California State University-San Marcos Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates at Cal State San Marcos are supportive of others, respectful to professors and colleagues, hard-working, and self-motivated individuals that are determined to succeed.


The classmates are all friendly. Everyone is very friendly and easy to talk to. For example, I had no problem asking someone that was sitting next to me for help if I needed it because they were always friendly and easy to communicate with. Everyone is always paying attention in class and staying on top of all of their work that needs to be done.


CSUSM is a small campus, so you'll see some of the same people in your classes. Most classmates are energetic to be at college. We are all there for a higher education. It's voluntary to be there, as many professors say. So if you're in class, you WANT to learn, and take the information to your profession. People are friendly. I talk to many of my classmates in class and some have invited me to go out to lunch with them. Cal State San Marcos is a friendly campus.


Most of my classmates are open-minded.


The classmates of California State University San Marcos could not be more inspirational with each student I sit next to or meet accross campus seeming to be so determined and assiduous in maximizing their education.


My classmates are very intune with the course subjects and are very responsible and amazing classmates.


My classmates are obviously your typical college students, yet the students at my school seem to be very career focues and goal oriented, they all seem to have a specific plan in mind.


Most of them are very helpful and friendly...once you get to know them.


Students of all different varieties some focused ready to learn, others talking about the upcoming parties.


Most of my classmate are cool.


Just trying to get through.


The students at San Marcos are very friendly, accepting people however, do not do much to continually stimulate others to do better or to attain their maximum education.


mostly motivated and quick learners usually willing to help you out


My classmates are diverse, fun-loving, and typically get along well with each other.


They are a bunch of smart, successful driving st udents :)


Caring, kind people.


We don't really care about each other and have nothing in common.


Classmates are usually quite around other students they don't know, but talkative around their friends. The only time we talk to other students outside our circle is before a test if we don't understand the materials, to get the answer or understand the materials. Through the process we something make new friends by helping each others out.


Almost everyone is all about themselves and interested in what they have to do


Trying to get done and on with life.


A lot of them seem to come from upper class families, and they seem to been pretty well rounded students overall.