California State University-Sacramento Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Out of my college experience, I have gotten a new found respect for teachers and the patience they have for students. It has been valuable for me to attend because I am going at this degree for a second time. I am a single parent of four and now that they are all in school full-time, I am in school as well to show them that it is never too late to finish. This experience has been very special as I struggle to get back into the school groove. I have a new found respect for higher education.


The college experience at this university is diverse and exciting. The academic standard for th3e school is very high and achievable. The peolpe on campus are alwys cheerful and friendly. Professors at school are willing to accomodate their working schedules in order to help out the students. The campus is ver beautiful and green. The community offers many resources and activities that students will be able to take advantage of and will asssist them in achieving their goal. As a quadriplegic (wheelchair user), I find that this campus is very accessible. Even though there are old buildings in which I may need help with accessing the building, it is not a problem because everyone is so helpful and friendly. If you ever decide to visit Sacramento state university, I promise you that your visit will be worth it. thank you...


As a freshman, Sacramento State University has allowed me to make the best transition from high school to the university by providing me with rigorous classes that will eventually prepare me for upper division classes. Mostly importantly the professors in Sacramento State University have made classes very interesting, and I can actually say that I have benefited a lot from attending this institution. Without a doubt Sacramento State University has allowed me to experience real life experience while also experiencing how a real college student should feel like.


It is never too late to finish your education and to keep on dreaming. I have had diverse classmates in the past, not just different race but of a diverse age gap, from high school senior student to male or female in their 50s.


CSUS has given me the ability to find my own academic, social and professional strength. Support by faculty and staff isn't overwhelming, but it is available with only occasional setbacks. Though it is certainly home to the overpaid administrator, and underpaid professor, I am happy to say that I have felt warm encouragement from my educators. The greatest thing about the campus is the diversity of the studens. As a Graduate Studies student, I love hearing my classmates who completed their undergraduate degrees elsewhere applaud and be enlightened by the variety of cultures, races, backgrounds, sexual orientations, and perceptions. I graduated with my Bachelor's in 2008, and I still proudly have the "Sac State Alumni" sticker on the back window of my car. I love Sacramento, and was delighted to discover that there was a graduate program at CSUS that is of interest to me. I applied nowhere else for both my BA, and my MS. There is a wide variety of entertainment in the area from lakes, rivers, and only a short drive to the ocean or moutains. The social scene can exclusively involve other CSUS students, or none at all. It is a vibrant campus.


So far out of my college experience I have learned better time management skills, to juggle activities, and be more social in meeting people. I think those three things have helped me better my new learning environment and adjust accordingly. I think they also help because it helps you to better your future and the people around you. College is valuable to attend because it is simply helping me for a better tomorrow be it a teacher to a scientist. I think just by going to school it makes a person feel like they have accomplished something that feels rewarding in the end when you have a degree. In addition, just by going to school it shows people that if you can do it, they can too, which is the example we need to show to people.


I have gotten so much out of my college experience so far. I feel more at ease and willing to learn knowing that everyone there is paying to learn instead of having to be there. College also fits how I learn better because of everything that has to be taught in a smaller time frame instead of high school where you have a year to learn it. even though I'm only in community college right now , I can feel myslef taking steps to a better education.


So far in my college career, I have learned that dedication goes a long way. If you are determined to get good grades, you can achieve it. I have worked hard to have a good GPA and be in good standing at my school. I am a member of Phi Theta Kappa, and even though I have good grades, I will not become complacent. I realize my future will not just come to me, I have to go to it.


My college experience was very productive. It deepens what I was learning in grade school. It is very critical and somewhat like a lasting impression of reality.


