California University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I am a transfer student; Cal U was my second University that I attended. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to reevaluate why I was going to school. College is for education and not about picking a college for sports. I would also tell myself that while making the college transition is very hard, you have to study way more than I ever did in high school, and prepare for exams weeks before the actual exam. I would also tell myself to get involved with clubs that have to do with my major, that is what makes you meet the friends that are going to help get through college and also through my major. Biology is not an easy major and if I want a job in the medical field I am really going to have to start working for it and really preparing for college now instead of my sophomore year of college.


If I were able to go back in time and give myself advice, I would say I should've worked hard my first two years of high school. Each year, I saw myself progressing and working harder. However, I know I could've pushed myself my freshman and sophomore year. I tried my hardest the last two years, but what really pulled my gpa back was how I did those first two years of high school. I wish I could've graduated with honors or high honors. I do feel like I was prepared entering the college life. The high school I attended, taught me many skills and it made it a little easier to make that transition.


If I could advise my high school self I would have joined sports when I entered high school and stuck with them. I would have joined more clubs and organizations preparing myself to have a resume that stands out. I would better prepare for the SAT and look further into college's that I was thinking about. I knew what I wanted to major in, so I would have advised myself to try to set up a meeting with the advisor of my department at different universities to see if I would better fit with a different university. I would have chose Clarion University because they have a better accredited business program, but my friends were going to CalU so I chose to attend there as well. If I could go back in time, I would tell myself that college is everything, and if you are going to spend this amount of money on it, take the time to look into it to make the best decision for the future.


Don't slack your freshman year to avoid that extra year I have to go.


I would tell myself that college isn't as scary as you thought it would be. The professors don't want to see you fail and will help guide you to the right path in being successful. There are plenty of other people who want to help you succeed and will tutor you to do just that. I would tell myself that you can even apply for a mentor. My menor was extremely helpful when I was a freshman. I would also tell myself to join clubs/organizations early on and to stick with them. It is a wonderful way to get experience and a great way to meet new friends with similiar interests.


Going back and looking at myself in highschool, i would have appreciated more what the teachers really do for you. It is a big transition from highschool to college. For example, taking notes. In highschool they printed off fill in the blank notes, and in college you take your own notes completely. Also the classes in college only meet a few times a week. An average highschool student may think, "WOW, I have all this free time!" Well that is what i thought. But NO, you do not. There is so much more homework in your classes and you really have to be dedicated to your studies to succeed. The only advice i would have given myself is to appreciate all of the work the teachers printed out/did for us, because that does not happen here. You are your own independent person, and there are many responsibilities that follow living on your own.


I would tell myself that it is time to buckle down and brace for the real world. It may be scary, but the time has come to take it on. I know I was scared to go to college back then, but now I wish I could go back and tell myself that college life isn't so bad after all. I actually love it. So with that said, I would push myself to go to whatever college suits me best, not which one is closest to my home, my significant other, my best friend, etc. I would tell myself that no matter what, eventually your heart will steer you in the right direction, so you might as well try to make the right one now. No matter where you go, you'll get a good education and make good friends, because college is what you make of it, but you'll be happiest chosing a college you love. The transition is hard, but time helps this. I would give myself all the strength and courage I could.


If I could go back to my high school self there would be so much advice I would give. I would first remind myself of the importance of my freshman year. That first year is the starting point where you are getting used to the faster pace of work and it's essentially a bar that each student has set for their next year (sophomore year). If I did a little better in that first year I believe I would have done a little better throughout my high school. I also believe it's just as important to finish off strong and not get the "senioritis" as the students at my school would call it when you get a tad bit lazy. The last piece of advice I would give would be to apply for as many scholarships as you can because I can see my debt taking a few years to pay back already.


I would tell myself to pick a class schedule very carefully. Try not to take all the science classes at once and be prepared for a lot of stress, but to not let it control your life. Also not to spend my money on little things that I do not need because classes and books can be very expensive. To make time to study but also make time to relax with friends or just at home. I always thought I was ready but I had a management job in high school that I could take on the world and college was going to be a piece of cake. I learned that was not the case and I also let my medical condition get out of control which slowed down my progress at school. I would tell myself to make sure my body was ready to take on the stress of going to college.


I would tell myself to apply for more scholarships, and not to be so nervous. If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would say to have more confidence about school and to remember that you are paying for an education, so there is no reason to feel like you are a problem to people who are supposed to be helping you.


Work hard for scholarships, because students loans is no joke!!


