California State University-Sacramento Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Loud-mouthed, over-confident, presumptuous, idealists with a terrible knack for raising their hands to comment on material they didn't bother to read.


Somewhat standoffish at first but will warm up over time.


The majority of my classmates are both fun loving and focused on school work. Study groups are easy to arrange and are never boring. It's easy to comunicate my ideas and share while in these study groups and in class for that matter. In these study groups I have made some friendships that will last a life time.


My classmates are dedicated to their studies, diligent in completing assignments, hardworking both in and out of the classroom, and excel at multitasking many life priorities like school, work, and family.


Hardworking and friendly.


Studious, focsed, and determined to graduate. Engineering is tough, and as a senior, only classmates who have endured are still present.


My classmates are intelligent people who seek to help others and create relationships that will last a lifetime.


My classmates are helpful, determined to do well in their classes, and outgoing.


Most of my classmates are competitive, goal-driven, and ambitious in their majors; they are dispersed in different cliques based on their personality traits and how "competitive" they are.


My classmates are very laid back and seem to enjoy their college life.


My classmates can range from bad to great. It's kind of like high school, there are the people that really care and the people that just sit there and fail. The people that sit and do nothing both worry and intrigue me because why are you here? You're paying for school! So I tend to sway more towards the classmates who care.


They are academically differentiated.


The student body at Sacramento State is a smart,, talented and energetic group of young people from many diverse and interesting social and cultural backgrounds.


My classmates are motived, driven, friendly and always willing to help me out.


my classmates keep to themselves.


My classmates at CSUS are outgoing, energetic, fun to be around, come from many different parts of the world and overall great students to be around.




My classmates are very diverse, totally diffrent from where i gree up. They are very Liberal and respect difrent views. when it comes to social and respectufull class discussions in the end we all agree on a point or, agree to dissagre. My class mates are also very freindly and dont really seem to care about the racial bacground or status one is in because in the end we are all in the same school for one reason. To get educated and build a long life career.


My classmates are very friendly, eager to make new friends, and easy to get along with.


My classmates are very determined, hardworking, goal oriented, friendly, helpful, optimistic and energetic group of students who strive to stand out and impact our community.


My classmates are supportive, diverse, engaging, eager to learn, and take an active role in the community.


My classmates were supportive and friendly.


In my area of study of social work, my classmates are one of the most genuine, compassionate, respectful and open minded people who are always willing to help and encourage one another to strive for the best.


The classmates I have had at Sac State are some of the best friends I have in my life today. What makes students at Sac State so different from other students from different campus' is that everyone in Sac is so nice. Many people at Sac State do not judge you, being at Sac State I have had no drama. Everyone at Sac State has one common goal, and that is to meet new people and get an education. Everyone from Sac State comes from different backgrounds which makes it even more awesome to meet different people from different places.


Classes are too big. You hardly get to know people very well.


take easy classes if your gpa goes down. check out the required reading lists


My classmates are friendly.


Everyone I have met so far has been very open minded. It is a very welcome change from high school or even junior college where people are there to learn and open to new experience and situations.


People like me.


My classmates are well-rounded, hard-working, goal-oriented and enthuisiastic about school and life.


Sacramento State classmates are the most diverse and outgoing students!


Some classmates are hard workers while others are slackers.


You meet people from all walks of life at Sacramento State and all of them are driven to improve themselves.


Several of my classmates are shy and more to themselves during the first couple of days; however, after a couple of weeks together they are very sociable, it just take times for everyone to get to know each other.


They are very laid-back.


My perception of my classmates is that some are hardworking and goal-oriented and others are apathetic binge drinkers.


Diverse, driven, friendly and very honest.


My classmates are there for each other. We are not just classmates we are friends. We are a family. We help run errands, help study, and review each other’s homework/paper/projects for each other. We are also very comfortable to talk to each other about anything. We get together outside of class and on our breaks.


My classmates are open-minded and diverse.


Each student at CSU Sacramento is determined to succeed, create a better self and a better community.


My imaginatively intellegent classmates are helpful as well as diverse in age, race, and imagination.


My classmates usually keep to themselves unless they are outgoing and interested in forming study groups. Most do well in the courses that I am taking but some do not take courses seriously and usually bring the class average down and have to reapeat the course again at a later time. It is a very diverse school where you can meet a lot of people that are just like you and people that you may get along with very well.


My classmates at CSU Sacramento are unique, creative, hard working, ambitious, culturally diverse individuals from all walks of life with one shared goal; to graduate from college and continue on the road to a successful future filled with the good friends they have cultivated, a loving family, and a strong career that will afford them the opportunity to provide their family with everything they need to lead happy and healthy lives, while concurrently benefiting their communities through their service and education.


Sacramento States students are highly motivated, energetic, and fun-loving people that I greatly enjoy growing as a person and learning with.


My classmates are helpful and all very nice.


My classmates are incredibly energetic, independent, and decisive; they are all very outgoing and know what paths they want to follow and how to get there.


We are very diffrent from eachothers lifestyle, yet it is interesting.


My classmates are very ambitious. Mostly everyone at my school that I get a chance to know has an idea of what they want to do with their life and are in school to make it happen. For the most part, people seem very respectful and more open to talk to. This creates a great environment to network. There are those people who are obviously there to party, but mainly I run into very focused students.


My classmates are diverse and vary in intelligence, educational background and committment to a degree program while at Sacramento State. I previously attended San Francisco State University, and I find the diversity at Sac State to favor the opportunities to have interesting class discussions and challenge ideas, argue and collaborate on processes as such. I appreciate the pride and unity among students in the area and it comes through in the class participations.


My classmates are extremely diverse in many ways, in my classes I have experienced the following types of people: outgoing, loud, insightful, quiet, insecure, brilliant, know-it-alls, prissy, fun, determined, and amazing people who have helped to shape my college experience into something truly more than amazing.