Sacramento State has provided me with a lush green campus and warm professors with which I can cultivate my learning comfortably. As a social work major I have been taught in all aspects of the social work profession from professors and lecturers with real world experience in the field I long to participate in. They take the seeds of ideas within their students' minds and grow them into strong, well-supported plans of action. My social work education has taught me how to take my natural affinity for making people comfortable enough to tell me their stories and developed it into a skillset I will be able to apply in my career. The program marries the concepts of both heart and mind; I've learned to remain empathetic while professionally enabling my clients to achieve their goals in life. Although I still have another year in the program and have much left to learn, my professors and the social work program overall have made me feel secure and ecstatic about my career choice. I look forward to taking all they've given me and using it to better the lives of others.


Out of my college experience I have grown as a person. When I first came to Sac State I was a very shy person and I didn't try to reach out to others for help. My second year I met a student who got me interested in getting involved as a volunteer for the student government at Sac State. It took one semester for me to grow out of my comfort zone. As a volunteer I learned how to approach other students and get them informed about political issues at the state and local level. After this semester I practically became a different person . Volunteering opened many doors for me and later I was promoted and hired within the Student Government Office. A year later I decided to run for the Student Government & I held the position as the Dir. of the College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies. During this time I also joined Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority & became a Founder for La Raza Pre-Law Student Association. By becoming involved on campus I learned how to network, learned about the resources offered to students, and met many great people who I have created strong bonds with.


Although it has only been my first semester in college, I have taken away quite alot of knowledge and experience that I can apply to my everyday life. I learned how to take care of myself without complete dependency on another person. I got my first job and learned to make money for myself as well as budget the money that I had. I used to think that I could buy whatever I wanted becasue I was not the one in charge of the money so I did not see what happened 'behind the scenes'. But now that I am in college I realize what it means to watch my money. Although I have learned many things this semester, budgeting my money has got to be the most significant and most important. Which is why I am applying to this scholarship so I can have more money for tuition and my textbooks.


I have learned so much while at school, not only about academics but about life in general. I am a social work major and study sociology and psycholofy so I do believe that the classes I have taken have contributed positively to the way I life my life. The experience I have had since I began attending Sac State has been an eye opener. I am on my own for the first time in my life and while I am extremely busy with work and school it is extrememly rewarding in the end when I look back at all I have done. I am a part of the Bachelors in Social Work Association and have been able to be involved in community events. The most valuable lesson I have learned while here is that the world isn't as friendly as I would like to believe but everything happens for a reason, gives you experience and makes you a better and stronger person.


My college experience has been one of trial and tribulation. It took several years for me to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. College was the catalyst in me answering that question. The communities that have touched me and the professors that have taught me are all factors into showing me where I was to go in life. So if I must mark anything as the single most important fruit of college experience, I would say it was the success in figuring out whom I really am.


My college experience by far has been great. I have learned to interact with people alot more as well as voice my opinion. It is always good to make study groups and join clubs to learn from others, other different aspects of life and school. I have never really thought outside of the box until I heard a lot of other perspectives. College has shown me and helped be realize that I should not take my education for granted because not a lot of people have to opportunity to learn what I learn or study in an environment that I can study in. It has been great to attend college because you do not get the opportunity to meet others as well as learn about things you have never heard of.


I have made valuable and lasting friendships, learned independence and responsibility while making decisions that will last a lifetime. I work while attending college so I have learned to budget my time wisely to ensure a balance of study, work, and play time. Attending college has broadened my view of the world. Growing up in a rural environment I did not always understand what the world is about, but I am learning everyday. I am attending a University in a major metropolitian area this spring where I am sure that I will learn a lot more about how the world works and where I will encounter more people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.


I have been able to work with children, which is my career choice. If I hadn't attended this school it might have been years before I got the opportunity to work with children, and reaffirm if this was my ideal career choice. I feel that I am prepared for anything that is out there, career wise and of course life wise as well. The professors are always really good about us asking them questions, so I feel prepared in that aspect as well. Overall I feel that my school is doing it's job in preparing me to become a teacher, and that it is was beneficial for me to attend.


So far, I have only spent one semester in college. However, I already realize that this route will determine several key components in a person's future. In my short time I have come to see that college is a great opportunity to gain higher momentum towards your goals, though it can also become a stumbling block, leaving many students with nothing but massive debts. As I am still paying off the loans from my previous semester, I fully understand the risks involved with such a venture, but through scholarship programs such as this, I wish to be able to enjoy my learning experience without having to take more time off due to financial problems.