I would tell myself to look for as many scholarships as I can, or to go to scholl in state so I would be able to recieve more scholarships. Because finding money for college when you go out of state is very difficult. I would also tell myself to do better on the SAT's so more scholarships and money would be available to me. Another thing I would say is to stay focused and pay attention while in college becuase it is not easy.


I would tell myself not to wish my high school years away. I would tell myself that you are going to miss the way life was made for you during high school. Highschool gives you step by step instructions on what you need to do and what classes to take by 9 weeks, but once you get to college it is all up to you. Professors dont remind you about upcoming tests or projects like high school teachers do, and it is really hard to make that transaction from having things spoon fed to you in highschool to tending to yourself in college. So just relax and remember that once this time of your life is over it is a completely new world when you start your college carrer this upcoming fall .


I would have given myself the advice to try to save all of my money that I was making as much as I could. I would also have told myself to not do a lot of the things that didnt help me to excell. I might try to tell myself the winning lottery numbers as well, but most importantly I would have told myself to start my college search sooner so I could learn a lot more about what to look for in a college or what all of the vocabulary the websites threw at me meant. I feel like those little things would have helped my life so much right now.


Don't stress. Your are more prepared than you think you are, and you are ready to start this next season of your life. Don't sign up for an 8 o clock class freshman year, because you will not wake up early enough to get there. Don't forget when you sign up for an online class, because it keeps going even if you are not aware. Try writing your papers before the morning that they are due to avoid a lack of sleep and unneeded stress. Other than that, have fun and you will be fine.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the advice I would give myself would be to just enjoy my time there and stop worrying so much. I had so many concerns about my future and stressing about where to go that I didn't allow myself to enjoy the present moment. It's easy to fear the unknown but it's even easier to miss out on the now. Everything always works out how it's supposed to anyway, so just appreciate your last year as much as possible.


If I had the opportunity to go back in time and give advice to my high school senior self, I would tell myself to not be so shy. It may sound like a small weakness of character, but my shyness definitely effected how I socialized on campus. Instead of stepping out of my comfort zone and trying to get involved with activities, I stayed inside my dorm room and read books all day. This is definitely not the way to live life on campus. One of the most memorable experiences of your life should be college, and being shy and in your shell is no way to remember it. After dying my hair blonde and getting a risky short hair cut my sophomore year, I began to come out of my comfort zone and started to find my voice. I found that not only are most people on campus some of the most interesting people you'll meet in your life, but they're helpful and undertanding as well. I only wish I had become more social my freshman year of college so it would not have felt I wasted a year inside my own mind.


The advice that I would give to myself would be that I can't be playing around and getting complacent with what I do. I need to act like every assignment that I have to put my all into it and not get distracted by things around me. Also, I need to take my work seriously and don't be afraid to ask for help.


If I could go back and have a nice discussion with my high school senior self over coffee I would tell me that it’s all going to be okay. As a senior I wasn’t exactly sure on what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go. I was constantly worried that I wouldn’t pick the right major and when I didn’t get into the University of Pittsburgh, my dream school, I thought my life was going to end. It turns out my life didn’t end and I discovered my true passion of stage managing and ended up receiving a full ride scholarship. In the fall I plan on transferring out, but the university has taught me many valuable lessons. Sometimes life’s answers take some time and you have to be patient to figure out who you’re going to be. You cannot be expected to know who you are exactly as a high school senior. I wouldn’t tell my senior-self anything that happens, the experience is the part that matters, but I would say everything is going to be okay, you find out exactly what you’re supposed to be.


As far as living adjustments, I wouldn't make any changes. I've adapted well to college life and I'm enjoying every minute of it. The advice I would give myself is to start looking for funding and scholarships as early as my Junior year in high school. I did well academically (3.96) and was a member of The National Honor Society. That wasn't enough to pull in any funding on its own. The rising costs of an education are well beyond me and my parents means. I was expecting to be in some debt when I graduate. at this point, I'm concerned about the magnitude. Since I'm the oldest child, we are learning the hard way about the reality of it all. You can bet my younger sister will be flooding the market with scholarship applications beginning next year. (Her Junior year).


I would tell myself to make friends in classes and go out to meet people. I would also say study hard it isn't as easy as high school. Also, get involved in clubs and extra curriculars.


