California State University-Sacramento Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Students who do not care for their education. No motivation to take classes or get a degree


If you are looking for a very inclusive, live on campus, type of school, then this might not be the best choice for you. However, it was getting better towards the time that I graduated.


The type of person who should not attend this University is one who has not yet figured out their career path or major. If they have no set aim at a target of their choice then they will be hoping around and wasting time money and more time just to figure out what they would like to pursue. We have about 30,000 people at our school and classes get filled up fast. If you plan on going to this school you have to take risks inorder to progress farther because compition is everywhere expecially in the most impacted majors.


Unmotivated people need not apply! Study hard or go home! Stay on top of reading and get organized and you will do fine, just stick to it!


If you don't like big schools and want to finish in four years and are not super friendly do not go here


The kind of person that expects to receive an easy "A."


A person who is not committed with their education.


Anyone who may be deathly allergic to trees.


Every kind of person because this place is very diverse and so it the city.


every person can attend the school


Anyone can attend this school. It is not diverse however, I do not think that there is a certain person that shouldn't attend this school.


A person that wants social life to be the most important aspect of their college experience should definitely not attend Sacramento State. If a person is not willing to work hard and be independent, they would also not be a good match.


A person who does not have plans for his or her future. A person who do not want to be perfossional.Anyone who care about how to be popular and everyone respect she or he. A person who wants to just have fun and not worry about his subjects should not come to this school.


People that shouldn't attend this school are people who are not willing to learn. They will just be wasting their time.


students who like big universities should not attend sacramento state. sacramento state is a medium size school with small classes for students who like one on one interactions with teachers. Sacramento state is very hands on so for students that dont like interacting with others and capable of learning everyting on thier own shouldnt attend this school


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who doesn't want to take their higher education seriously or easily.


The kind of person who shouldnt attend this school is the person whose only going there for the money and taking out alot of loans and is not serious about education because at the end he/she will only cause them to be more in debt.


Sacramento State is a great school to attend to for education. the only reason i would see people not attending the school for is because of specific majors or financial issues.


A close minded person should not attend this school. With all of the variety that is on campus, someone who has a lot of prejudices or small minded thinking should not attend. It is just bound to cause problems.


For someone that is unsure about there major or what they would like to do i recommend staying away from any university's. lacking the money and do not meet financial aid and can not afford tuition stay away from Sac State. If you are not serious about college donot waste time and money.


I think anyone can attend this school and have a great experience. We have opportunities for everyone!


Ones that aren't focused in life because they will have a hard time focusing on their school work. You need to be level headed and understand that going to a post-secondary school takes hard work and that your daily habits will have to change to accommodate to the responsibility that you have put upon yourself.


If you want to aim high or are conservative, you shouldn't come to Sac State. There is a lot of drinking, and partying, and even drugs going on - maybe because the area is not as upper class.


The type of person who should not attend this school is someone who is not driven to always do their best. The classes are hard but the education is worth it.


I feel that people who are Medical or Science majors should not attand this school because I feel that the business programs offered at this school is much better then science programs.


A person does not need to attend Sac State only for a bachelor's or master's degree. They can attend if they are interested in taking a certain class because that is what they want to take away from their experience at this school. However, a person that commits to a college and wastes time by partying, etc., thinking they will still earn a high GPA, reflects a student that is not dedicated. Dedication is a commitment to spend most of one's free time into one's classes. Only through dedication can a person achieve their life goals.


A person who shouldn't attend this college is someone who isn't enthusiastic about what they wan't to acheive and someone who isn't going thrive for what they want in life. The person who shouldn't attend this college is a person who doesn't seek for help.


California State University of Sacramento prides itself on it's diverse hard-working students. Students who are not hard-working and believe that they are entitled to a college education, regardless of the effort they put into it, should not attend CSUS. Also, students who like to party all the time and have fun without studying should not consider attending CSUS because of it's rigorous acedemic requirements.


I believe college is what we make it. There are plenty of experiences that take place beyond just academics. CSUS is very diverse and open. I feel that anybody is able to come and make it their own in some way. I choose to just focus on my degree. I am past the stage of wanting the typical partying college experience. I have no desire to be a part of any clubs etc, so I go to classs and leave. But that doesn't mean I am not proud to be a student at this school.