I have enrolled at APU. I will start 1/3/11. I currently volunteer with the National Park Service at Chickamauga/Chattanooga National Military Park. I love Civil War history. This past summer I helped the rangers give interpretive tours describing the battles for Chattanooga. I have always had a dream of being a park ranger. Since I have started volunteering I know that is what I want to do. I am going back to school to get this degree in history so I can obtain this dream of mine.


College is very important to me. It will help shape who I am and what knowledge I will carry with me throughout my life. Theatre has always been a huge part of my life and now I can be immersed in it. Acting school helps you dive into not only who you are but helps you unlock many emotions you were to scared to let forward, which in turn had made me a more confident and open person. I believe that I need this step in my life to be ready to full dive into this world and work to become what I want. No body is perfect but college can help you become more of the person you need to be to be successful. If somebody wants it bad enough they will work and work until they finally reach their goal and that is exactly what I am prepared to do!


I have benefited in many ways from attending college. My knowledge and maturation level have increased due to my college experience. I have learned about society to health to history, which are topics that I can apply to my life. Attending college helps one develop intellectually and personally into a well-rounded person. College has prepared me for the future by opening doors to unimaginable opportunities. In my case, getting a degree will benefit my family's future. My son will have a higher probability of being successful in school if I obtain my bachelor's degree.


In high school I never thought about attending college. Being in school for 12 years and stressing over homework and exams were all but joyful times. The reason I went to college was because of my friends, family, and co-workers who all cared about my future. I don’t know where I would be if I were not attending CSUS. I have made many friends and learned many valuable lessons that I will carry into my future endeavors. College has been one of the most value and memorable experiences of my life. Not only am I preparing myself for a career, but I am learning new things about myself. College has made me realize so many things about myself that I never knew before. I have discovered many different interests and areas of work that I may one day have a passion for. College is not only valuable for the degree, but also for personal benefit. For myself, my college experience has formed and shaped the way I am today. I’m hardworking, determined, and optimistic about my future, and without college I do not think I would have discovered those aspects in me.


I view the world differently now and have a new found respect for people from all walks of life. I also enjoy learning more, as well as I discovered that I am a hands on learner and being a social work major at Sac State as helped me to do what I love while still in school. I get to intern as a part of my senior year and I will not feel like I was just thrown into the proffession after I graduate. I found my class mates and projects to be very valuable, learning new things with new people gives a person a lifetime of memories as well as knowledge! The growth I have experenced in school has made me a better student, and adult preparing me for not only a career, but for the world. My views about the world and values I hold have been challenged, helping me to look at other cultures and people not only out of my own lens but stepping into their shoes to not question others, but to better understand them.


What I have gotten out of my college experience are the skills and the learning that I have obtained since the last two years that I have been in Sacramento State. It has been valuable for me to attend because to be able to have these skills and to learn them, this will also help me in my career in the future. I have learned a lot since college, and I'm thankful for the teaching and how much these professors have to do to teach their students. I think I've learned more in college then I had in high school. :)


The education in my chosen field is the most important thing I've gotten out of college, but I've also discovered how well I can adapt and change to different lifestyles, living situations, being held to a higher standard in my classwork and learning to live independently. The first few months in the dorm were lonely and scary, but I decided to take advantage of how many opportunities for social interaction my college provided and it made all the difference. The most important lesson of all that I've learned is that you get out of something about exactly what you put into it. In both my classwork and my social life, this lesson holds true. I think taking this forward into all aspects of my life will be the most valuable lesson of all.


I have learned a lot about not only what I want to do but what I do not want to do. I learned a lot about myself while I was in college and hope to learn even more when I go back to grad school. I started college thinking I knew exactly what I wanted to do and who I was but the challeges of college life and academics showed me what else I could be. I lived in the dorms for my freshman year and that was a great experience because I was forced to live away from home with strangers who ended up being life time friends. The experience has been invaluable and nothing else can replace it.