If I were just now starting college, I would advise myself to work a lot more while going to school. I would be very focused on acquiring a lot of savings so that I could further my education after I received my bachelor's degree and attend culinary school; which is what my current plan is. I would also advise myself to be a lot more involved in extra-curricular activities; clubs, sports, sororities, etc., so that more scholarship and grant opportunities would be available to me.


I would love the opportunity to talk to myself as a high school senior. Some things I would tell myself would be... Believe in yourself- you are capable of far more than you think. Take on challenges and any opportunities when you can. Slow down- As excited you may be, to graduate- enjoy the moment. Trust yourself- you'll miss it eventually. Dance- I didn’t start dancing again until my fourth semester into college. I lost sight of how much I loved it, take advantage of any chance you can to dance. Friends- The friends you make may be temporary, but your friends from home will always be there for you. And of course your family! Thank you- for entering college undecided, it was one of the best decisions I have made. You will learn about many opportunities you did not know were available in high school.


I would love to get the opportunity to talk to myself as a high school senior., there is so much I would tell myself about what I've learned and how I've grown. Believe- I would tell myself that I am capable of more than I think. Slow Down- Don't be so anxious to leave town and different aspects at home- you'll miss it and learn to respect it. Dance- I didn't start dancing again until my 4th semester into college. I wish I would have started sooner. You love and and it will keep you happy. Harsh truth- More friends are better than close friends in college. You may lose the close friends you make in college, then what? You're close friends from high school will always be around. Thank you... for going to college undecided. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. You do not know the variety of opportunies that are out there! Even if it was always right in frount of you.


If I could go back and have a conversation with my “past” self about the transition into college, the only advice I would give would be to hang in there. Within every new endeavor in life, hardships and obstacles often come into play, which can seemingly make it easier to give up and throw in the towel than stick to the road ahead and persevere. Many things have happened throughout my college career, which would have made others quit and say “I tried”. I always held myself to a higher standard than others, believing that I could achieve what I put my mind to, and that quitting was not an option. Taking online courses is no exception, due to the amount of dedication and self-motivation that is required. I am very proud to say that I am a Graduate of California University of Pennsylvania, and I succeeded.


If I were to go back in time and give myself advice about the high school to college transition I would tell myself to try your hardest, nothings impossible and to open to new things. I would choose this advice because when I first started college it was completely different than what I was use too. Now that I have grown up some and adapted to the collegiate world I now know that it is possible to do well in every class. I would also tell myself to be open to new things that you will be exposed to in college.


Through my college Experience at California University of Pennsylvania I have gained a great deal of independence to live on my own, get involved in clubs, make friends, and better myself through continuing education. I have learned alot thanks to the helpful and knowledgeable teachers I have had to gain real life scenarios of what we are learning and how to apply it to the rest of my life. Through my participation in the Sttudent MarketingAssociation at CalU I have been able to attend networking events in New York City, and learn great lessons about resumes and how to appropriately use social networking to set myself apart in the work force. Going to CalU has given me confidence to make my own decisions, and be in chargeof my own education to help me post graduation to make an impact in the community and work force.


Out of my college experience so far i have made great friends with my peers and teachers. My friends help me get through school, and make it easier to study and learn new things. My teachers are great and are always there to offer extra tutoring and help! I have gained alot of knowledge in college as well. I think being in classes you CHOOSE to be in, keep you interested in school. My major is nursing, so for example, i love school so much becuase it focuses on MY interests. College has been very valuable to me, because it is going to take me places in life. I am going to graduate college and pursue a career in nursing. College is overall a great place to be. You learn, you make new friends, and it helps you become a successful person.


I have gotten an amazing education, urging me to continue on to a Master's level to become more educated and successful. I have also gained lifelong knowledge and friends because of attending college. It is an experience that could be valuable to everyone!


Some might say that the following things aren't of value, but noone can agree on anything these days. Thats why there exists opinions that everyone is entitled to. So here's mine. I Iove college. I love the idea of learning, which is probably why I want to become an elementary school teacher. I want others to love school as much as I do and learn valuable life leasons. My college experience has had its ups and downs. I've enjoyed the diversity of students and teachers, but at times they can be the reason you are on anti-depresants and are currently taken energy drinks to stay awake in class. College has taught me that procrastination is clever, if you can get away with it, but a pain in the butt if your prof doesn't appreciate your last minute essay. I've learned that there is honestly nothing more important than an education, besides the value of friends and the love of family. My experiencs in college have taught me that perseverance is the key to success, oh and of course actually going to class might have something ot do with it.


