California State University-Northridge Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Well pretty much anyone who wants to get a great education this school is so diverse, it's pretty much welcome to anyone who is serious in getting an education


A person with a genuine intent on learning should attend CSUN. The atmosphere of the school is very relaxed and calming so people who can appreciate that type of environment will benefit exponentially from it. There are many avenues to become involved in academic programs, social or political groups, but not as many for athletes seeking careers in professional sports. However, CSUN offers a very diverse curriculum suitable for all undeclared students trying to find his/her niche in the world.


A human


Someone who is interested in ethnic diversity and ethnic studies would really enjoy this campus. Also someone with the desire to study businees should definitely look into attending Northridge for their degree.


I think the type of person who should attend this school are people who are driven and know what they want to study.


Someone who isn't into the party college life. Someone who just wants to go to class, and go home.


The type pf person to attend this school should be open to diffrent cultures and be opened to diversity.


A person should attend California State University of Northridge to create a change. A person needs to be thrive for success that can take direction and make a difference. A person who can be as compatitive as the real world and willing to take chances to create awareness in the community that it can be done.


Goal oriented person who loves physical fittness


A person that is open-minded and willing to try new thing. Someone that is in need of finding themselves and feel like they could use that extra push. Everyone is welcomed.


Any ambitious student who is self-motivated to reach his/her goals should attend this school. At CSUN it is upto the students to set high standards for themselves if they want to reach higher, such as transferring to a graduate program at an IVY league institution. CSUN has almost all the resources a student needs to become an outsanding candidate for future graduate school prgrams. Just as a potter has his/her clay to create beautiful, curvy pots, it is upto the CSUN students to carve and cook the pots of their potential just the right strength and consistency.


Honestly any person should attend CSUN. It is a place of diversity in culture and majors. THere is always and equal opportunity for people who willing to learn.

Maria Victoria

Any transfer student who majors in art or television/film should transfer to Cal. State Northridge. This campus is of medium size, not gargantuan like a University of California institution. The film program here is amazing. Professors are liberal intellectuals providing freedom for creative activity with few restrictions. Students are free to express themselves in a variety of ways through art, through choosing different electives, and through clubs and organizations. Any student who is financially dependent on family or financial aid should also attend this school because of the available scholarships and loans. There are also plenty of jobs available.


CSUN is an ideal school for those individuals who are comfortable with a large campus. The school is filled with many types of people. If you are a person who likes diversity, an open environment, large class sizes, than CSUN is the place for you. There are many resources on campus and there is always lively activities going on. If you like being involved, this school will help you get out there. It gets very hot out here, but the weather is constantly changing from depending on the season.


I believe that this school would be best suited for someone who enjoys city life, and who can find something interesting to do in the middle of such a city. I personally would prefer a less-developed surrounding area with more trees and fewer houses. Students at this school should have a preference for the former, and should like an urban environment surrounded by people.


A person with doesn't like an intimate environment, someone who prefers a big campus and like been socially active.


The person who should attend CSUN is a person who wants to grow as a person and explore everything the school has to offer; from their extracurricular activities to their vast choices of scholarly programs.


An open minded person of any age who was not comfortable in a standard classroom envirnment. One who might have felt that the way they learn was not being facilitated, and overall were frustrated by the way things work in a "regular" school. A person who wants freedom to learn, and is movitaved enough to construct their own curriculum. And most importantly, someone who enjoys learning; Not because they feel like they have to, but because they genuinely love to learn.


If you don't have a lot of money towards education, but you still would like a four-year degree, a CSU school is right up your alley. There are small fee hikes every year (especially since we're in cash-strapped California), but the price tag doesn't come near what private univeristies charge.


At CSUN, all kinds of students are found and that is the beauty of this school. We have all kinds of races and ethnicities and backgrounds found at CSUN. One great thing about this school is the amount of growth. There are different social clubs such as jewish, persian, hispanic, black, asian, etc. clubs that help students feel comfortable and feel right at home. We have different cultural events based on different backgrounds and cultures. We also have students attending who had disability since the school does not discriminate. CSUN allows everyone get similar education.


Everyone should attend this school. It is very diverse and you will learn something new about something, such as a culture, or a field of study they would have never been interested in.


CSUN would be an ideal school for anyone who is somewhat reserved or cautious about going into college. Not because everyone is just as unsociable, but more because of the large variety of clubs, groups, and workshops designed to help students integrate and socialize. The many fraternities and sororities at CSUN are all icredibly student friendly, diverse, and also serve to help students find their place.


