California State University-Northridge Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I love the fact that the city rests in the middle of the San Fernando Valley, a place I called home for a long time.


My school is pretty affordable and has a beautiful campus, which really makes going to school much more enjoyable.


I consider the best thing about my school to be the diversity. It does not cater to only one group and offers countless opportunities for people of different traditions to learn and be apart of dissimilar cultures. With its diversity I believe that my school has made an impact on limiting culutural stereotypes and ignorance.


One of the best things about CSUN is the faculty. Most of the faculty seems very helpful and willing to help their students. There are also a lot of resources on campus that students can take advantage of.


it is convinien to my sxhedule and if i need they are all phone call away.


The best thing about my school is how passionate and personal my professors are. When teachers are not passionate about there work you start to get board about the subject as well. Its nice that most of my teachers are ready for each day of work with a new challenege for us. Most professors are personal and give personal help outside of class. It doesn't matter if its acedemic or if you need persoanl help our professors are always there.


Professors are very enthusiastic in their subject.


The best thing about my school was the supportive faculty. I was fortunate to be in a small department, where the interaction was frequently one-on-one. If you so chose, every professor in the department would know your name by the end of the semester. Having this very valuable resource has helped me in my post-graduation phase. CSUN is so big it is easy to get lost in the bubble of your own building, but it is a great campus with a lot to offer.


The best thing about my school is that there are tutoring labs for alot of differant subjects and professors and staff make sure that students are aware of all the help that is around us.


The best thing about my school were the professors. I had some classes that inspired me because of the professor's effective teaching methods. I still keep in touch with some of my professors and they are helpful and intelligent.


The best thing about CSUN has to be the campus. We have trees everywhere. We even have our own orange grove. The architecture of all the different buildings is so varied and interesting. There are many places to eat or just sit and have a conversation with one of your friends. There are amazing places to study as well, like one of the many lawns or in the massive library.


The best thing about CSUN is the environment that surrounds you. I love how diversity of the school. The options to what class to take or clubs to join are also very diverse. I believe no matter what you'll find a way to fit into this school even though you may be new and fresh. Northridge gives plenty of opportunities to students to get active. They have an amazing Student Union located on campus that really brings the student out as a true Matador.


The thing that I consider to be best about my school is its population. The diverese population allows you and invites you to be open to many cultures. It also allows you to become friends with people who can share different views and perspectives on different topics, thus making you learn and acknowledge different traditions and ideas.


The music program is absolutely fantastic and you can always find somewhere to just hang out around campus. The variety of food on campus is reasonably good there are a lot of good food options within walking distance.


My school's best feature is the outdoor areas in which a person can relax near a duck pond, a botanic garden or under a tall tree which helps forget I live in an urban city.


The best thing about my school has to be the diversity. Being in California you can expect there to be many different people, and Northridge is the perfect example of diversity.


The theatre program; that's one of the main reason I chose to go to CSUN. I'm a CTVA major and (hopefully soon) a theatre minor. CSUN is known for it's profesional actors and actrresses.


The fact that classrooms are open 24 hours a day. The library closes around 11:00pm, so sometimes you need more time to actually get work done. I always just go to a classroom and fill up the white boards with all the information I know. Besides the classrooms, the free tutoring in every subject you can possibly imagine is a big plus. Many students tend to be shy in asking for help from the professor, so it benefits the student to go to a tutor that is around the same age and that has experienced the same struggles.


The best thing I consider about Cal State Northridge is that the school is multi-cultural. There are so many ethnicites in one school and teh best part about that is the fact that mixed cultures hang out together, study together, and help each other out. This diversity makes one, as a student, feel very comfortable and confident. Coming from a school that had mostly a student population of Hispanics/latinos, meeting people from different cultures, race, and ethnicity, is an experience that is enjoyable and new.


The willingness of others to reach out to you. Even though CSUN is a commuter school, people will go out of their way to make sure you're enjoying your experience. I joined a sorority and found that almost all of the girls were willing to do anything for me. They were instantly my sisters. Everyone feels comfortable on campus and everyone is open to new relationships.


The best thing about my school is that theres so much support and positive attitude in the campus. There's programs that help you and motivate you to not give up and keep moving forward. Another things that I consider the best thing about my school are the teachers, they know how to motivate a student to become more pationate about the subject they are teaching.


They really emphasize becoming involved on campus, which makes students feel more welcome. When you are involved, I feel you get the most out of your college experience, as well as more for your money, long lasting connections, and a better social life.


The best thing at the university I attend would have to be the professors. The professors that I have encountered are there to aid the students to thrive.


I think the best part of CSUN is the diversity. There are many different ethnic groups and cultures on campus and many opportunities to learn about them. There are also many kinds of clubs and classes that cater to specific diversity groups and their needs. I also really appreciate the advisement centers on campus. The centers are staffed with relatable and friendly employees that truely care about the students they represent.


We have a nice deaf culture, since I've been here, I was taught some sign language. I always thought it was gibberish but it really is fun and nice to learn so you can help otheres.


