California State University-San Marcos Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Because there are an influx of science majors, enrolling in a science related course, like physics, chemistry, or biology, is next to impossible, and becasue I have transferring credit, but can't enroll in even a single science course, I am slowly running out of general education courses and run the risk of having to take classes that i don't need.


If you want to go to Cal State San Marcos, be prepared to rip your hair out now! Don't get me wrong, it is a great school when it comes to student-teacher ratio, but this won't do you any good if you can't get the classes you need. If you want to graduate in five plus years, go right ahead, CSUSM is right for you. If you want to finish in time before you retire, I strongly recommend considering a different University.


Haven't attended yet


The most frustrating thing about CSU-San Marcos is that the whole campus is built on a hill so using stairs is a numerous and daily activity. If you don't like exercising and walking up stairs-this is not the school for you!


Due to the buget cuts in California this year, we have been forced to have a raise in our tuituion and furlough days. This means we are paying more and recieving less of an education. Also, our fall registration was limited to only 13 semester hours. Which causes all students to be behind in graduating in four years.


A lot of the time it is hard to get a hold of the person - be it a teacher, administrator, or counselor - that you need to talk to about an issue as a student. I feel like even when I get the right contact information for someone they do not always answer in a timely manner, or sometimes even at all. I would like to see a better directory of employee information on the school's website and more enthusiasm and effort from staff in responding to inquiries to squash this frustration with the lack of communication.


The furlough days and lack of faculty presence because of lack of government funding for this school.


The lack of tolerance for opinions different than the professors'. Critical thinking is stressed; in reality, our thinking is being channeled in one direction - according to what the professors believe.


The budget cuts right now. The economy is affecting the school. The tuition increase and extra fees are very frustrating.


Accessibility from roads. The freeway it is located off of has chronic congestion to say the least, and with only two entrances/exits to the campus it can be difficult and frustrating to sit in line at peak traffic times.


The most frustrating thing at my school is you have to pay $250 for parking each semester and I feel that should be included with tuition!


The lack of real push from EVERY professor for the students to grow up and pay attention in class. Only a few professors expect the best from their students.


There does not seem to be enough elevators on campus. There are so many stairs allover campus, and when it rains it is scary and dangerous to be running up and down slippery stairs. Not enough handicapp access. It seems as though the academic advisors do not keep themself abreast of the nnewer transfer requirements, delaying my graduation by 2 semesters.


The classes are being cut and the tuition is going up, so it's becoming a lot more expensive to attend there. Also the parking prices are outrageous, especially for struggling college student. The housing at san marcos is also very limited and now being available only to freshman. `