California State University-Sacramento Top Questions

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The diversity and friendliness of people here were two factors that I didn't find much of in other schools I considered.


The campus is very well organized and is extremely beautiful. The class sizes are not overwhelmingly big so it allows for student-faculty interaction and keeps the professors work load lighter so students can better communicate with them.


CSUS is a very accesible and fun school. It is easy to find your way through campus and if you do get lost the people are friendly enough to show you where to go. There are a lot of oppurtunities for networking in the indutry with the numerous job fairs throughout the semesters and the career center on campus is very helpful with this. CSUS also has one of the best Electrical Engineering programs around. A program so good that you are basically guaranteed a job after you graduate. CSUS was an easy choice for me.


CSUS offers a photo major that other schools did not have. It was a small program and I was lucky enough to spend time with students and professors alike. I also loved the beautiful campus and it's simple layout. It is considered a commuter school, but many students move to Sacramento.


The university seeks a diverse student population, and has excellent student programs aimed at giving higher educational opportunities to students who may not be able to afford or attend due to their financial or personal hardships. The university continues to produce great regional, state, and national leaders that focus on giving back to their area of interest because of the great opportunities given to them at Sacramento State.


I like the environment that my school has. We are known for the number of trees on our campus and it provides our school with a woodsy environment and outdoor feel.


Coming from a different area, I did not know what to expect when heading to a new place. All my negative thoughts changed when I actually arrived there because I was immediately welcomed with open arms. My school makes me feel comfortable and what makes it different from others is the fact that someone could ride a uniclycle through school and everyone would continue on with their day as if nothing is out of the norm. I know this for a fact because it has actually happened before.


The campus has many trees and lots of squirrels. Most students there are very friendly and open.


What is so unique about the campus is the campus landscape. The other schools that I applied for didnt have alot of nature that surrounded the campus. At California State Univiersity-Sacramento it has a lot of nautre aournd the campus. I love how there are trees that surrounds the campus where if the weather is nice, you can sit outside under the trees and read and study without being bothered.


The university is located in the capital of California and is in close proximity to so many great California places like San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. The campus itself is beautiful. It is located right on the American River and the campus contains every single California native tree. Generally, the teachers really seem to care about their students. They really work with the students to make sure they are happy with their grades and they make sure the students comprehend the material.


Our campus has a lot of trees and is very green. recomend it for anyone who loves to be around trees.


Sacramento State is a school located in the heart of Sacramento. It is a large campus with approximately 28,000 students. Sac State has brand new recreational facility called the WELL. This helps to set Sac State apart from many other colleges. Sac State also has many trees on campus which helps to also make it unique, beautiful and have a wonderful clean atmosphere.


Our colors; green and gold


What i belive is mostly unique about this school is that its a very open school and not compated in one little section or area. This School though it is in a metropolitan city; the school itself seems like a little community. other schools that i considered unfortunatly i didnt go visit but even then compared to schools i didnt consider this campus stands out. I also like that this school dosent forced you to reside in it. This school is considered a cummuter school so in a sence thats what i like about it the most.


The campus is really enviormental friendly.


Our campus is not only full of trees, it's full of diverse, open-minded individuals who are friendly and welcoming. There are many people from different backgrounds and places that all have the same goal: to graduate.


Very diverse. Sacramento has a diverse population and that is reflected on campus


I advise students to really get involved in the school activities and events to make your experience 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} better. Also get ahead and don't get behind it catches up so fast. Resources are avialable so make sure you use them. And have fun1


The university is close to down town sacramento. Also, the school is located right off of the freeway which makes it easy to go to campus.


Location, campus is close to the bay area and to the mountains. Offered strong child development program and on campus opportunities. Strong center with close location to downtown and surrounding areas for internship and career opportunities.


I love that Sacramento State is a commuter school, which means that most of the students don't live on campus. It has given me an opprtunity to meet a variety of people.


Compared to other schools my school is diverse. It provides a lot of extracurricular activities and jobs. Sacramento State isn’t closed off. For example, Sacramento State is not surrounded by farms. My school is in reach of snow, rivers, downtown, malls etc. My school is school spirited and involved by having competitions with UC Davis. We have sunny weather with minimum rain. The environment and social scene is friendly. Students will not feel left out or overwhelmed at Sacramento State. There are a lot of resources for students and alumni. Most importantly classes are useful and available.


It is close to home and has a lot of quiet places.


The uniques aspect that made me choose this school, was that it was close to family and in the city that my job is.


One of the greatest features about CSU Sacramento is the vast diversity in the community. Everyone is able to get along well in all school sponsored events as well as outside events. There is a lot of learning possibilities because of the many different ethnic backgrounds.


What is unique about Sacramento State compared to other schools is that it's closer to home. It makes it really convenient for me to attend school and it saves me a lot of money. Also, there are programs and services that Sacramento State are offering to students to better their learning experience. For example, I am currently in the MESA Engineering program that helps minority engineering students achieve a good education. There are a lot of benefits that this program offers and I use it to its full potential for example the program offers priority registration.