I have discovered many things during my college experience. The most important discovery is passion. I am truly passionate about Pyschology and getting an education. College has been valuable to attend because it has exposed me to many opportunities that I otherwise would not have. Also, I have met many peers that have widened my personal scope and taught me valuable life lessions. I have learned that hard work truly does pay off and perseverence is a valuable quality for a student to posess.


I have gotten so many things out of attening this college. However financially it is very rough. My parents cannot help me at all and that makes things somewhat of a struggle. Sac State has been such a valuable experience for me because it made me be responsible in so many ways. I could get so much more out of the college experience if I had more money. I have not been able to attend the clubs I would like because of the fees for them, but I am hopeful that things will change in the near future. It is valuable to attend college because without a B.S. or B.A. you will not be able to survive in this world and that in itself is enough for me to push through regardless of the financial burden. Also my college experience has been flattened because I am a child from a family of three, just in the "right" enough spot in the middle class to where I get no help. No FASFA and only measly financial aide loans, that now due to fee increases leave me with only 500$ after books and tuition fees. Please help.


Attending college has really led me to realize how much I want to learn; I want to take classes in every subject. There is no end to the information I want to take in. College is incredibly valuable to me, because it allows me to fulfill this yearning for knowledge. Not only that, but it also is transforming me into a very diverse and well-rounded woman. I am experiencing new things daily, and the time-management skills and career preparation I will leave with are priceless.


Out of my college experience i have gained growth. Since i graduated from High School I have matured so much. I know how to be around different types of people and not judge them, and im finally learning how to study! That's what i've gained most so far, but hey i have 3 more years left.


I have learned time management skills. When it comes to school and work it's hard to keep track of everything and make sure things are due on time. I have learned to better manage my stress and learn to get things done when times are tough.


Since beginning college I have became more independant and out going. I have started working harder than I have ever done to make sure that I am doing my absolute best at all I do. I have started doing more things on my own without having to use the help of other. I have also became a much more outgoing person by being more willing to step out and meet new people. By gaining this I have made many new friends who have helped me in everyday college life. I have also learned many new planning, studying, and life skills to help me achieve my dream of becoming a veterianrian. This will help me a lot in my future academics and career as i continue to pursue my goals.


I have met very enthusiastic teachers and enjoyed taking diverse classes. I love that this campus is very culturally and racially diverse as well.


College has been a rewarding experience. I have learned to manage my time better, and to study more often instead of trying to cram everything in one day. I have expanded my horizons, and met students from other countries. I am also learning a third language and conversing with some of the students who speak that language. Overall, college has taught me that there is more to life than partying and having fun all the time, it has given me a chance to suceed in life, and I plan to take that chance.


FANTASTIC is the word I would use to describe my college experience. I can firmly say that I have grown much since I entered college. Living away from home may have been the greatest but also the toughest part of my life. Being an independent took some time for me to adjust to. From the challenges that I have undertaken academically, and the obstacles I have overcome in life, my college has provided me confidence and the boosted my self-awareness. As much as I hate the stress of having term papers, midterms, finals, I enjoy my college life. Despite the stress college puts on us, every bit of the hard work that we put in will eventually award us back. This thought has deeply installed in me and allowed me to survive and enjoy the lives on campus. College also provided me the opportunity to meet people far from what I was familiar with; people from all over the country with different backgrounds and cultures. College has opened a doorway to my dreams. One suggestion that I would like to give to all younger classman who will soon enter college: BE READY! IT IS TIME FOR YOUR TO SHINE!


Knowledge! Knowledge which in other words means experience. Experience is crucial in life and in the "real world," after college. If one comes to the "real world" without experience and knowledge he/she will be useless. There is no other way around but to gain as much information and preparation and when the time comes we can be useful citizens. We can help our families, our friends, our future generations, but mostly ourselves. College is the easy and only way to succeed in life. Once accepted colleges is more than an academic institution if becomes your second home if not the first. If you have passion colleges will always be there for you it will give you feedback when it comes to learning. It will feed you after graduation, it will preparae you as professional, something that staying home cannot do. If I want to be bright staying in college is practicly right!


