California State University-Sacramento Top Questions

What should every freshman at California State University-Sacramento know before they start?


Do not go to college right after high school. 4 months before your freshman year of college, you had to raise your hand to go to the bathroom and now you're going to make decisions to impact your life? I worked in the Philippines for two years after college and many of our foreign colleagues were German students. They take a gap year between high school and college and are assigned somewhere internationally to develop their sense of direction and maturity. When I initially met many of them, I would not have pegged them for being 19-20 years old based on how they carry themselves. Spend 6 months to a year working, travel a little bit, and spend some time deciding what will make you happy. College may not even be a good fit for you and that's totally okay. This isn't a race, take your time and enroll into school whenever you feel ready.


Find the best envrionment to learn and grow in, specifially, living space wise. Take all the financial opportunity that you can get, and, find some good friends. The fall backs of this school are not that great as to that you cannot ignore them, so focus on the great aspects of what college in general has to offer. You will hear a lot of opinions, and you can determine what you agree with by listening to it all. Don't close your mind to anything.


College provides numerous benefits for you. Take a deep breath before you enter your first college classroom. The instructor will do his/her best to try and weed out the uncommitted bunch of students by scarring them with what is expected in the upcoming semester. Believe in yourself and do not be afraid to remind yourself that everything will all work out to your benefit. I know that stress is hard to control when you first write a college style paper. Even with the sharp criticism, remember that the words your classmates and instructor will put on your paper are there to make you better. Remember to give yourself time throughout the semester to enjoy yourself. Go on dates, get a part time job, keep busy in all the busyness. This will only work to help you focus and keep a strict but sensible schedule. You are going for a good education, not an adequate one. Work efficiently and find a rhythm early on, so that the homework and studying will not collapse upon you. Your parents and family love you and are there for you when you need encouragement and help. Don’t give up, keep moving forward.


With the knowledge I obtained my first year of college, I would advise my highschool self three main takeaways. First, take high school seriously and actually read the books the teacher assigns. Not taking high school seriously led to a lack of preparation for college. My writing lacked clarity and I had poor study habits. I thought I could breeze through college like I did in high school, however, this was not the case. Unfortunately, I was put on academic probation my first semester of college. After being on academic probation I learned my second takeaway, time management. For example, creating a balanced schedule that emphasizes school as my number one priority. In addition, to complete each assignment on time and to the best of my ability. My third takeway is to practice and employ communication skills with diverse populations. Communication is vital in every field and career path, hence I am committed to mastering the art of communication to better prepare myself and guarentee success in my future endeavors and career.


College is the perfect time to learn about new things. So, follow your heart. Take dance classes. Take theatre classes. Learn a new language. Join clubs and go to sporting events. Now is the time to soak up life experiences before you turn down the road of a career, a family, and so on. Do what you love now. Work hard, and be proud of what you do. Yes, there will always be more you could have done, all your papers and your grades are very important, but you are only one person and this is your life. There is a balance to find in life between work and play. Make sure you acknowledge the importance of education, as well as the importance of your well being. And be nice to yourself: you are a smart, diligent, dedicated student who goes above and beyond what is asked of her. Try not to push your own expectations beyond what is feasible. You are good enough. Your friends and family are here to support you in whatever you choose to do, so let them and follow your dreams. This is the beginning of your life taking flight!


I would tell myself that when looking to transfer to a four year college from a junior college it it important to look into things such as class requirments and whether you will be taking more classes to meet your general education requirement. i would also tell myself to look into what major are impacted at this school and determine if it this school is worth being there a little longer than I expected. Most of all i would tell myself to really research each school based on a number of different factors not just the location and whether other people want to go there. Remember that this is very much a personal decision that needs to be made on your own for yourself.


To my high school senior self, it's okay to be afraid of the new experiences you're about to enconter, but don't let it stop you from putting yourself out there and trying new things. You're more ready for this process than you give yourself credit for and you'll be fine. The transition is a little rough in the beginning, but it isn't impossible and it gets easier. Take into consideration the advice you recieve from those who are sending you their best wishes, and always carry their wise words with you. You are about to embark on something that is a rare opportunity for others around you, so don't take these years, or your education, for granted. When things get tough, and they will get tough, always remind yourself of why you're getting your degree, and think of the people who have helped you get to this point of your life and let that be your motivation. You've conquered four years of highschool and now you're on to bigger and better things, keep chasing your dreams no matter how crazy it seems, it'll be worth it in the end.


I would tell myself to listen to what I want to do in life. My college days will take me longer because I did not listen to myself. When I transfered to Sac State I switched my major from biology to education. This switch put me alittle behind but it is what I truely want to do in my life. If only I would have continued with my education plan I would be almost done instead of having two more years minimum to go. I also would tell myself to not give up. Yes college can be hard but in the end, when I get to finally hold that diploma, it will be worth it all. I also wish that I was able to get even one scholarship for school so I did not have to work so many hours to pay for it. But no matter what, in the end it is all worth it because I will get to educate the future of this country. So I would tell myself to live for the future and no matter what keep going because it's worth it in the end.


I am so proud of you for taking care of your education and wanting to better yourself for a better future you have done a great job. Get involved with school and I can't express how important it is to keep applying for scholarships and get your A game on. Worry about your junior year grades those are what make all the difference. Never forget that High school is just the end of the beginning of an even bigger goal. Don't stress about people just keep your mind on the goal and all will go well.


As a highschool senior I would have told myself to slow down and enjoy life a little bit more. The first year of transitioning into college is hard but is a lot easier if you are not stressed out about it. It is important to establish good friends that you can keep through the whole time of getting your degree. If you are stressed out about being number 1 in everything then you will miss out on some great experiences and friends. Always pay attention in class and keep track of your assigments and stay on top of your work load but do not be so stressed that you don't enjoy your initial college experience.