California State University-Sacramento Top Questions

What are the academics like at California State University-Sacramento?


I think people participate in academic discussions in class, but when they get out of class they don't think about intelligent stuff as much. I think the academic requirements for Sac State students are adequate, but the school is kind of vague with what the are expecting of you when it comes to academic requirements.


In upper division classes, there is a lot of class participation. For general education classes, however, no one really says anything. I think most people are here to get a degree and go into their field of choice after graduation. So education here is geared more towards getting a job.


School is pretty fun considering I get to choose my major and do what I actually want to do at school. Plus, I really think my teachers are very knowledgeable about the subject they're teaching... it's not one of those places where the teachers don't know what the hell they're talking about.

Anderson Jason

The professors are pretty good here. There not elitist so they're pretty easy to talk to. And they're not preoccupied with their own career (aside from teaching).


The Criminal Justice Dept. is the best you'll find. Our professors are all from previous Law Enforcement or Law professions, giving us great knowledge you would never get from a textbook. Plus they all have great stories of their experiences in the field, and they love to share them.


One of the best courses I have taken in sac state is Ethnic Studies 11 with professor Sobredo. This professor made the class fun, exciting and taught very well. I believe that some of the professors lack the use of conversations and discussions in class. Most of the them lecture for too long and make the class boring and not interesting. I believe that students do not have intellectual conversations outside of the class. Most of the time I just hear them make comments such as " C's get you degrees". I believe that Sac State can gear a person to getting a job, its up to the individual if they take advantage of it or not.


Just like there are different types of students at Sacramento, there are also different types of teachers. Some teachers actually take the time to know your name and others don't even bother. Regardless of whether or not they care to match a name on the roster to a face, all the teachers I've met have been very knowledgeable about the subject they are teaching. (Thank goodness 'cause that's their job!) There are some classes that have an overwhelming amount of students enrolled and I have heard of instances where students were forced to sit on the floors due to the lack of available seats, but that's not the case of every class.