California University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


This school is a very small school, so most people already know a select group of people. It would be a great school to go to if you already know people there, or are planning to live in a dorm, since it is easiest to make friends there. Sports are a big thing at this school, so if you play one, that would be another good reason to go. If you're shy, it may be hard to come out of your box here. However if you are very focused on your education this would be a good school.


I believe someone who is involved both academically as well as socially. There are so many opportunites to connect with others by various sports, activities, clubs, and much more. It's a college that everyone should get to experience.


Generally, the students who attend here are susceptible to some of the same environment high school gave. So if you're a student looking for an easier transition into college, then CalU is the place to be. Also, students who are interested in the Tech Ed major or field would greatly benefit because the teachers are highly qualified and informative. Business students are also welcomed with ease and interest. The graphic design field is as competitive as the other colleges, so you wont be set back by the program. Instead you'll be pushed ahead.


Definitley a person who wants to work and get the best out of there college education.


I think someone who is really interested in Psychology or would like to acheive a degree in Psychology should come to this school because i believe it has a really good psychology program.


Basically, any type person should attend this school if it offers the major they are seeking. We're generally considered a smaller university, so someone who prefers smaller classes would like this campus. Also, this university exmphasizes it's general education curriculum, so students have to be open minded about some of the courses they are required to take. This campus revolves around the small town rural type, so those who prefer the smaller town setting would enjoy this campus.


Graduating high school seniors in the Pittsburgh area who want to stay close to home.


Someone who doesn't mind a small town and a beautiful campus, and someone who is artistic and talented.


Anyone that feels more comfortable attending a smaller school, with a one on one atmosphere.


The type of person best suited for a Cal U education is one who is not only eager to face the academic challenges of pursuing and postsecondary education, but also willing to share their environment with many types of people, all having similar, different, and very unique interests.


California University of Pennsylvania is a perfect school for students who wish to build there character and better their future. Not only does California University provide an immense amount of majors, but it also perfect for students who wish to have a perfect balance between social life and school. The campus environment promotes productivity and is eeen perfect for students that indulge 100 percent into their studies. With the school being in such a small community, it is better for people who wish to focus soley on their career. However, California University warmly welcomes all students.


There shouldn't be any restrictions for a person to attend a college or university. However, every student needs their own motivation. Merely showing up for a class only to distract other students who have a passion for learning is not a product of a serious college student. Any student who can demonstrate hard work, hard work, and more hard work should be allowed to attend any college or university.


The type of person that should attend Cal U is one who is sure of what they want in their future. I have changed my major several times and they have tried to help me, however, I think is better if one would have a good idea of where they want to be in life after college.


A person who is goal orienated and have priorites. Cal U s a very good school academic and sports wise.


People should attend this school if they never intended on leaving high school.


People who are content with doing campus organized activities and enjoy just hanging with their friends. People who like to drive to get places and having the basics nearby.


Anyone who wants to excel academically and socially.


A party person should go here


outgoing, looking to have a good time. also, interested in doing well and succeeding.


A person who is looking for a small campus should attend this school. The population NOR the campus itself is big. this is the perfect place if you just want to get away. the school is in the middle of nowhere surrounded by the towns people. I will say that you do have to find your own happening.


Anyone who needs a college to go to that isn't that expensive.


I think that there is not a certain type of person that should come here. I think that anyone can come here if that is what the choose to do. Its a great school and I have learned so much from it. If someone wants to get a good education they would pick the right place if they came here.