California State University-Sacramento Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish that I have out more about their leadership initiative program from the student government because I can definitely obtain more than I would when it comes to searching for my dream job. But it is not that bad since most students have prior experience in leadership maybe from high school.


How big the campus is! I got pretty lost the first time I tried to get accross it. Luckily I wasn't in a hurry!


I wish I would have know how to effectively study before going to college. In high school, the subjects came fairly easy to me and I didn't have to study much. Once I entered college, I had no idea how to really study for an exam. It took me about two and a half years to learn how to effectively study.


I wish they had more online courses.


How big it was! Coming over from a local community college, the comparison was staggering! CSUS is massive in comparison! Getting to classes takes some good scheduling, planning and excellent time management, but having a bike helps a lot too!


There are some things that I wish I had known before I came to Sacramento State. I wish that I had gathered techniques to make new friends such as leaving my door open in the dorm room during the first week in order to make new friends. I would also have invested my time looking into local businesses that were offering internships so I could have applied early and create a relationship with local businesses. I would learn skills in networking. I would also join more than one club, especially one regarding my major.


I wish i had known how to take better notes because you have to take a lot of notes.


Personally I wish that I knew that it would be this difficult to get classes. Thankfully I have been getting the classes I need this semester but last semester it was very difficult and caused me a pretty hefty headache. I think I just wish I knew how difficult the beaurocracy was. You need to know exactly what you need to complete becasue a lot of the time no one else can really help you as well as you yourself can.


I wish i would have known i was going to have to pay tuition. I would have searched for summer jobs, or saved my money for future bills and rent. I also wish i would have known how impacted this school is, this semester i got classes i did not even want, unfortunatley i was not able to take statistics nor chemistry. Math and science have got to be the most impacted departments there are.


I would of love to find out more information about scholarships, as well other things like acadamic clubs and the real life style as a student here, like a typical day for an engineering major.


I wish I would have known how much tuition at California State University Sacramento was going to change due to budget cuts.


I wish I had known how much FAFSA would be able to lend me. That way I could have better prepared myself for the tuition costs. In the present economy, it is very dificult to find a job. So, making ends meet has been a challenge, what with tuition, books, and miscellaneous purchases such as gas.


I wish I had known that I needed to have two semesters of college language or 3 years of language in high school. I would also have liked to know that I would be needing to take three upper division classes. The nursing program is very intense and does not leave extra time for additional classes so now I will need to take summer school as well as the winter session. I also wish I had started to save every extra penny while I was able to work because the costs are so high.


When making your class schedule try to keep the classes together so you don't have huge gaps in between classes.


I wish I had known more about on campus jobs and career networking. I also wish I had known about work study opportunities and scholarships.


I wish I knew that you needed to finish area C before coming to Sacramento State University or else they will require you to take a World Civilization class.


Before I transferred to Sac State from Virginia Commonwealth University I came on an official visit. I feel as though Sac State met my expectations as a school. I do wish I would have known that there is not much of a community on campus. I wish I had known Sacramento was not really a college town and was a huge commuter school. I love being involved with my school and my classmates. I feel as though there isn't much opportunity on campus for any of that.


I wish had paid more attention to the general education requirements. I completed most of them, but had to take care of a couple in order to get into upper division courses. I also wish that I'd tried harder in high school math. I had to take 3 semesters of math in college before I could take the math class that would be transferable to Sac State. So, in the long run, a few months of adolescent laziness cost me a year and a half of my time.


Surprisingly, before I chose to attend Sacramento State, I had not even vistied it. All I knew was that my friend said the campus was amazing and they had a great physical therapy program. I was one of the lucky people; I ended up really enjoying myself during the first semester of college. I actually have gotten very involved in the last semester; I'm in Residence Hall Association and I am a member of Sigma Kappa. I wish I had known that there were not Sorority and Fraternity Houses at the school.


Before attending Sacramento state college i wish i knew about the tuition fee and the lack of classes available. That there where almost no classes available towards the major that i'm interested in. The lack of help that is given to new students and the obsticles to go through for simple questions regarding certain fields.


I wish I had known more about there study abroad programs.


In high school it's easy to balance work and school. However, in college you have to be more focused and allow yourself plenty of study time. My first year I worked too much. At one point I was working two jobs and and balancing 16 units. This year I am sticking to one part-time off and asking for days off when I know i will need to study. Also I would've liked to explore more my first semester. Campus clubs definitley help ease homesickness.


I wish I had known that their child development program is amazing so that I would have decided on a major sooner. I also wish that I would have known that getting into needed classes wasn't as easy as it could be. It makes it hard to want to pay so much for school when you don't have the money to, and you aren't getting the right classes.


