California State University-Sacramento Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


The best thing about Sac State? Me - Cody K. And if I could change anything, I would bring back Dance Dance Revolution in the Games Room. Not that I'm there all the time; I would just bring it back.


That if you do and you do want to participate, there are many clubs and groups you can join to get involved. And we have lots of trees and squirrels. We used to have a lot of chickens but they all disappeared. And if I could change anything I would bring back the chickens.


I like how this campus is in the capital city of California. What other 4 year university can say that? None. I also like how many people are in this school-- I think there's somewhere around 28,000 students currently enrolled. That's a lot of people!

Anderson Jason

The best thing about Sac State is the parking and the great weather. The parking is actually a joke, haha. It's a relatively laidback school. There's a lot of money going into this school, so Sac State definitely has a brighter future.


The best thing about Sac State is the tuition. We can not get better education or the same for cheaper. One of the changes that I would like to see change in sac state is commuting. I would like sac state to become a college town. There is not enough interaction between students because the majority are commuters. One the experiences i will always remember will be working and giving parking citations.


I would start by making our school more legit. How? By getting rid of our old dorms and building newer ones, much bigger than the ones we have now. I would provide Greek and nicer off-campus housing, not lofts over in the ghetto part of town where shootings, theft, and drugs are frequently sold. Not only is Greek housing more safe for those who live in the house, but it also provides a better sense of community and 'home.' Our school isn't too small, I would just say that they planned it poorly, and didn't leave much room for growth if they ever wanted to make it like the other bigger schools in California. I would say we aren't a college town specifically because when Gray Davis was in office he said,"I don't want Sacramento to become a college town" and it blows! Sac. State administration does a pretty good job, they could provide us with a cooler campus life if they keep expecting us to pay more money to go to this lame ass school with a 'high school' like greek system. Once again we have ZERO school pride, my high school was better. There are many experiences I will remember from sac. state but they are mostly with my fraternity and I wouldn't have it any other way. Most frequent complaints are that the teachers are for the most part lame and act like they hate their job; hence you will have to suffer because of it.


The best thing about Sac State would probably have to be how diverse the campus is. There are so many different clubs, organizations and groups on campus that every student can participate in. I love how there are so many different students bringing a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds to Sacramento.