California State University-Sacramento Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing that I would say about Sac State are its professors. Granted, there are some bad apples in the bunch, but overall, specifically in the Criminal Justice department, you will find a mass of very esteemed professors who have a wide range of experience in the Criminal Justice field.


The costs of all California State Universities increase every year, however Sacramento State's tuition remains amongst the nations lowest. This is important because it enables students to pursue a higher education without incurring immense debt. As tutition costs continue to escalate around the nation, numerous students are affected, especially minority lower-income students, consequently many are unable to complete their degrees and thus we bear witness to the low gradutaion rates of first generation college students. I am happy to know that... and feel appreciative of...


The best thing about my school was the diverse campus life. Sacramento is rated among the most culturally diverse cities in America, and the CSU campus is a reflection of that. There are numerous student organizations geared towards promoting community and recognition of diversity. Our classes acknowledged and accomodated diverse backgrounds, especially in Psychology. I appreciated the open-mindedness of our campus, our administration, and our professors. I believe most all students are able to find a community within the school, whether that be ethnic, academic, or activity based. I am grateful for my experience here.


The best thing about my school is the diversity of the students. I think their is a group for club for everyone if you activley look for one. I loved the availabilty of study spot such as the AIRC which is open 24 hours for students to study. During finals there are always programs where they give away free merchandise to assist you in getting through finals.


The best thing about Sac State is the environment. My advisor is amazing and so helpful and the teachers are very interesting in helping each student do their best. The other students are great too. Everyone is very friendly and act like they have known you forever, even if they have only been talking to you fir a couple minutes. This campus has a warm and home like environment that is refreshing to be in.


The best thing about this school is the amount of resources available to students. For almost any problem or need that a student has there is a solution through some sort of resource that the campus has to offer.


I consider the professors the best part about my school because they are experts in their field. They are enthusiastic about what they teach and are willing to work with all students. They teach very clearly and professionally, and their grading criterias are fair.


The Well - brand new, state of the art fitness center. There is also an abundance of trees and lush lawns that make the campus very pretty.


The professors are people who teach in a field that they once worked in, in other words, the professors have real life experience. I think this helps the students more because they share stories about their experiences and it provides us with an insight on how we can apply what we are learning in a classroom to a career.


The best thing about this school is the faculty on campus. Many of the professors on campus are very helpful and is willing to take the time out to help students with their course work, classes , or discuss about your future education plans or life plans with them. Counselors are also just as willing to do the same as professsors do for students on campus.


I like the look of the campus, in the fall it's gorgeous.


CSUS is a great school for students who are working adults as well as students who are younger. There is a really broad range of types of students in terms of racial background, age, or interests. I have never felt uncomfortable on campus even though I am roughly 10 years older than most of the other students. The school also tries to provide a fair amount of evening and online classes for those of us who can't make it to campus during the day.


California State University Sacramento is a big college in a big city with a small college feel. There are all the opportunities and advantages of attending a large public university without feeling like a number. I am a business major and believe the business department works closely with their students and is very connected to the regional and state business companies and leaders. Sacramento State gives their students the best of all worlds off campus as well as on campus. I can enjoy the college experience with clubs, sports and extra curricular activities and prepare well for the future.


services and classes offered


Sac State is a very friendly environment. Although the budget cuts impact all classses, the faculty is on the students side. In my experience my teachers have all done that best they can to help me in and out of the classroom to succeed in their class. The staff is very helpful as well. They answer your questions with patience and do they best to improve your situation whatever that may be.


The environment


the best things about school are the students, and the faculty. faculty is always helpfull with anyting you need. students are also willing to help each other.


The best thing about my school would have to be the diversity of students. Meeting different people each day with different backgrounds is really amazing. You get to learn from each other and about each other's culture.


The best thing about Sacramento State are the trees. If I recall correctly, there are roughly 3,000 trees on the campus. I find CSUS's involvement in the environment to be very inspiring and it gives the campus a healthy atmoshpere.


I consider the best thing about my school to be the faculty because they are very open and friendly and truly do their best to help students succeed.


The best thing about Sacramento State University is the interaction between students and professors. The professors are approachable, and want to help their students succeed and do well in the courses. The professors are usually available to come to class early or stay late to answer questions or assist students with the lectures or assignments.


And CSUS there is something for everyone, it doesnt matter what you are interested in there is a class or a club for you. And if you can't find what you're looking for they encourage you to make an organization for yourself and your peers. The professors are challenging but fair and are willing to help if you seek it. The campus is not only up to date and modern but it is also breathtakingly beautiful. A wonderful place to attend school.


The best things about my school is the environment. The reason is because you can sit in the quad and listen to people play intsruments or you can go to the student union to hang out with friends. The environment is a plus on this campus.


