California University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


CalU is known for the food. No, not the food in the cafeteria, but the food in the community. Spuds and Campy's are two great restaurants that every college student thanks while they are attending here. Also, at my high school, the majority of the Tech Ed teachers graduated from CalU.


This university is well known for it's education program. Although the program contains a number of steps you must go through to obtain an education degree, it's well worth it. Some education courses require observations in local schools, which greatly prepare students for what to expect in the classroom. Also, the univeristy provides a number of educational seminars each semester for all students to attend to gain knowledge from outside sources.


In my opinion, I would say the school is best known for growth, development, and achievement, in the areas of academia and sporting events.


In an academic sense my school is best know for the excellent educational major courses that they provide.




My school is definitely know for their commitment to students: most academic programs are either accredited or working toward accredidation; student housing is at the top of the class as far as comfort, independence, space, and style; athletics and student organizations play large roles in the lives of many of the students; and the students themselves are ambassadors for the benefits of attending Cal U.


It is known to be a "party" school. But I completely disagree, it's a quiet and diverse school with alot of educational activities.


good education at a good price


sports. sports managent.


California University of Pennsylvania is best known for it's education and teaching program. They have a well-known, respected program for anything in education studies and a growing, developing art program as well. As far as extra-curricular activities go, there is a vast range of sports such as the Vulcan football team, girls and boys volleyball, baseball, and even hockey. The university also has a wide range of clubs and organizations hosted by The Student Activities Board. Students attending California University of Pennsylvania are able to receive quality education from a reasonably priced school.


My school is best known for its teaching program. The majority of students in the state of Pennsylvania come to California University of PA because of this program. It is ranked among the best in the state.


being inexpensive and respected


Close to Pittsburgh


Teachnology Education. I think best in the nation.


its teaching programs.


My school is most known for just about everything. Everyone knows where we are located and know a great idea about this campus. It has great majors to pick from, not only a couple but many.