Something that is unique about my school is that they have various organizations and programs for current students or prospective students to join. These organizations and programs help students throughout their whole college years. In my case, I am part of the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) which helps migrant students with any of their necessities, such as tutoring or financial aid assistance.


Lots of enviormentaly friendly featues, first fair trade campus.,


I never considered any other schools. CSUS was just a geographically ideal place to go.


The natural surroundings. The campus is surrounded by trees, nature and fresh air. It's a breathtaking campus. I love how they have a gym area that is 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} green. They really care about the environment at this school.


California State University of Sacramento has a lot of great qualities that I looked for when selecting a college to further my education. It's nursing program is ranked one of the highest programs in the state. It was very difficult to get into the nursing program but I believe it was beneficial in selecting students who are extremely motivated and hard-working. The campus also offers many great resources such as an immaculate gym and wellness center. I am truly blessed to be able to attend such an amazing school and to have been selected into their nursing program.


I considered going to two other schools. Only Sac State was in the center of a major city. From Sac State, one could take the bus and explore the Downtown and Old Town area. There are plenty of shops, events, and eateries there and it is usually where many students spend a night-on-the-town. The other two schools were not near any major cities so the night life would not be as exciting as Sacramento's.


For my undergraduate studies I decided to live with my parents. This allowed me to have a part-time job while being a full-time student. CSUS was unique for me because it was the only university that I could've attended and still taken advantage of the loving support of my parents. This school is also unique because it is located in the State's Capital where there are many State employment opportunities, as well as, access to the Capital, Legislators, the Governor, and more.


Sacramento State has a diverse campus which I love being able to meet new people and learn about their cultures. I love the fact that this campus is filled with the diversity that we need in life to live as right American citizens. This campus also helps with studies through diversity as well as teaching.


From my experience, students are incredibly involved in the areas in which they are majoring in. They all actively participate and encourage other students to participate in the actitivities that are organized on campus. In addition, I have found the teachers that I have met so far to be extremely good-tempered and approachable; this is one thing I value above everything else is a teacher that is willing to sit down and talk to their students if there are any problems the student may face, and so far, all of the teachers have provided that opportunity to me.


CSU Sacramento is a school that is culturally diverse, and I believe that meeting new people from different races and backgrounds will give me a better insight into the business world that I want to enter. The school also has strong connections with companies in the sacramento metropolitan area and I would like to take advantage of any internship opportunities as they become available. Sac State is a beautiful campus and the fauclty is very friendly and helpful, especially when I need something explained to me that I didn't understand at first.


I enjoy my school because unlike many other school in the U.S, Sacramento State University is extremely diverse. There are many students attending from all around the world. When walking around the campus you would never assume that there is a majority race or ethnicity.


I'm a runner so I paid particular attention the the sports programs of al the colleges that I considered. At SacState the sports programs care about the whole person not just the athlete. They also care about all aspects of the athlete, both mental and physical. The sports program at SacState allows me to excel at my sport while at the same time providing me the support to perform to my optimum in my studies.


Sacramento State University is a very diverse, welcoming school. Most of the studetns take school more seriously than my Jr. college @ American River College. There is a big Union where there is plenty of choices of food. It is nice to be able to pick up a .99 cent chicken sandwich and study with a study buddy.


CSUS was the closest university to where I live.


I think that what makes Sacramento State University unique is the fact that this college is one that is very diverse. Being known to be a diverse university is a wonderful thing because this situation gives students the chance to experience and learn new things about other international cultures. Thus giving each and everyone of us the oppurtunity to learn new ideas from one another.


diverse, hundreds of trees,


My school had the highest rated program in my career choice of all I researched.


The major I am in at Sac State has been known to have amazing professor and helpful administrators. The campus is amazingly beautiful, great people and wonderful clubs. Sac State also has a wonderful diverse culture because of the town. The services they have are outstanding and wonderfully helpful people surrounding you all the time. It is the most positive learning/growing environment I have ever had the opportunity to endure.


We have a stellar graphic design program and a great cooperative education & inership program.


This school really welcomes students to succeed in the best way you can. It provides a good learning enviroment and provides service to help you accomplish your education goals. The professors at this school teach well and provide a lot of their time to help you if you are stuggling in their classes. This school makes you feel at home and comforts you especially if it is your first time away from home. Its diversity is one thing I really love about this school because it allows you to communicate with people of other cultures.


The campus has a variety of places to go and hang out, study, or spend time doing stuff. The school makes you want to stay there and hang out while some do not provide the services needed to make it a welcoming campus.


Sac State is unique because it offers an incredible amount of activities and extracarricular activities both on and off campus. These activities range from free indie concerts to hiking.


I believe that CSUS sacramento is more diverse and is becoming more challenging as the years go by. Students are beginning to face reality of classes, work, and the cuts from the state. I begin to see how the school is trying to grow and be better than other school and now seem like a commuter school, like American River College or Sac City.


We have the largest number of students in the California State University System.