California State University-Sacramento Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


We're best known for hosting one of the largest veteran student populations, being the hotbed for activism concerning student rights and education funding, and having very talented and experienced professors in the Government Department. However, it's largely recognized as a commuter school and has notariety for having no student or campus life.


I believe that my school is best known for the education club that it has. This club is huge and is a great way to make connections for your future as a teacher. This club is a branch of the California teachers club. They arrange book drives for local schools as well as raising money for the local schools in need. They even go to schools and offer tutoring to students and help out with fundraisers at the schools.


It is best known for its Nursing program and Criminal Justice program.


Its location and environment. It's in the capital city of California with the American river on one side and downtown on the other. A lot of people say that my school is very green because of the plethora of trees that we have on campus and most importantly its's one of the most bike friendly campuses.


Sac State is ranked one of the best colleges. It offers many opportunities outside the classroom such as live concerts, movie nights, and just fun events and activites. It has great competitive sports teams with the great support team of the Hornets.


Sacramento State University is a great school. I will be starting in that school in Fall of 2013. It is best known for the all the people who work hard to graduate from this school and all the different ethnic people that go to this school. This school is filled with people with all sort of different backgrounds. It makes it unique because all of those people come there with one mission which is to graduate for a better future.


Our school is known for our beautiful trees, diversity of people, and the crazy squirrels.


Sacramento State offers many programs for it's nursing, engineering, and psychology students, as well as great student facilities such as a full scale gym, helath clinic, and the Student Union. However, the most valueble asset is the professor/student connections that are made. The averate teacher to student ratio is relatively low, so students have more opportunities to personally meet thier professors.


Our school is best known for the amount of trees it has, the school overall has more than 3000 trees. It is also known for having a very good business program. It is also known for having had Tom Hanks come to school here.


My school is mainly known for its Criminal Justice program. However, it is also known for its beautiful landscaping and its large abundance of over 3,000 trees. The university also has an array of cultural and athletic events throughtout the year.


Well, I know that the Graphic Design program that I'm in is pretty well known.


CSUS is best known for its top education value. A third of students receive financial assistance and student fees remain the lowest among the nation’s tuition fees. With the rising cost of public education, CSUS fight to stop ridiculous fee increases. Not only is CSUS one of the most affordable education, but it is also located in the capitol of California in Sacramento, which is also one of the most affordable metropolitan cities with its diverse communities and recreational areas.


I believe that our school is best known for our school spirit and welcoming environment. When you walk on campus you see students and faculty with spirit wear and smiles. Whether it is just going to class or attending a school event such as the football games you will see an array of students with their Sac State gear on proudly ready to represent our school.


I think along with being known for it's football team, Sacramento State is also known for being a local Business school for Sacramento.


Honestly, Sac State isn't known for much. That is one thing I would change about this school. There is not really a sense of community. Being a Hornet doesn't mean much to most students in my opinion. Athletics do not recieve much support from students nor do clubs and activities. I transferred from Virginia Commonwealth University where our basketball team made it to the Final Four. I had never felt more apart of something bigger than myself. I miss going to a school that had such a strong identity.


It is known to be diverse, quiet, and academically focused. It is also near the capitol so it is know to be a good resource for those majors related to politics, journalism, or government.


The vast number of trees on campus. There are thousands of them! And also the squirrel population.


green trees


I'm not exactly sure, but probably for the diversity and for it being so academically-oriented. I personally love the science department! We get a lot of hands-on experience with different machines. I think Sac State is great in every aspect!


I would say the great instructors.


My advice for California State University students is to never give up, study a whole week before a test and not to miss any days of school. Don't let a teachers personality or teaching style be a negative influence on you. Study hard and stay away from being lazy because you will regret it. Always be positive, strong willed, and enthusiastic and you will get ahead of everyone else this way. Don't let an "f" or a bad experience hinder you, get above that and you will build persistence, strength and character that will guide you toward success.


So far at Sacramento state follow piers have said that our school is well known for our business program; it is also said to be one of the hardest majors to declare.


CSU Sacramento has the best programs to choose from of all California. The top two would be Criminal Justice and the Business Programs offered. With these programs, they can get a person to very high parts in life regarding to their careers. The ability to learn past the basic college level of these subjects, are extrodinary. Just because of the fact that at this University, students can learn more than they ever expected of knowing. Programs like these, makes me feel greatly appreciated to be a student at California State University of Sacramento.


Our school is known for the endless amount of beautiful trees we have on and around campus, also for the amount of diversity in students and staff.


Well, the mascot is the Hornets! It's not everyday that a college is named after a bee.


My school is best known for being the school with helping professions such as criminal justice, nursing, and social working.


It's best known for it's diverse campus.


Business and Nursing Programs.