I think that one of the best things about my school is the study area. The study area is a zone of comfort that provides students with quietness and access to technology to complete assignments and to prepare for the tests.


I think the best thing about my school is that people are friendly here, so it is easy to make friends. There are a variety of food places to choose from, so you can eat & not worry about driving somewhere just to get food. The professors are really nice too!


I consider the best thing about Sacramento State to be the mentoring programs that they provide for students. These programs provide students with mentors to provide guidance towards academic success in working towards a college degree. This program not only examines the importance of how to becoming succesful through studying, time management, and improving your GPA, but it also makes students aware of the campus resources available to students to allow them to be more successful and feel more welcome on campus.


I like the fact that the campus is so open. It makes it very easy to go outside and get some fresh air when you need a breather when taking a very hard exam.


I think the best thing about my school is that it is very diverse. Along with getting my education needed for my career, I am also getting a chance to learn about all kinds of people and cultures.


The best thing about this school is the faculty who, in most cases, really want to help their students.


I believe our newly built gym, the Well is the best thing about the campus. It was finished in fall 2010 and has the latest sports and workout equipment. There are also numerous of classes you can take such as dance, basketball, etc. and you can also join intramural sports.


I consider the trees the best part of the school because it gives off a peaceful vibe and a clean enviornment.


What I consider to be the best thing about my school is the beautiful campus with all of the trees, squirrels, birds, etc. All of the professors I have had have been extremely helpful, understanding, informative, and helped me learn tons of important information.


My school is a huge commuter campus. What is so great about that is the fact that there is a lot of diversity on campus. I live in the dorms where I have met some of the nicest people. My school has some of the greatest people and many amazing activities and organizations to take part in.


The best thing about my school is the diversity of the campus in all aspects. The student body and faculty are diverse ethnically, the foliage is diverse, the courses of study is diverse, and even the architecture is diverse. Being from a bi racial home, I find it comforting to go to a school where not everyone and everything looks alike. It makes the campus more inviting.


Everyone is nice and welcoming, whether I have questiones about campus directions or even with my professors they are easy to talk to.


The best thing about my school is my professors because they have been helping and guiding me though my first semester at Sacramento state. They also understand that it is a difficult change to make within one’s life from high school to college, so I really appreciate and consider them as a helpful hand.


I would have to say, the best thing about my school would be the opportunities available and the great connections. I started out undeclared as a freshman, but now I have come to learn of all the opportunities in majors that are offered at this University. I have come to a desicion of business major, but if it werent for the great connections of people advising me to who i want to become as i get older, I would still be unsure. So i am proud to say I am a California State University of Sacramento student.


Some of the best things about my school are that fact that it is so diverse, the teachers are knowledgeable and very helpful and there is a great range of classes to take.


The one thing that I consider best about my school is all its resources available to students. They make it clear to students about all the help they can get by going to the specific offices to get help. They have financial aid offices, tutoring, career center, etc. They try to help students as much as they can and help them find a solution to their problems or questions without any hesitance.


It is full of trees and squirells. It is very relaxing.


there is alway lots of activites going on and most proffesors are great!


What I like the most about CSU Sacramento is the diversity. I also like the location of the campus. It is located in Sacramento, the capitol of California.


The best thing about my school is that it is well rounded. The students here is not afraid to help anyone around the campus. The games and recreational center has the latest game stations and billards tables there. Also the computer lab is PC and Mac friendly. There are many events everyday on campus, but the best days to catch an event or events is are Wednesday-Nooner, and thursday movie nights/concert. Also the lecture events are also interesting too.


Interpersonal level minded staff, smaller class sizes and caring professor makes me less intimidated to seek for help.


The people are the best thing about CSUS. I really love all of the people there. From my classmates, to professors and staff members’, to people who work in the food courts, to the people I met in the library/computer labs/quad area and on the bus. I have had some great conversations with people I met one time on campus.


It has an excellent social work department, with a focus on the clinical setting.


i like the fact that the school is near a river which makes it a very pretty area the school is spread out with plenty of trees and grass. It is a nice place to sometimes sit and enjoy the nature.


I consider the atmosphere and the campus itself to be the best things about my school. There is something for everyone to do at this campus and the arcitectural design of many of the new buildings is exceptional. Although this is my first semester at my campus, I can tell that I am satisfied with my choice to transfer here.


My preperation for college. The classes prepared me very well for college and i knew what to expect once in college.


The nursing program!!! We have a beautiful new building and the highest pass rate for the NCLEX in the state for BSN programs. The faculty and staff are amazing and very friendly. They treat each other and the students like family and want us to succeed. While it is competitive and they have high standards to get in, they offer much support to be successful once enrolled. The students in the program are from very diverse backgrounds, ages, and ethnicities.