California University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I enjoy my dorm. Its very large and I like that I have my own bathroom. Its nice that the entire dorm building is new as well as many of the building on campus.


I love to brag to my friends about our newly built campus, soon to come parking garage, and comfortable suites. I always tell people who are in search of a school home that our campus has much of an "at home" feel to it. I love to brag about how friendly everyone on campus is; You will never feel lost at a place like Cal. When my friends come to visit, I'm proud to bring them to my dorm because it is newly remodeled and even has its own bathroom! Oh, and I cannot forget our lovely football team!


Most of my friends go to bigger diverision one colleges so they have a lot to talk about and since my school is smaller i dont have as much to brag about; but the one thing i do boast about and take pride in is that CalU has a very good academic system. The professors teach their material well and make me feel that when i get into the work field i will be ready for whatever comes my way.


I brag about my sorority and the fact that I will be able afford to live after my education instead of being completely broke and jobless.


How much fun discussions in class are.


The thing that I brag the most about to my friends is the quality of my major program. I also brag about how much I like the faculty in my major education program.


The dorms on how nice they are.