California State University-San Marcos Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The resources at my school not only help the students learn, but it also encourages us to succeed. It feels good to know that the professors at my school want the students to pass, and that they care about our well-being.


the class sizes are great and the professors are awesome. if you need help they will do thier best to help you


the best thing about this school was the service learning projects and getting involved with the community. Non-profit organization interaction was a good way to get connected with the community and learn new ways on how organizations are out there to assist people.


The best thing about Cal State San Marcos is the professors. They are always willing to talk with students about class work or about life in general. Students can drop by without appointment and most of the time they are in their offices ready to answer any questions the student has. In addition they actually care about what they are teaching and they want their students to learn. The class sizes are small enough for professors to get to know their students and for the most part they remember them semesters later. They encourae students to do their best.


The best thing about my school was teacher aid and easy access to student organizations and involvement. Getting Involved in the Human Development Club was the best decision ever.


I have alot of good things to say about California State University San Marcos. The professors are very helpful and are interested in your learning. I have had a few of them stand out to me over my time there and I still remember their advice. I have used their advice and motivationaly words not only in their class, but in many of the ones of have taken after.


The school is very easy to navigate as well as the building are all very new and look amazing. It is just the right size for a student who is looking for medium size classes. The staff and teachers are always willing to help and want you to succeed. The school has great security and good parking. It has many different resources including the library, the career center, the womens center, the pride center, among many others. It has fraturnities and sororities, for those interested in Greek life. We have a great track and soccer team, with a great gym!


The faculty memebrs are friendly and willing to assist students who seek assistance.


We are a fairly new school, which allows students to get involved with the creation of programs and groups. Because we are trying to figure out ways to accomidate and include everyone and create a close atmosphere within the school student leadership is held very highly. I feel that many aspects and organizations at the school are regulated by my peers who have a strong passion for their organizations and campus life.


The best thing about CSUSM is the availability of work on campus. The flexibility of class times is also a great thing.


The goals are set high to graduate. I feel I will walk away with outstanding education.


I love our gym and work out classes and equipment!!!!


Small class, more one on one time with the professor.


The Architecture and the quality of the faculty and staff. Much of the faculty are retired professors from Stanford and UCLA who like to retire locally around the university and take advantage of the golf capital of California. There are lots of gold courses including the exclusive Rancho Bernardo Golf Club and things like that. Very pretty town and new. The schools are top notch and some high schools are almost as big as our university.


I think because my school is in the middle of North County and South Bay San Diego, its diversity plays a big part in the schools best attributes. I would also like to mention the dedication our teachers have to our students. with classes roughly a medium size, the teachers attention is way more accessable by a student.


ATMOSPHERE!!!! The people around campus and how everyone is very nice and polite in opening doors along with saying please and thank you. Its something you will not see at other school. No one on this campus steals, a leather jacket was left in a room for a whole semester and no one took it. It was an expensive leather jacket, someone finallly brought it to lost and found and the owner was thankful :)


Close to home so I can save money.


Open space, facilities are new and high tech.


small classes


The class sizes are small for the most part and professors are easy to talk to. Professors are very receptive to student needs and always willing to help.


I enjoyed attending a somewhat smaller school than most large universities. I liked the fact I was able to get all the classes I needed to complete my major and minor. I liked the small size of the classrooms, which enabled me to get to know my professors. I also felt comfortable with finding my way around campus without all the traffic and chaos of a larger campus.