing at California State University Northridge. A lot of colleges take pride in their school but Cal State Northridge barely shows any school spirit. For example, the Matadors which is the school mascot is rarly flaunted at any of the basketball games.


The worst thing to me is they don't offer the best in what I want to study. I want to major in business with a minor in music. But there are no music minor programs so I currently have to pay for private lessons untill I decide whenI want to major in music. I'd rather not major in music because I don't have an intensive background in the area but I love to sing and would rather have it as a back up plan.


the Heat/weather. its so far away from where i live, and everything down to a cheap little school folder is designed to bankrupt you.


The worst thing about my school is the constant rise of tuition. Many people are struggling to stay here because of financial problems, like myself. Financial aid does not pay for everything for some of us and that can lead to dropping out of college.


Parking is pretty bad. It doesn't effect most people who live close enough to walk (like me) but there are upwards of 30,000 students at this school, and a lot of them commute in from near by cities. I would definitely recommend moving near campus, ir into the dorms.


Lack of interpreters for deaf students, lack of volunteer sign language interpreting opputunities for deaf studies majors


Most of the students that attend school commute and it is difficult for us to participate in the events that are catered for people who live in that area. Also, some teachers rarely provide flexible and reliable office hours, which is detrimental for commuting students.


The fact that there is not alot of school spirit is the worst thing about CSUN. This school spirit can only be found by a select few people who attend different athletic events and campus concerts. Yes there is some school spitit, but it's nothing compared to the surrounding schools like USC or UCLA. If we had more school spirit , I think more students would want to be more apart of the campus life.


The worst thing about my school would probably be the availability of Mac's (computers). I am a Mac and when I have to present a powerpoint and the only computers that are available to present on are PC's it becomes a problem. I have nothing against PC's they have really good features also, but data can not really be transferred from a Mac to a PC without getting ruined. If Mac's were available at the computer labs in my school it would make it easier for the people with Mac's to get their work done.


On average it takes about 7 years for a student to graduate with a BA. Classes keep getting cut and it is very hard to graduate on time. Their are little research opportunities for students.


As of right now the worst thing is getting all the classes you need because of budget cuts. It can be difficult for some students to graduate on time because of this. Before the budget cuts the situation was much better and everyone I knew was able to get the classes they needed.


There is no sense of unity or school spirit. It doesn't feel like a university. It has more of a community college feel.


The lack of campus involvement, it is a commuter campus so very few live close to campus.


The worst thing about my school is that we don't have a free bus pass to transfer from one place to another, having to continue to pay funds in order to print school work.


Tutors are lacking in certain areas. Administrative help needs work. You get the run arounds a lot.