California State University-San Marcos Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who is silly because San Marcos is a great school who can help anyone. I feel that San Marcos is school where everyone can come and feel good and helped.


Many individuals find it hard to wait for things. As I explained earlier, you will enjoy your time at CSU San Marcos if you are patient, and give the school time to fully develop. If you are someone who always wants to be busy, you probably will not like this university. CSUSM, is a fairly new addition to the city of San Marcos and because of this it is still undeveloped. If you are looking for a college town, an outstanding campus life, and non stop activities, CSUSM may not be the right place for you.


Someone who only wants to party and simply slide in studying. While this isn't a hard school, a person won't succeed if all they do is drink and skip classes.


A person who does not enjoy climbling stairs. Cal State San Marcos is known amongst the students as CSU "stair master" because of its numerous stair cases surrounding the campus. The campus also has not one floor level the same, a student can be on the third floor of the library and the first floor of academic hall, or even the second forth floor of craven hall.


If you are not ready to write a lot then this is not the college for you. This school is definitely a writing school in-which every class the students are required to right rather long papers. Most of the time we have to write papers just for the sake of writing, most of the time the quality of the writing is graded higher than the content.


Someone who isn't motivated to do hard work and someone who isn't ready to be challenged. The curriculum I've encountered has made me change my mind about a variety of issues. You will hear and see things you might not be ready for from professors who aim to open the eyes of students. If one is closeminded,then it isnt the school for them.


Someone who likes bigger class sizes and more athletic envolvment on campus.


Someone who is open minded. Ready for a learning and social experience. Someone who wants to get involved and loves to recycle! We are huge recyclers!


I think everyone should attend this school unless you are looking for a private university. This school is beautiful, affordable, has small classes, and has a great faculty. I absolutely love Cal State San Marcos and do not want to get my education anywhere else!


Students who sign up for classes and then never show up or complete any work or course assessments. This school is very accomodating to all students who have a desire to gain an education.




Anyone who wants a fun, engaged college experience. CSUSM is not school spirited, has awful and disengaged teachers, and absolutely no campus life. Very boring and hard to meet people unless you live in the dorms.


Someone who is not motivated, someone who only goes to college because of societal pressures or even familial pressures. Someone who does not have the drive to learn more. Also, someone who does not have lot of discipline because it is very easy to just miss class whenever you want to.


The school is quite medium size and its not that big on parties. It has lots of stairs and the food quality is not top notch.


A super social person looking to have a tremendous amount of fun.


san marcos is a good school, its just the right size and the classes are a good size to, never had any problems there


Someone who is not motivated to complete their coursework. Someone who cannot study on their own and in groups. Someone who likes a lot of social interaction and on-campus activities that are easily accessable or likes to party and drink a lot on campus.


This school seems to being trying to set an academic standard, which is good. Although, there are a lack of engaging teachers, and teachers that really know how to TEACH the material, so a lot of outside teaching to yourself is necessary. Definitely for the self motivated hard working student. If I did not spend HOURS trying to understand the material, read, and take my own notes outside of class I would not even pass.