California State University at Sacramento used to be known for their student teacher ratios, and their student focus. I found this to be true in many of my classes, but only in those not related to my major. I majored in Speech Pathology and Audiology, and I found the classes to be massively bloated and the instructors overwhelmed. My graduating class had seventy-two students in it, which for some majors isn’t a big deal, however, in a social/science field like speech pathology where understanding of the basics of language development is essential smaller classes are needed.


CSUS is a large school with around 27,000 students, and a wide variety of majors. My school would probably be known for the large, beautiful campus with lots of trees, and there are many many squirrells that people enjoy watching. Sometimes they will come right up to you and beg for food.


Sac State is best known for our Criminal Justice program and its "commuter" status. Many students live locally and drive to campus which makes parking difficult during some parts of the day. Some programs, like Design, pre-law, pre-med, and pre-nursing, are very difficult to get into, but the limited programs are very effective for those that get in. Sac State has been impacted before, which makes getting classes needed for a semester very difficult sometimes. Many students are placed on wait lists and a spot is never guaranteed.


My school known for being a commuter school. A lot of students come and go they are from all around the area some make long drives to get to school each day.


CSUS is a commuter school. Most students do not live on campus. I studied Child Development during a time when early care and education classes at the community colleges and the child development classes at CSUS were very disconnected. Today there is a bridge between the two types of colleges whereby the practices taught at the community colleges and theory taught at the University are very closely tied together.


the many trees, the scenery, closeness to the river, bike trails


Sacramento State is best known for being the primary college in the capital city of California, and a place where someone is able to recieve an affordable and high quality education. An with that education there are plenty of options in this city for employment.


Located in the state capital, CSU Sacramento offers many opportunities for off-campus jobs and internships in government. The school has a large business department and an excellent career center that strives to give their students a head start in their fields of study while they are still attending college. Another thing I love about my school is the campus itself. Sacramento is known as "the city of trees" and the campus does not disappoint. The grounds are shaded by a canopy of trees throughout the year. Taking a stroll and watching the squirrels is my favorite way to relax.


California State University Sacramento is best known for its mascot, and its colors. The mascot is the Hornets and the colors are gold and green. Green for trees, and gold for the discovery of knowlege.


Our campus has been recognized for the student involvment in our community. Our campus participates in community activies that promote our school, and allow us to give back to our community. We all care about what happens in our city and we help though volunteerism and participation.


Our Engineering department is one of the best in the nation. HP Computers come out and recruit our engineers after graduation. Criminal Justice is popular, as well. It is the second largest program in the United States. Finally, it's trees are pretty impressive. 3000 trees, all native to California.


California State University-Sacramento is best known for its prime location. Situated roughly between San Francisco and Tahoe, CSUS is a great place to learn with plenty of opportunities. Being minutes away from the central hub that is downtown Sacramento, CSUS students get a up close and personal look at the political arena that shapes the great state of California. Also, many major companies have offices in Sacramento and they look to the graduates of CSUS when they need to fill vacancies.


Located in the capital of the nation's most populous and diverse state, California State University, Sacramento is known for it’s culturally diverse campus.


My school is best known for it's oppurtunity for it's students to learn about local, state, national, and international government issues. Being that Sacramento is the capitol city of California which is the largest state in the United States the Department of government plays a big role here at CSUS.


CSUS is best known for its business administration program, the Alex Spanos sports complex, as well as beign the 6th largest california state university campus.


Student diveristy and Business program.


Are school is know for its nature campus.


Given that we're the capitol of the state, the department of Business, Criminal Justice, and Biology (for nursing majors), are huge areas here at Sacramento State.


The school is best know for it's trees, location, and the education offered to students.


Sacramento State University is best known for its diverse campus, which provides a friendly environment. Although persons such as my roommate would argue that Sac state is best known for their computer sciences departments. According to a IT professor, Sac state has defeated many schools such as UC Davis. To top it of, every time I come home to Watsonville California and people ask me which school I attend, I say “CSUS and they look at me and say, “Wow! Sacramento has a very beautiful campus, but mostly I love the environment I feel like I am home.”


As a student born and raised in Sacramento, Sacramento State has always been a part of my life as well as the lives of other locals. I went there for Academic Talent Search programs as elementary school students, my advanced placement program in high school held its summer courses there, and so on. To us locals it is usually half-jokingly referred to as our fallback plan. Personally, I chose Sac State because it is an excellent local option for someone who loves my hometown as much as I do. The lush trees provide a shaded canopy for my learning.


CSU, Sacramento is best known for its science, art, graphic design and criminal justice programs. Each of these programs have concentrations that allow students to individualize their academic pursuits towards what they are most interested in. It is my understanding that many of these programs offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees in many of these areas.