California University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

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This school is very artsy. There are sculptures and paintings all over the place and the scenery is actually very nice. And since it is small, everyone knows about all of the happenings. I also believe the professors here are unique. They truly care about the students and do everything they can to help.


The people


It's a beautiful campus with great teachers and many opportunities to learn and grow, there's something there for everyone.


Brand new dorms and education buildings and convocation center. Integrates the old with the new very well.


What makes California University of Pennsylvania so unique is that the student dorms are very new. The class sizes are relatively small which allows for easy professor and student interaction.


We have a very diverse student population in the sense that we all have unique backgrounds. Also we are a population of very motivated students.


I like that the entire campus is located together instead of being spread out through a city or town. Everything is in one place and you can easily access it all.


The teacher education program is accredited and very well-known.


The landscape is very unique at my school. It has everything from a river, a train, beautiful flowers and even a highway.


Fully accredited.


better price than private schools, better education than other state schools


The people here are genuine and diverse. Most of the joy I get from college is meeting different people. The campus itself is beautiful with all the hard work people put into landscaping.


Many teachers seem more open than others.


It is a very rural school, which helps make socializing more probable.


The classes are smaller and the teachers really truly care about you and are passionate about teaching.


No idea.


Our athletic program is better than 99% of schools. We have a national championship Ice Hockey team, with ranked football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and golf both men and women for each.


Small classes allow students to get to know one another really well. Since the students know each other so well, the school spirit is at an elevated level.


The Campus here is smaller than most, which is nice, because the walk to class isn't terrible. Smaller class sized equal a lecture that is more on a personal level, which can help a lot. The school not being in a big city makes it more of a calm laid back atmosphere.


It had a branch campus close to my home so I could commute. Also had great online courses.


I like that it is placed in a small town and has a relatively small campus.