California University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I consider the way the school is inconsiderate towards students to be the worst thing about my school. Recently, the parking garage at my school had fallen apart in some places and was closed down. Students who had spent $150 on a parking pass to park in the parking garage were out of luck with a place to park. Being forced into a further lot across the schools campus into a lot that typically is only $100 a semester, the students cars do not have protection from rain and snow. The school refused to repay the students who had spent the money on parking passes for the parking garage. The inconsideration towards students is the worst thing about California University of Pennsylvania.


I think the worst thing about this school, is that it doesn't have the safetest community.


The town the college is in a piece of crap.


The worst thing about Cal U is how roommates get selected. I lived on campus for one year and it was the most terrible experience of my life. My roommate situation was what made it a terrible experience.


The campus feels empty sometimes


I would say the worst thing about my school is Financial aid and fonding money to help pay for it. I am out of state and i barely recieve financial aid and it is really hard for me to find money to go to this school. If I was able to afford it more easier everything would be perfect and I wouldn't have to stress about money so much.


The only thing that I dont like about the school is how you have to pay $125 dollars a semester (not a year) for parking.


Not enough stores or restaurants within walking distance and alot of people go home on weekends.


That it is in a small town and you have to go at least 15 minutes away to go to WalMart and food shopping.


Too small and not enough to do in town. Any stores or restraurants are at least 15 minutes away.


The worst thing about California University of Pennsylvania is that the departments are unorganized and have trouble communicating with other offices and colleges which makes it difficult for them to help students in regaurds to importnat information such as deadlines, class signups, paperwork, etc. Perhaps if there was more evaluation of communication between and within departments, the college affairs could run more acurately and smoothly.


There are limited places to eat on and off campus!


The worst thing about my school is that there are not many off campus exciting spots because the college is set in a rural environment. Many students complain that the campus is very dead on the weekend, with nothing to do. That is why many students travel home for the weekend.


The worst thing about my school is that it is in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania. The town outside is very small and there aren't many businesses that are useful to college students in a reasonable distance from the school. It can get pretty boring if you're from a more urban background and aren't used to small town life.


There is nothing bad about the school I attend. Professors and advisors are very helpful and most students have a great perspective on their future. If I could change one thing about my school it would be to change its location. I am a commuter and spend a lot of money on gas and toll roads every day. This is sometimes a hidden expense, along with text books, that sometimes gets overlooked.


Honestly, I have no complaints!




They are doing a lot of construction, not offering enough classes or seats in classes, and they accept too many people for the size of the campus and available housing.


The worst thimg about this school is the lack of communication between academic advisors and the availability and timeframe in which classes are available.


I think the worst thing about this school is how transfer students are treated. When I transfered I delt with the dean of transfer students who lied about everything she told me and almost made it so I could not get housing. Some of her lies were that transfer students can live in dorms (which they can't), that the school was building an ice rink, that there are bears, and also that you have to watch out for moose...none of which are true.


There is absolutely nothing to do in, or around the town other than go to the bars, if you are of age. At the school, the only thing that ever really goes on are sporting events, and guest speakers, both of which hardly anyone attends.


It's very boring. Besides hanging out with friends, there's basically nothing to do in town.


My least favorite thing about my school is the campus is dead on the weekends because many people go home.


people go home on the weekend and school spirt lacks


The student body growth rate. With the improvements that have been made, more people are applying, which has increased admissions. This has lead to a shortage of housing & parking on campus. For the first few weeks of school, some students had to reside in a hotel 10 miles off campus because the school had accepted too many freshman to fit into the dorms. Also, a lot of students are commuters, which causes a lack of parking for the students who drive from across town, so they don't have to rush or walk in inclimate weather.


The worst thing about my school is that there are no concerts that come here. The only concerts that come here are symphonies. College students want big name starts to come to their school. If that would happen, students would get more involved with things in order to make something like this happen.


The worst thing about my school is the number of students who leave and go home on the weekends.


The worst thing about California University of PA is the availability of jobs in and around campus. Many students find themselves going home over the weekend to work a job they had previously. With people going home over the weekend, that also adds to the fact that the school is rather dead on Saturday and Sunday.