College for me, was mandatory in my eyes. I wanted to succeed, make a name for myself, and also prove to myself that I could do all of this. California University of Pennsylvania has helped me to accomplish these goals and for that I am thankful; it's helped me to see that I can continue setting goals and succeeding. Because of receiving my bachelors, I now know that I am capable of attending graduate school. The University itself has taught me to be more confident, organized, and mature. As well, it has made me a more hopeful and intelligent person. I am better able to get along with and understand people with my major in psychology, which will be very helpful throughout life, in many different ways. Along the way, I learned who I was, what I was meant to do in life and what I am capable of accomplishing. Overall, college taught me to continue to strive for what I want, which in my eyes, is one of the keys to success.


My college experience so far has been one of various ups and downs. I have faced to challenge of having to adapt to the shockingly new and unique environment college has to offer, not always meeting with success. I have met many unique people, many of whom share at least one interest with myself; in doing so, I have made many friends that I not only plan to keep until graduation, but whom will also remain in my life after college, and will share with me the task of putting out acquired knowledge and skills to use in the real world. I have learned many life lessons, including the importance of asking for help, and the fun and enjoyment that comes from helping others. College has made me a stronger person, more aware of my environment and myself, but also more aware of others. This experience has left me with the confidence to pursue my goals and dreams, and the networks and support system to help me succeed at any venture that I decide to invest in.


I have learned that perserverance and dedication is key to success. Many people want a degree, yet are not willing to put the work in to attain it. Education is the key to a great future, howeverit is something that must have work put behind it to be useful.


For me, attending college was the absolute, without a doubt, best thing I have ever decided to do. In my short nineteen years, there have been few things that I have done that I feel have impacted my life in a great way, but going to college is one of those rare things. College is defintely not for everyone, but thankfully, I am not one of those people. Going to college has truly changed me, and in the best way. For the first time in my life, I have the confidence to be on my own, to try new things, to meet new people, to make my own mistakes and learn from them. I have always been sheltered by the people around me, and that's not a bad thing, but going to college is helping me to find out who I am and what I want to do with my life, and I think that is the most important thing I've ever done.


Although I have only been in college for two semesters it has opened my eyes to many things. Out of my experience i have learned that life is not all fun and games. When I got to college I had to really get my act together and get things done. Also it is very valuable to attend college because without a degree in this day and age you will get no where and college really begins a great life for someone.




I have gotten a great deal of leadership qualities out of my college experience. It is completely different than high school because you are on your own. You have to learn when to step up and speak out, which is something that I was always afraid of doing. The college experience has made me less shy, and also more professional. It has been very valuable to attend because it has taught me life skills that I could not get anywhere else, like how to live with someone else. My college eperience has been VERY rewarding, and I would not change anything about it.


I would tell myself to visit more schools and try for more scholarships. Maybe if I had done that I could of had more options for schools because I could afford them. I would of also considered going to school with at least one close friend. I find that makes it a lot easier to cope and transition in a school. One person helps you get to know more people and have higher self confidence. I also wouldn't of minded finding more schools with activities to keep me busy on the weekends.


I would tell myself, that college isn't about partying and girls. I would tell myself reading is fundemental and it will only help you. Study a lot, do not go out until everything is finish. Stay in the books, and never give up cause having good grades, gets good hard earned money. You do not attend college just to waste time, money, and space. I would tell myself that I am becoming a man, and it's time to take responsibilty, even though money is tight, you got to make everything stretch and keep pushing. Just staying positive and in the books is the best advice I could give myself.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would only change a few things. I suppose I could have wasted less time reading or chatting on the computer. Also, I regret not following through with my love for softball. I was definitely good enough to have received a scholarship. I wish I would have taken my mother?s advice when she said that I was awesome player and for me to pursue playing and giving it my all because one day I would reap the benefit of the sport. My mother is the most indepentdent woman I know; she is a single parent and has worked hard for everything she owns. I wish I would have given more effort to my academics and perhaps I would have an academic scholarship. If I could turn back the hands of time I would have to my mom?s words of wisdom and not taken the things that she shared for granted. Every single moment and situation in my life has lead me to this very day in some way, shape or form. From here on, I will look at these regrets as lessons.