I wish that I knew that the there would be a lack of campus community. I had high expectations since my high schol also had a weak campus community.


I wish I had figured out my study habits before coming here, figured out my money situation earlier, and how much tuition was going to be raised, its getting a lot harder on me and my parents because it keeps going up.


I wish I had known more about American collge system before I came this collge, for I am a Japanese, so I did not know anything about it. Therefore, I've chose classes unwisely, dropped some classes without knowing the consequenses of those actions. Also, I did not know about financila aid or scholarship. Moreover, I did not konw how expensive text books were. Now that I know about all of that, I could tell that my college life would have been different if I knew them before I came to this college.


All the scholarships available and employment opportunities at the school. I also wish I had contacted the soccer team coach prior to trying out for the team and becoming a "walk-on" athlete. To my current knowledge, there are many benefits to being an employee of the University that would have been helpful financial assistance. In retrospect, finding funding prior to attending school would have been the best route, as being a full-time student and part-time employee was very challenging and limited my potential in earning a high GPA.


I wish I know spanish. Most students are very fluent in spanish. I wish I too had good knowledge of spanish.


Honestly, I did not expect the math professors to be so exceedingly knowledgeable and intelligent here at Sac State. I wish I knew it in advance. If you happen to pursue a math or science major, you will definitely enjoy your class sessions and the interaction with your professors because they are also very helpful and certainly lively people. It is incredible how much passion and joy they have towards the subjects they teach. I think that we, students, somehow gain this passion towards math too and get more excited even when taking the tests or just studying.


Not much, overall I think it is pretty good. Just don't expect to get the classes you want because you will end up with whatever is left and won't get any major classes until after you sophomore or junior year.


It is better to get involved on campus because it is a commuter school and a lot of students just attend class and head home. If you join a club you will enjoy the college experience better


I wish I knew more detailed info about the tuition and fees.


One thing that I wish that I had known is how important it is to join clubs and interact with my fellow peers,because college is more than just a place to receive knowledge,but a place to meet new people and learn more about yourself.


I wish I knew of good counselors on campus. When coming to a new school you do not know who to go to for help. So when applying for things or looking for resources on a campus you do not know, makes all the accompishments I want harder to get. I also wish I knew of good programs to get invovled in, studies have shown and proven the more invovled one is, the more successful they will be. That has always worked for me.


I wish I had known more about the graduation requirements before attending CSUS. This would have better prepared me and permitted a shorter stay at CSUS. Adjusting to the graduation requirements with new California budget cuts is difficult but achievable. More notification of these requirements would have saved a myriad amount of time.


Sacramento State is one of the largest state universities in California with over 23,000 students. It would have been helpful to be forewarned of the school’s large population especially if a student is not familiar with such a large campus. During the first three weeks of school, most if not all the clubs and organizations are in the quad area to advertise to the students. For a freshman attending the school, it caused me to be disorientated as to where I even was on campus because of all the hype and activity from the booths and tables.


Just wished the counselors helped me prepare when I was in High school. Would have saved me some time.


I wish I had known it was going to be more like a commuter school and that it was going to be difficult to make friends.


How to get involved in school/club activities.


I wish I had known the level of apathy students have here. It seems like most truely do not care about their grades. A common motto and thought patternaround campus is " C's and even D's get degrees". Knowing that people felt this way about their education would have been nice to know beforehand.


I wish I had known that there were going to be continuous fee hikes every semester I am here. I thought tuition was going to stay the same for most of my college career. I'm taking so many units that I have no time for a job and that makes it even tougher to be able to afford school and live on my own.


The communication problems.


Before attending the school, I wished I would have learned more about each of the majors offered. Even though Career Fairs were offered and gave a detailed description of each profession, I wished I would have been introduced to these careers at an early age.


I wished that I knew about the requirements for the classes. For example, the general education. There were so many classes and requirements that I had to take before my major classes. I thought it would be very easy to get in and very focused onto major core classes for four years.


I'm glad I didn't know much about this school before coming in. It gave me a lot of reasons to explore the school campus and ask questions about the school. If I had known more information about this school before coming in, I would not have been able to socially interact with others.


The independence of being in college and planning out classes, I was almost thrown into the lion's den after freshman year and I wish I would had utilized the academic advising more as a sophomore.


I wish I had known the classes would be so large and difficult to get in to.


Not to rush getting a lot of classes at once, pace yourself and you will get good grades. Don't expect to not study and get good grades. Don't procrastinate.


More information about the many programs offered.


I wish I had known how hard it is to get a job on campus and how far most of the commutes are, unless you live on campus.