For me, the best thing about my school, is the number of people I know personally, the proximity to my parents home, and the library. I love the library C.S.U.N provides because it is extremely resourceful, efficient for studying, and is suitable to the needs of students. Considering it's lack of prestige in the midst of U.C.L.A, U.S.C, and Cal Poly San Louis, it is a very appealling campus, aesthetically.


This school gives many different people from all different backgrounds a chance to attend college. Because it is a state school, it is considerably less costly than a private institution, and it is not too competitive. It is a low-pressure environment, and is convenient for people who may have a full-time job and want to take night classes.


THe best thing at California State University Northridge is the housing! The housing available at this college is unlike any others in the area. The housing available is either apartment style with a kitchen or without, or another option would be living in the Freshmen experience living halls. The only difference in the optional freshmen dorms is that it is community living style unlike the other apartment style dorms.


The best thing about CSUN is the fact that everyone is very friendly, everyone smiles at you and that brightens peoples' day. The reason why i chose CSUN was for that reason, as soon as I steped on campus it felt just right and everyone welcomes you.


The thing I learned to appreciate about my school is its beauty. I didnt really appreciate it until I started riding my longboard around during the beginning of the fall semester. The way the sun shined through the brown, dark green, and sometimes red leaves and how the wind blew the trees together in a synchronized dance really left an impact on me. Also I love the people because they're so friendly. Its like I have a whole new family in the dorms. There are no weird people at CSUN because we're all different with the same goals.


The best thing about my school is its diversity. I am sure that every school in the United States raves about the diverse population on its campus, but Northridge makes this evident. When you walk on campus you do not see a multitude of people that are from a certain background; people range from every size, shape, and race. The deaf and hard of hearing population at Northridge is substantial; and therefore I see more understanding and cooperation between people. When students and educators are presented with such a diverse population harmony is bred.


The best thing about my school is diversity. It is strongly recommended that students especially journalism majors learn more about the people areound them who are not of their race. This is very important because a lot of the issues and conflicts with other races is due to lack of knowledge. The best solution for this is to get educated about other races because it may tear down absurd stereotypes.


I would say that the best thing about California State University Northridge is the diversity among all the students and the staff. Everyone is very friendly and there is always help around. There are many resources that can contribute to highering and expanding your education.


The best thing about my school is the faculty. Each professor that I have had the pleasure to have has provided insight and often times opportunities in the field of counseling that I am currently studying. The professionalism that is offered and taught within the program far surpasses my original expectations and I have gained an abundance of practical and theoretical knowledge through my professors.


The best thing about my school is that there are opportunities to get help howevery you must search well for them.


The best thing i consider about my school is the school spirit by it's students. We are all one family and look out for each other during the happy and bad times. As a whole, we know that we can achieve a better goal of success when we work together in unison. Therefore, creating a positive environment and enhanced school spirit.


I am able to do research online through the camps ilbrary without having to actually go there. But when I do go to the library its wounderful to have lots of useful resources.


High-quality education, competent/intelligent teachers, and excellent services for schooling.


I consider that the professors at the University take iniative in making sure the students understand the materials that is being presented in the classroom, because most students do not understand the material when the professor presents the material the first time. Although, the professor are very patient with the students to help provide them the information they need.


very very diverse


I love the freedom and laid back nature of all the professors and students. I never feel like I have to be someone that I'm not. Also, because most of the students who attend CSUN are not particularly academically driven,so I stand out as being very studious with almost no effort on my part. I love being the smartest person in my class and the professor's favorite.


I love my Engineering facilities the most.


Its a commuter school but when everyone is around its a great feel.


There is great diversity at this school and almost all of the student domain is extremely friendly. The professors are friendly and will go out of their way to accommodate their students in any way.


The best thing about Cal State Northridge is that there are many great aspects of this college. There is a beautiful campus, great professors and faculty, helpful people, and a good access to everything needed.


The students and faculty at my school are very friendly and open to new ideas. In every class I have taken, the professors always began by explaining ground rules, which included respect for everyone. I have never felt uncomfortable discussing controversial ideas or conversing with others about ideas I may not agree with. The respect that is present in every class I have taken has contributed to a productive learning environment; exposure to different ideas has positively impacted my growth as a student and a person.


The most valuable thing that I have learned while attending CSUN is that school is tool to success but it does not guarantee success in and of itself. You must maintain your integrity to achieve your goals and ultimate vision in life.


I think the career center is the baest thing at my school. Whenever I needed a job they were there to help me. The have a lot of workshops to help fix up your resume and give advice on how to behave at a job interview.


I think the professors are the best part of my school. Once you start taking the classes related to your major, you start taking some of the professors several times and you develop good relationships with them. This is good because those professors can provide letters of recommendations for jobs and graduate school applications.


The best thing about CSUN is the enriching environment provided by the professor who teach within a students particular major. Professor appear to have a guine concern and care for the achievement of students.