California State University-Sacramento Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing that I would say about Sac State are its professors. Granted, there are some bad apples in the bunch, but overall, specifically in the Criminal Justice department, you will find a mass of very esteemed professors who have a wide range of experience in the Criminal Justice field.


The costs of all California State Universities increase every year, however Sacramento State's tuition remains amongst the nations lowest. This is important because it enables students to pursue a higher education without incurring immense debt. As tutition costs continue to escalate around the nation, numerous students are affected, especially minority lower-income students, consequently many are unable to complete their degrees and thus we bear witness to the low gradutaion rates of first generation college students. I am happy to know that... and feel appreciative of...


The best thing about my school was the diverse campus life. Sacramento is rated among the most culturally diverse cities in America, and the CSU campus is a reflection of that. There are numerous student organizations geared towards promoting community and recognition of diversity. Our classes acknowledged and accomodated diverse backgrounds, especially in Psychology. I appreciated the open-mindedness of our campus, our administration, and our professors. I believe most all students are able to find a community within the school, whether that be ethnic, academic, or activity based. I am grateful for my experience here.


The best thing about my school is the diversity of the students. I think their is a group for club for everyone if you activley look for one. I loved the availabilty of study spot such as the AIRC which is open 24 hours for students to study. During finals there are always programs where they give away free merchandise to assist you in getting through finals.


The best thing about Sac State is the environment. My advisor is amazing and so helpful and the teachers are very interesting in helping each student do their best. The other students are great too. Everyone is very friendly and act like they have known you forever, even if they have only been talking to you fir a couple minutes. This campus has a warm and home like environment that is refreshing to be in.


The best thing about this school is the amount of resources available to students. For almost any problem or need that a student has there is a solution through some sort of resource that the campus has to offer.


I consider the professors the best part about my school because they are experts in their field. They are enthusiastic about what they teach and are willing to work with all students. They teach very clearly and professionally, and their grading criterias are fair.


The Well - brand new, state of the art fitness center. There is also an abundance of trees and lush lawns that make the campus very pretty.


The professors are people who teach in a field that they once worked in, in other words, the professors have real life experience. I think this helps the students more because they share stories about their experiences and it provides us with an insight on how we can apply what we are learning in a classroom to a career.


The best thing about this school is the faculty on campus. Many of the professors on campus are very helpful and is willing to take the time out to help students with their course work, classes , or discuss about your future education plans or life plans with them. Counselors are also just as willing to do the same as professsors do for students on campus.