I learned more about myself and how driven and determined I am. I've learned that it is ok to ask for help. I also learned to manage and budget my time. I've learned that it will take hard work and focus to complete my goals. I've also aquired some wonderful friends and mentors along the way. This school has tremendous opportunity for growth and advancement. You just got to know what you are looking for.


I have learned stress management. My class load is difficult and the amount of hours I have had to work to afford school have made time management the most important skill to have. Through the support of my professors and study partners I have found an excellent balance of stress and relaxation. I have truly enjoyed and appreciated all of the things I have learned in my time at this shcool.


..Dear Reader, I understand you are curious as to me experiences and why college is valuable to me. I shall do my best to explain. College has been a huge source of inspiration for my family. Pursuing a associates degree (Which I am determined to follow up with bachelor's and masters degrees) in architecture is giving me the drive and desire to provide bigger and better things for my 21 month old . I've crunched the numbers in order to provide him a Harvard education, something I could have never dreamed of having come from a low income family. To know that once I have earned an education his future is within reach is a wonderful motivator. In addition, I have always done well in school and love knowledge so having the opportunity to expand my horizons and learn from the ideas and experiences of all who came before me is a real treat. Knowledge is power you know. And in my case its the power to provide for myself, my husband, and my son. Though the means may change the goal shall remain constant until achieved. I will succeed. Thank you for reading and have a pleasant tomorrow.


My college experience has been one big rollercoaster, but one that has brought me to be the person that I am today. It has expanded my knowledge in so many ways and has taught me so much about myself and the person that I want to be and become. I am the first out of my family to come this far in my education and its not only something that I've done for my family, but for myself as well. Education has always been a big part of my life and has been one that I value highly in my life. It has taught me my weaknesses and strengths, and has allow my self to learn things in which I never thought I could learn. It is preparing me for the future and for the things in which I will face. It gives me the knowledge I need to have to be successful in the future. It expands my knowledge and that is one thing I value in my life. I love the education I have and continue to take. I hope to get as far as I can with my education.


My college experience has more than just given me an education for my future. It has given me experience in many different aspects of life. Through college, I have learned the importance of time-management, as well as the necessity for breaks. Although I am not one to join clubs, and fraternities, I found my college experience full of student interaction, and activities. At times, school seemed to hold little pleasure, and purpose, but those feelings of desperation always lifted as my hard work and perseverance brought about well earned grades and achievements. Despite some uncertainty of my future, I continue to put forth all my efforts and concentrate on achieving my goals one step at a time. Constantly reminding myself that my hard work now will pay off later, that delayed gratification is well worth it.


I took a year off of college before I went to CSU Sacramento. I really enjoy the school. It has helped me realize that the field I am studying really is something I want to do. They offer lots of information on the majors. I feel like I know where I am supposed to be and what I am supposed to be doing. I have become more comfortable with myself, being confident to ask questions and give ideas. I feel like I have been able to put together some really helpful resources that I think will be usefull to my career once I graduate. I am beginning to feel really comfortable with the idea that I am going to graduate soon and be able to effectivley work in the field I am studying.


Sacramento is a place of great ethnic diversity. I am a speech and language pathology major and I feel my teachers have made a point to equip us to better serve such a diverse community. I have truly enjoyed learning about different ethnicities and their cultures and feel it has challenged me to have a better understanding of others as well as an understanding of who I am, where I come from, and how my background shapes the way I enteract with my peers. In addition , my edcuation at Sac State has consisted of classes on American political thought, music - vocal performance, dance, and environmental studies in Geology. All of these classes have helped me become a more well rounded individual with a concern for people, politics and the arts. My education contiunues to enhance my desire to understand and contribute to my local community and the greater society.


