California State University-Northridge Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?




In my opinion the most frustrating thing about my school is the inability to speak to councelors when needed, one must make appointments one month prior. I find that frustrating.


Right now in my school the most fustrating thing in school is that classes are getting cut. Due to the cuts available classes are over filled. The Tution is still going up and there is not increase in the aid the students rrecieve.


The tuition costs was the most frustrating thing about my university.


You can never get all the classes you need. The way they set up registration appointments is what limits students. For me, I've had to take classes I didn't really need just so I could stay at full time because I could not afford to lose any of my financial aid. It's really difficult to pay for college when you get no outside help.


The most frustrating thing is a lack of communication between departments and the administration.


The most frustrating thing is class offerings. As with any other school in California affected by budget cuts the class sizes get larger and the selection of classes get smaller. It is getting dificult to get the classes I need to move forward in college. I hope that these problems are fixed in the future to allow students the ability to get the classes essential for their graduation and move on more quickly to find a job that interests them.


I would say that many classes have been cut and students aren't able to graduate on time. It's only getting worse as I hear often on campus. I've known a few people who have been victims to this and it's definitely not a good thing.


Time management is the most frustrating thing that I'm currently through right now. I work full time and attend grad school fulltime which makes it harder for to manage my time. Grad school takes a lot of my time and from doing projects, papers, and fieldwork that it minimizes time to work. I had to cut my working hours to focus more on school, which prevents me from getting my regular income and than stress over paying my bills.


Finding time for both my studies, volunteer services, and my organization meetings. There are so many things to do within 24 hours of each day. I just have to figure out how to manage my time correctly.


The most frustrating thing about school is trying to stay focused, sleep, and study at night especially when you live in a dorm because people like to party late at night/early morning and it's hard when you have a weekend class. Most of these people are somewhat inconsiderate to your needs.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the crazy amount of money they ask you to pay for the dorms, it is really frustrating having to commute from other city simply because you cannot afford the dorms.


The most frustrating thing about my school,is that its so far away from home. I dont drive yet ,i commute ; i take about 5 buses to get back home. Its tiring having to get home late , but it will pay off soon.


the most frustrating thing about my school might be the long lines that we as individuals have to make when we have to return a book, or simply just have other things to do in order to form a line, for example, ordering food, paying for a book, or simply like said earlier returning a book, etc.


I belive the transition to college, adjusting to a new environment, new people, and everything in general. Sometimes we can get frustrated because some of the people working there do not help you very well but I have been very lucky to find people that are very supportive with me and my friends.


With the recent budget cuts, lower level classes are impossible to add, so that is the most frustrating thing as of now.


The availability of classes. There are not enough range in the days that the classes are available, so I cannot really pick my schedule the way I would prefer it.


A lot of protesters come to our campus, which I'm sure is true of any school. It's sometimes rather hard to enjoy sitting under the palm trees studying when there are people with signs yelling about whatever religious/polical belief they happen to need support for this week. Don't ger me wrong, I'm very apathetic to the plight of the underprivileged, but I would really just rather go to school to learn.


This school is very much a commuter school meaning that many people attending do not live on campus. I am one of them. For people like me it is hard to be involved with the school and make friends because participating in clubs and events requires you to live close. Also if you live in the dorms you are much more likely to make friends than simply coming to classes and leaving. It is not terrible to commute because i have had the chance to be in a club and make a few friends along the way.


I don't necessarily find anything specifically frustrating about school. The only thing I've gotten frustrated about is when it comes to registration. Sometimes when you have certain classes, you can't register for a next level class until you have received your grade after the final exam, and sometimes by that time most classes that you may have wanted are filled. Then you may have to either be put on a waiting list or be hopeful that the professor will let you stay in the class. If not, then there is nothing you can do.


I would have to say the most frustrating thing about my school is finding parking, it is almost impossible to find a parking space and will take at least twenty minutes to find a parking space due to the lack of parking structures.


Finding parking can be frustrating at times, and sometimes students have to park further away from their classes then they would like. I have also heard people complain about buying the parking permit but not being able to find parking. Also as a mostly commuter school, at times the traffic to actually get to school can be a problem for students.


Up until now, CSUN has been nothing but great. However, due to the current budget crisis in California, CSUN has experienced a lot of setbacks. One of the most notable setbacks is the increased tuition fees. Although the fees are relatively low, many students who don't get grants or scholarships are having a hard time paying for their tuition. Furthermore, professors were given a ten percent pay cut, which has resulted in many furlough days. A raise in tuition and a decrease in overall service has made many students frustrated and mad, myself included.


The most frustrating thing about the campus is the line to get a computer for the free printing. the other frustartaing thing is finding on campus jobs.


Registering for classes.


The most frustrating part about being a California State University, Northirdge Student is there are not enough classes offered at CSUN. Many students at CSUN find themselves in a bad position come senior year because there are only a few of each type of class offered and many students who need them to graduate. This issue forces many students to graduate a semester late.


There is a lack of "school spirit" because CSUN is a commuter school. Many students live 30+ minutes away from campus and as a result they fail to attend many school sponsored events, such as basketball games, school dances, etc.


My biggest frustration on campus is encountered whenever I am trying to gleen information regarding campus information. Whether it is a question about Financial Aid, On-Campus Housing, or requirements for entering the different graduate programs, it seems there is never just one source with complete, concise information on the subject matter. It is, at times, difficult to ascertain if one has received all the vital information on a given area of inquiry.


Again, parking.


Some professors are rude, when you are trying to learn the whole college experience.


The enrollment process for sophomores is extremely difficult, due to the fact that enrollment dates are based on academic status and priority registration. (Sports involved students, Disabled students, Seniors, Freshmen, Juniors, and finally Sophomores.) It was quite frustrating until I became a Junior.


lack of school spirit. too much commuters. :(


The dorms are so far away from the campus and life is expensive.


The lack of school sprirt and student comittment.


it is very large, staff such as academic advisors and fianacial aid advisors are not helpful at all... not many students take this school seriously


Parking can be frustrating, but the school is always working to improve it. That is probably it.


The most fustrating thing about my school is that the campus is dead on the weekends so theres nothing I could do for fun on the weekends. I don't have a car so it defintely leaves me either doing strictly homework, reading or watching tv.


There is no college life at this campus. It is a commuter school and people come to class and head back home. The students here hang out in their own cliques like in high school.


There is nothing frustuating about the school


The most frustrating thing is parking and the fact that the tram service is not always running.


The most frustrating thing about CSUN, as well as most other schools I'm sure, is the seemingly regular hike in tuition prices, parking and books.


Delays in payment of financial aid. I have scholarships that I know are coming to me that have not been paid yet. It is very difficult when I am paying for school out of pocket to not have any type of guarantee as to when I will be receiving aid.


Parking can be quite frustrating as far as CSUN goes. Fortunately, the campus is solving this pressing problem through building more and more parking structures.


Lack of school pride and spirit