California State University-Sacramento Top Questions

Describe how California State University-Sacramento looks to someone who's never seen it.


The campus is larg with a very diverse population, and it is a beautiful sight witnessing all the colorful trees during the fall.


Sacramento State is a state school located in Sacramento that has a beautiful campus and there is a lot to do here, it is a great school to attend.


My school is a place where people from different places go and learn about one another while at the same time, becoming one family.


Sacramento State is Old Fashioned.


Sacramento State is a clean slate to fullfill your academic dreams, an opportunity to make life long relationships with professional mentors, and a wonderful resource to start your journey in high education.


My school is a growing community; many students have enrolled in CSU Sacramento ever since the WELL built. We are very into fitness, environnmental green, and being healthy.


California State University Sacramento is a very calm place to study around 3,000 trees.


My school has lots of trees.


My school is the best school for engineering in california that is why i came to this school


My school is acknowlegded for its engineering majors.