California State University-San Marcos Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is comprised of several professors that will go the extra mile for their students, CSUSM is a place where diverse ethnic backgrounds intertwine and become a single force to be reckoned with. California State University of San Marcos is very sociable and genial all around, it is also a great place for a student to persue their long term goals such as becoming an engineer or a nurse.


CSUSM is diverse, friendly, and very easy to fit into.


California State University of San Marcos is environmentally friendly but also makes me feel very secure. The architecture of the buildings is amazing and there are so many historic monuments. California State University of San Marcos is a comfortable and helpful place that I am proud to be attending.


My school, being new, has the potential to become an amazing school, but due to the age, the institution may not provide the ideal college experience.


I love my campus, it has the kindest people and it's by many food shop and stores.


CSUSM is a great commuter school and good if you are looking for a relatively good education for less money.


Cal State San Marcos is a beautiful, quiet and fun campus. You can sit anywhere around campus and soak up the sun, while reading the assigned pages for history class. There are activities held during U-Hour(12:00pm) and your fellow students sell unique shirts or bracelets. Other days, the Red Cross Truck is out so you can save lives. Then, there are clubs like ASI you can join. Most of the professors are kind and very helpful. They are there to help you move forward to your graduate program. Overall, CSUSM is a pretty laid back campus.


Twenty year young California State University San Marcos and its welcoming faculty passionately educate each student that steps foot onto their campus.


My school is a very small and newer campus located in a very mellow area who is very enviornmentally friendly.


This school has a great business program, as well as, all the other programs for students who want to graduate with their bachelors.


Cal State San Marcos is an excellent way to recieve a higher education and a great way to invest in your future, because it is a small campus with many programs tying to a specific university and is also still developing throughout the years.


My school would be described as very personal, there is a smaller student body, teachers who are able to work more directly with their students compared to other universities, and very goal focused.


Cal State San Marcos is a small school, with an absolutely wonderful group of helpful professors and kind peers, as well as challenging yet interesting courses available.


Cal State San Marcos is a commuter school without much of a campus community feeling.


My school is diverse.


Cal State San Marcos is a school that offers a very reasonable education for an affordable tuition price while still providing up to date ammenities and facilities in their business department.


CSUSM is a place to get your degree without having to go to a big city.


Cal State San Marcos is a commuter school, and not in a good way.


My campus is awesome; too big and not too small, it is just the right size for it being called a NAIA school.


Cal State San Marcos is a school where a student can the indiviudalized learning experience necessary to succeed in whatever area or career in life they choose.


cal state san marcos is very new and growing fast


A campus full of life and diversity with geniuely nice and educated people.