The lessons I have learned and the people I have met have been some of the most important experiences I have had. I believe this because the types of people who attend cllege are so varied that in any other setting I would not have the opportunity to meet these people. It is also in college that I have had to make some tough decisions and decide if completing college is the best option for me and if it is possible for me financially. I have had to quit working and lost a steady income so that I can finish college., but I know in the long run college will allow me to make more money than I could have if I did not finish. Another lesson I have learned in college is that time management can either make you or break you. If you are unable to manage your time wisely then you will fail college and ultimately fail in life.


My college experience I can't really say is traditional, but it has been a great journey for me. Most of the things that I know know, such as how to interpret political, social and enviromental health issues, are all due to my college experience. I am grateful for the knowledge that I have gained throughout my college years and I know that nothing can replace it. Also, because of my college, I now know what career path I will follow and I feel that my major department and school have been very helpful in assisting me achieve my goals. If it wasn't for the support and guidance from faulty and staff here, as well as friends and classmates, I don't think that I would be where I am achieving my goals and following my career path today. All of which I am very grateful for. I feel that I my school (and college experience overall) has set me on a path to succeed.


This is my second term at Portland State University, so I have not being able to integrate to community life at Portland State University. However, I am very excited to do it in the next term.


I have gotten many things out of my college experiences, but there are a few that stand out the most. Not only have I gotten the opportunity to learn about my major (accounting), but I have learned who I am and what I want from life. I have made so many life-long friendships and spent a lot of energy and time participating in activities that will help my future career goals, while in the process having a great time. The Accounting Society has been such an unbelievably helpful resource in directly working with professionals and teaching others and I how to properly present ourselves, how to achieve our goals, and how to obtain internships while making friends. Without college education, I would never be able to accomplish my long term career goal of becoming a CPA and running my own firm. I hope that through the last couple years of college I continue to learn as well as make new friends. I have never felt so comfortable in an environment as I have while attending Sacramento State, and I look forward to graduating successfully in Spring 2012!


College has been an experience unlike anything else in my life. Right now, I am completing my general education requirements. It is remarkable how much I have learned from every part of my general education. The invaluable information will not only help me through school but through life. From Biology, I not only better understand my nutritional needs but have learned about current political issues dealing with research in Biology. After taking Interpersonal Communications, I have enhanced my relationships and more effectively manage conflict. Taking carious general education courses has helped me decide what I want to study and ultimately what I want to do with my life. I will major in Humanities in hopes of continuing on to a credential program to become a high school teacher. I love people and I want to make an impact in the world by teaching. Perhaps someday, I can travel to an underdeveloped country and teach students who would otherwise have no chance to learn. I am encouraged about the future thanks to a wonderful education.


I go to the local community college right now, but recently applied to transfer for the Fall 2011 semester. At my junior college, I feel that I have gotten a chance to adjust from the high school world to the college world without having my personal world drastically rocked. I feel it was very valuble to have this opportunity for a smooth transition, plus I've saved alot of money by going this route. I've learned alot at college, but I feel it has been valuble in ways that don't involve books and classes. After high school, I really wanted to go off to a four year, but couldn't afford it. Going to a two year helped to teach me patience and to deal with and appreciate what happens in my life. More than this, though, after waiting so long to go off to college, I'm filled with a burning desire to do well in school and succeed in whatever I choose.


The many things I have gotten out of my college experience are learning to be the person who I want to become, learning how to interact with many people from different walks of life, learning to be independent, how to schedule the hassle of day to day life and learn as much as I could about my major. There is many aspects to college life but taking everything I have learned, the good, the bad and living with consequences, has made me a stronger, wiser, more mature and communicate very well with others. College has been a great experience for me and especially since I found the love of Social Work and helping others. There is nothing I would rather do than to be a Social Worker and the teachers and internship that I learned from, made me become a better social worker today. Without college, it would have probably taking me years to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and how to get there. I think that is the beauty of college! It takes individuals who start off with a basic knowledge and molds them into worthwhile individuals.