California State University-Sacramento Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I feel there is a disconnect between the administrators and the students when it comes to finances, and that there isn't a very strong and proud student community that sticks up for itself. Recently, there was a vote to extend the gym, but it would raise everyone's tuition by around $200. I found this ridiculous; there are many aging class halls that need renovating, and the gym is brand new by around 2 years. However, I saw little student outburst against this claim.


Sacramento State has an ineffective approach for marketing events and resources to their diverse student body. With more than 30,000 students at my school, it is easy to get lost in the maze of college perplexities. As I try to get more involved on campus I find it difficult to join clubs and organizations and attend scheduled events on campus that will benefit and contribute to my overall college expereince. Sacramento State is considered a commuter school. I constantly hear their struggles of exploring events too, I pondered, I dorm and struggle to find events how do they cope?


The worst thing about my school might be how impacted some of the major academic programs are. I did not experience this for myself, since I transfered from a community college before the Psychology BA program became impacted, but I understand it can be difficult to get classes and graduate on time. Meeting with your advisor early and often to plan your academic career at CSU Sacramento is the key to make sure you are on the right track and can graduate on time.


When I attended Sac State the parking and traffic was by far the worst issue with the school. As a student who is just trying to get to class on time, you had to master the art of "hawk-hood" to find a spot, or allow a good hour before class to grab a stop that was most likely 6 miles away from your class.


The worst thing about the school is the communication with other schools in the California State program. A friend of mine who transferred from San Diego State was told by both administrations that his credits would transfer, but when it came time for him to graduate, Sacramento State would not allow some of his credits to transfer and he has had to attend multiple extra semesters making up for those units.


I think that the worst thing about my school is that since it is not that difficult to get in, there are a lot of people who don't care much about their education but still take the classes that other students need. There aren't enough classes for the quantity of studnets, and there are times when you have to try repeatedly to get into a class before you finally get in.


What I personally dislike about Sacramento State is that there is not a lot of school pride or a lot school involvment in things like Greek life or school community building events.


Parking is probably one of the worst things about the campus. There are certain times of the day you can find parking, but for the most part you must circle the parking structures and lots to try to find a spot. Half the time if you end up finding a spot it will take about 10 minutes to walk to class, and hopefully you aren't late already.


There is a fair amount of bike theft.


It's sometimes difficult to get into needed classes, and many classes are overcrowded due to budget cuts. Parking is really expensive.


I consider the worst thing is trying to get the classes we need. This I consider the worst thing becasue we are all trying to graudate in a resonalble time and with the struggles of getting the classes we need its not likely for us students to do that.


The worst thing about my school is the tuition and the fact that I do not qualify for financial aid, because I live with my parents. Right now, I am currently in debt $20,000 with loans. I can't take out anymore and am trying to pay out of pocket. I really wish it didn't cost so much to attend becasue I really want to be able to finish with a degree.


The worst thing about my school is trying to find parking.


parking issues


The worst thing about my school is having to be responsible with each class and taking it seriously, because if you mess up the teachers are less compassionate. The teachers won't remind the student they are missing an assignment, it is the student responsibility. I think it is not the only school that requires students to be on top of their game but other universities too. Every school is challenging.


Lack of resources, help, guidence.


Tuiton is really high!


Nothing so far.


I LOVE my school. The only thing I find difficult to deal with is registering for classes. There is a maximum unit cap lock and it makes it quite frustrating to pay a large amount for classes that weren't my first choice.


My school is a good school, the worst thing would be trafics on the way to school at certain times of day and week.


Budget cuts and the fact that the people who can change it live so close since this is capitol city.


The cost of school is very hard to swallow when it is nearly impossible to work while attending the nursing classes. The cost includes: the books, the equipment necessary for the major, and tuition.


I would have to say the worst thing about my school is that there is not enough classes to sign up for. They keep cutting classes and for students that is hard on them because they have to spent longer in school. If they stay longer in school then they have to pay more.


the worts thing about my school is the building and that some profesors are not good in comunicating


I dislike the fact that the campus does not have a whole lot of selection of food. When try to eat healthy it makes it very difficult when there are round tables, Burger Kings and Panda Expresses right on campus.


I think the worst thing about this school is probably the way resources are spent.


the worst thing about my school is that you can not wear jeans in the gym


The ability to add classes. Some teachers dont give certain students (graduating seniors) priority and I strongly believe that they should. Nothing is worse than being a few months away from graduation and not getting all of the classes you need. This hasn't happened to me personally but many of my friends have experienced this unfortunate circumstance.


