California State University-San Marcos Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person that should attend this university is somebody who is aiming to become a very confident and well-rounded individual. A student who is not afraid to ask for help will most definitely succeed in this university. A person who is motivated and willing to try and make mistakes will thrive at Cal State San Marcos.


Students looking to attend a college with a city vibe, family feel and good academics/professors


This school is best for students commuting. The school does not have any major sports for people to get spirited about. The greek system is very small and the city of San Marcos does not allow them to have houses. Students who attend CSU San Marcos do not get the 'full college experience'.


Disregarding dream schools, and schools your parents want you to attend you should always research the school for yourself. You might have this amazing picture of the school in your head and then when you visit it you are totally dissapointed. If you wish to attend California State University- San Marcos you should be a patient individual. Since this school is only 20 years old, it is not fully developed. This makes it hard to fully enjoy yourself since there are various events, buildings, and traditions unknown. If you like to challenge yourself this is the perfect school!


The type of person who is ready to learn.


People that do not have a problem with commuting. They do not offer a lot of on campus housing so many students have to find a house or apartment off campus and drive to school. Also people that are hard working because many of the classes require a lot of studying outside of class in order to keep up with the material being presented in class.


Self-motivated, critical thinker, writer, artist, musically inclined, small social connections, readers, social reconstructionists, liberal, postmodern


I think anyone should attend this school.


Someone who wants to get a degree and progress in life but does not have the money to spend a fortune like other universities cost.


Someone looking for a modern campus that is not overcrowded like others in the area. The education and staff here are wonderful and I have never met anyone who had a bad experience at San Marcos.


Any person could attend this school as long as they meet the general gpa requirement. I encountered all kinds of students here. fast learners, learning disability studetns- we all achieved the success of graduation.


Hard working, dedicated, fun, outgoing.


Anyone! San Marcos is pretty diverese, it's a smaller school so attention in the classroom is a sure thing as well as a more personal relationship with the teachers. This school is very clean and up to date, technology wise as well as facilities and can accomadate anyone. Someone who is looking for a fun, exciting experience can fit perfectly here!


Someone who knows what they want to do, and is focused, goal driven, and determined to be successful.


Anyone who is interested in focusing on their education who wants great value for their dollar


Someone looking for a commuter school- w/o the social ties of always being on campus and without the highschool drama.


Someone who wants to help shape a new university and watch it grow.


a person who wants to be in buisness or nursing


People who are looking for a small tight nit campus full of a lot of commuters.


Someone who is serious about getting an education and one who takes pride in their school and campus.


Someone who wants a great education in an easy going environment should attend this school. Classes are taught by professors who have previously worked in the field they are teaching. However, the school lacks unification and a college community feel. There are activities and clubs available, but you have to be willing to get yourself involved.