Any kind of person should and is welcome to attend California State University-Sacramento. A person that is hardworking and dedicated, because it is a very competitive environment, and that person would want to be at their possible best. One that is willing to put in their possible best, because at the end the person will benefit from their hardworks.


Someone who hates to drive in morning and afternoon trafiic.


My experience at CSUS was vastly different them most students. The majority of my classes were speech classes which were unlike general education classes Sacramento State. For students looking to take Speech Pathology at Sacramento State I wouldn't recommend those who are quiet or working full time, due to the massive class sizes unless you speak up and make yourself noticed, either by taking part in extra program activities(usually done during working hours) or by spending excessive amounts of time in your instructors office, you wouldn't get the instruction needed to make a great Speech Pathologist.


I think that a really big variety of people would be happy at this school because it is so diverse. It is a school that many locals go to so that means there are tons of people who live off-campus and commute. If you are looking to live on-campus and live where the majority of the students do too, then maybe Sac State isn't the school for you, but it is a very good school.


The only kind of person that should not attend this school would be those who are not willing to always try their best. By having a school full of determined students provides a more positive atmosphere to everyone here. This kind of environment helps to make college the best possible experience, preparing us for the futures ahead of us.


I think the campus is very open to diversity. Sacramento is a very .diverse city. The campus displays this with their student faculty population.


Anyone who wants a fair education and school


A student shouldn't attend this school if he or she is only interested in the "college" experience such as drinking and partying. The student shouldn't chose this school if he or she does not want to participate in class activities, discussions and projects. He or she shouldn't attend this school just to make his or her parents happy because he or she will treat classes as a joke and ruin class for the students who actually want to attend.


The kind of person that should not attend CSUS, would be someone who doesn't believe they would benefit from a four year degree. College education and degrees do not gaurantee the outcome of a career. It does, however, increase ones chances for success. Why waste the money and time? Instead, people who are cynical about joining CSUS, would probably benefit from searching for a career without a degree, by not investing in the time and money.


Someone who isn't outgoing and isn't willing to meet new people who may be racially diverse from themselves. Also, someone who isn't comfortable living/driving in the city should not attend because it can become overwhelming at times.


I believe that this school accepts anyone and that to me is a beautiful thing. Diversity makes the school entertaining and presents you with different kinds of friendships.


I can't think of any "kind" of person that shouldn't attent CSUS. Like I said, this school is very diverse. I teach children who have autism so I am a huge advocate for helping people understand that everyone is different and unique in their own way. I've only witnessed a few people make disrespectful comments or say "retarded." I was blessed with a gift to communicate with others and help them try to put themselves in other peoples shoes. Anyone who wants to attend CSUS is welcome. :)


I believe that any kind of person should attend this school. As a student from CSU Sacramento, it is understandable that some people may be tired of education or not care about it much, but this school has professors, student activities, clubs and programs that will give those people an opportunity to learn something about themselves. It has been an given opportunity for a poor Southeast Asian woman like me to build more confidence in myself and to learn about my fellow peers. So any one should attend this school!


Someone who wants an EXTREME academic challenge would not find that at Sac State.


A person that is not willing to put any effort in their studies should not go to Sac. State.


If you are the kind of person that just wants to learn the basics of life, this is not the school for you. My recommendation would be to go to a community college or vocation shool. A four year universtiy is tougher since you are encouraged to look beyond the just the basics. Also, this type of university prepares you for a demanding career that are very competitive today.


If you are looking to move onto a truly prestigious school, this may not be the best foundation. If you like to be the star for any reason other than academics, you will not be seen at this second-rate school. If you want a busy life full of parties and clubs, this town doesn't have much of that.


I can't really think of someone who should not attent this school because of beliefs, religions, race, gender, or any other category. I would suggest that people who aren't serious about learning and don't want to be in college should not attend, but then again, thats any school.


Someone who goes to college to party and doesn't put any work into their studies.


A person who wants to remain focus in their studies, whose open minded and do not want any interruption, but want the right guidance. A person who wants to meet people who are on the same track as them, and perfer to to stay on track.


Someone who is not willing to be challaged and thinks that they can skate threw life shouldn't attend this school.