The worst thing about Sac State is the fact that it's hard to get into the classes that you need. Classes fill up fast and many students have a lot of stress during the time of registration. For this reason, some students have to stay in school longer than they need to. However, the professors are usually pretty good at enrolling those who absolutely need the class, so that's a good thing, but you cannot avoid the stress of not knowing whether you will get into the class or not.


Since this is a commuter school there is not a stong school community around CSUS. On campus you get a little of it, but the school is intermixed within the regular community.


Some of the bathrooms need updating.


I am having a great experience so far but for me the negative is that they don't offer many evening or night classes. I am in a position where I have to work full time to be able to go to school and it is very hard to manage between my job and school scheduling.


Honestly, my school is pretty great the only thing i do not enjoy so far is the commute but that is more of a personal problem.


This is hard to say without offending anyone. However, some teachers teaching styles and personalities can frustrate and effect your attitude in that class. Some teachers are too proud and it seems that the papers and discussions have to be toward their interest, not your own opinion. Other teachers are knowledgeable in their subject but their teaching style is not effective. Teachers have the power to instill knowledge, passion and wisdom. They are the ones we look up to, therefore, they must be knowledgable, wise and encouraging.


Where it is located, the commute from my house is 40 minutes there and 40 minutes back. If it were located somewhere more accessible I don't know what I could say that would be negative about Sac State.


Their is nothing bad about Sacramento state. I have onlu been completed one semester their, so i am bearly getting to know this school, and adjusting to the college life. So far i really enjoy studing at Sacramento State. The only thing about living there is the hot weather in the summer, other than that i got nothing bad to say about this school.


One of the worst features about Sacramento State University is the amount of students in a single classroom. The state budget cuts have forced the school to reduce the amount of available classes while increasing tuition. The larger classes also make it a challenge to have one on one time with the professor which is essential to becoming a better student.


As a new student to this school, the worst thing was the lack of updated information available in print and online. Printed maps and public directories were outdated, operators didn't know basic information, and many phone numbers for resources had changed or were simply incorrect.


The majority of students at my school commute. Thus, there is a lack of campus comminity and school spirit.


The worst thing I have noticed so far is the lack of classes available at different times in my major. As a transferring Junior my priority registration was very late so I was unable to register in the courses I needed the most this coming Spring 2012 semester. As a result, I had to enroll in courses I did not necessarily need... and I am on the waitlist for 2 of the 3 classes I expected to get into.


Budget cuts and less available classes.


I am about to begin Sacramento State University this coming spring. I haven’t really had a negative experience there yet. One thing I can say is that it is somewhat difficult to speak to teachers in my Major, Social Work. I’m Hoping this will get easier as soon as I actually begin in January.


The worst thing that I consider about my school is the parking. I feel that they need to make more parking lots and may be wider parking structures. Parking lots a are always full and it gets extremly hard to find parking.


What I consider bad about this college is probably how old some departments are because of it's creepyness at night.


The worst thing about Sac State is the mismanagement of resources that leads to impacted programs and overworked professors.


The worst thing about this school is the fact that it is a commuter school. Although there are many clubs and fraternities/sororities offered, many students here just go to school and go home or to work. The school has made some changes to address the problem like adding a recreation facility. As well as that, there are many events held at the school to encourage students to plan their days around coming to a show at Sac State. However, there are still many students who do not engage in getting involved in this school.


I love my school, but the worst thing about it, in my opinion, would be the lack of class availability. I realize that my major incurs less of a population, but there are very few class times to choose from, and no classes offered for the summer sessions.


The worst part about CSU Sacramento was the commuters and lack of parking to accomodate for this demographic of students. Due to the high population of commuter students, there was insufficient parking and little sense of community among the students. This was challenging for all students that did not live on-campus or close to campus. I was living in Sacramento at the time but still had about 45 minutes to commute due to congested traffic and lack of affordable off-campus housing close to the school.


I feel like we pay for way more than what we end up getting, but other than that it is pretty good. Our tuition is outrageous, and our teachers don't seem to care or teach at the level I feel they should for how much money we have to give to the school.


Rising tuition rates each semester, more crowded classrooms. Tuition prices is a huge problem, even if someone does get financial help. They go up 5-15{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} every semester. Classrooms that consisted for example of 40 students is now 50 or even 60 in some.