Anyone can attend CSUN-from highschool graduates to working adults that want to complete their education. I had classmates that turned down scholarships from other colleges/universities in order to attend CSUN. Why pay more for a great quality education, when you don't have to. In the end, it only matters what you do and how you apply the things you learned in school.


Someone who is comfortable in a large-school environment, and perhaps someone who isn't interested in making new friends. This is a commuter campus, and someone who has a busy life would probably find this campus to be satisfactory.


A person who is determined to acheive their goals. Also someone who is here to work hard and keep up with all the work given from the professors.


I believe that any student who is very passionate about receiving a higher education and learning about a vast majority of subjects should attend this school. It offers so much to so many people. A person who is intrested in gaining knowledge about other cultures should attend for CSUN has highly rated and rigirous cultural learning programs. Also, anyone who is intrested in gaining a wonderful Buisness, Teaching, Nursing or Arts degree, for CSUN specializes and is Highly ranked in these subjects. Basically anyone who obtains good grades and is passionate about learning should attend this school.


The type of person to attend this school is someone is focused on getting a higher education and someone who knows how to have fun.


Anyone who wishes to achieve a B.A./B.S. and some M.A. students. This university is one of the least expensive 4 year schools in the area, making it a good school for anyone who lives in the area. I would also recommend this school for anyone who wants to experience the city life. Living in a city has advantages such as more job opportunities while in school and also more job opportunities after graduation. It also has the advantage of learning to live in a fast paced environment.


A person who likes big campuses and meeting new people.


The kind of person that should attend this school should be someone who is focused on academics and is able to find ways to enjoy themselves on campus even when there seems to be nothing to do.


The type of peroson who should attend Cal State Northridge is someone who is serious about furthering his or her education, is determined and responsible to go to class and try his or her best to pass his or her classes and understands that school is his or her priority and can have fun yet also be serious.


The type of person that should attend Northridge is someone that believes in variance, someone that is not set on experiencing the college life depicted in movies. Northridge is rare in that its student population is similiar to that of a community college. Therefore a student looking to attend Northridge should be open to being in a classroom with many types of people, especially people of varying ages. Northridge does have some movie elements, like every college, but it is a University that is open to people from all walks of life.


The one that has flexible time schedule


This school is very inviting to all sorts of people whether they wish to major/study in math and science or art and music. I would recommend this school to progressive minded people who want to better themselves along with their community and the world.


Art and cinema majors should attend this school, because of the wide range of classes offered. Also, deaf study majors.


Anyone can attend this school. There are clubs, fraternities/sororities, etc., that anyone can relate to. Students who are married and/or have children are welcomed, because many classes are offered at various times of the day to accomodate their schedules. Students with learning disabilities are treated equally. I had a deaf student in my class last semester, and I took notes for her. I learned some American Sign Language from my interactions with her, which will always be invaluable to me. Anyone who attends my school will learn more than just concepts and facts; CSUN provides lifelong learning.


anyone can attend this school. freshmen and transfer students alike of any age.


A person that attends this school should be motivated and dedicated to their studies and what they want to get out of there education. Especially if they happen to be economic majors, accounting, finance, biology, environmental health, math majors to name a few it is very competative not only should the student attending this school be willing to compete with others they should also be willing to compete within themselves as it is challenging, but at the end the rewards are great.


Someone who is not super serious but not super lazy either. Someone who is not looking for a party school a "college town." Someone who dosen't mind the laid back and racially deverse campus.


This school is designed for the students who want to better themselves and and leave the school, degree in hand, with the feeling that success in life in whatever field you focused on in school is yours. It works for the academically focused student as well as the "I' just don't know what I want to do in life" student. It is easy enough to be accepted into directly from high school, as long as the GPA is over 3.0, and is a terrific option for the transfer student.


Someone who does not want to spend a lot of time at school. Someone who needs options such as payment plans to pay for school.


Anyone who is looking to find a great campus with diverse classes and many majors to choose from should come here. Anyone who wants to learn and have small classrooms where interaction is encouraged.


A person who commutes and maybe needs to attend a cheaper school. One who wants to learn...a lot!


Anyone who isn't sure of where they want to go. I've found that this school was not most people's first choice but have grown to love it and have no regrets. once you find your niche, its a great experience both academically and socially.


A person who has a strong work ethic and wants to do something along the lines of business and or communication.


Someone who is interested in getting into the music or acting industries.


Locals who want to go to school close to home, and don't mind that it is a commuter school atmosphere, and who are not looking for an academically challenging environment.


A very outgoing person who is extremely interested in social behaviors and sciences. The school is very interested and involved in that field, also if you want to go to a big school.


Anyone who has a diverse, complex, or simple way of thinking. This school is for the liberal and openminded.