My first impression of college was quickly proved incorrect during the beginning of my freshman year. I started out completing all my assignments quickly and on-time. This trend continued, however, the level of difficulty mixed with the beginning of developing social connections began to take a toll on me. I quickly learned many lessons and through a lot of self meditation and reflection I matured and felt enlightened. So what I would tell myself as a high school senior would be all about attitude. I would tell myself that I may not be able to control the things that happen to me, or what people say and do to me, but I can control my attitude towards it. Telling myself to ask why I should allow outside forces to affect my inner attitude towards life. I have learned that there will be many times in life when things go badly and people aggravate me or put me down, but there is no reason I should allow these things to upset me too much. It is my life, and I am in control. Attitude can change your outlook on life, relationships, and school. That would be my advice to myself.


I would tell myself that i needed to fully assert myself in everything that i possibly could because the more things i have under my belt the better it looks for me. I would also tell myself that i need to get into the habbit of studying and not settle for being average and that i need to do my best in everything that i do. Finally, i would tell myself that i need to work on my time management because procrastination and college is not a good formula for success.


Everything you need to know to get what you want in life you have already learned--continue to be curious, to communicate, and to enjoy the process. Unfortunately, you will not get everything you want in the classes you take so it is critical to maintain your sense of curiosity and to explore the world around you. Remember that the library offers extensive collections and can get almost anything you want to read or to study. You will thank your curiousity. College is as much about meeting people and building realtionships with professors, peers, and professionals as it is about covering course material. Never fear to introduce yourself to someone and never fear to try and contact the giants within your industry. The worst that can happen is they will not return your call or e-mail. Finally, and most importantly, be sure to enjoy the process. You will be experiencing some of the best times of your life and seeing some of the greatest opportunities of your life to date. Take it all in, as it will go by quickly, but always know that college is nowhere near the best days of your life. Life keeps getting better!


If I had the ability to go back in time, I would give myself an insight on college life. I would tell myself to obtain as many scholarships as possible, because college expenses are outragous. I would tell myself not to be as nervous as I was, because college is an exerience, and it will help you learn what kind of person you are. The transition was hard going from high school to college because in high school, i felt as if the teachers gave everyone a helping hand. Where as in college, its time to grow up and start the rest of your life. I would tell myself to be prepaired for the transition, and get ready to study and practice writing essays. finally I would tell myself to get ready to have some of the greatest times of my life.


If I could go back in time and talk to my highschool self, I would tell myself to apply to a lot more scholarships. I only applied to very few last year and only got a few. The burden of student loands are something I wish I never had to encounter, so I would tell myself to apply for as many scholarships, no matter how little they could be. I would aslo tell myself to get involved in activities as soon as possible when at school, because for the first month of my first semester was really lonley because I didn't know anyone and had a really hard time making friends, and that can be a major downer when you feel extremely isolated your first real time away from home.


If I were a Senior in HighSchool now, I would advise myself many things. The first is it is important to be social but to limit the circle of friends you take on. There are going to be many people who will come and go in a college career, but the one thing that remains constant is yourself. 100 percent of the focus should be on the success of yourself. Another piece of advice is to stay busy and active for that promotes a healthy lifestyle that leads to a healthy QPA. Happiness with ones self is reached by the level of healthiness of ones life and therefore one should act accordingly. Put yourself first, not any one or anything else. There is a whole life after college to worry about extraneous things. I wish I could go back in time with all I have learned, I cannot, but will no doubt help whomever I can where I erred.


As I first started my collegiate path I was very unsure about the career that I was most comfortable with. If I were able to tell myself what I would find interesting four to five years later I would say, ?Matt, you like science. You like kids. You?re going to be a science teacher. Now, get serious and start studying and prepare yourself for a good job and a great future.? However, I have no regrets to taking things slow. I took a few classes dealing with computers and computer programming. The knowledge I took from those courses was extremely beneficial. I never have to take my computer to a store to get fixed, and others come to me with their problems. Yet that field did not spark any interest with me whatsoever. If I could take some maturity from my twenty-five year old self and implant it in my body as a high school senior, I would have done so. Again, it seems very contradictory because life experiences can sculpt a human being and turn them into a street savvy, knowledge thirsting individual like myself.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would give myself a great deal of advise. I think the whole college experience has been great! I would definetly tell myself to look into more scholarships and financial need. It has been hard this past year for me as far as financial obligations are conserned. I would also try to prepare myself more for the amount of work I had my second year of college. The past semester was a real wake up call because my first year of college was easy. I think that was because I only had general education courses and this past semester I got more into my major field (which is Chemistry). I try to encourage people to go to the college. I am currently a mentor and I advise many incoming freshman; therefore, I would probably speak to myself as a high school senior the way I speak to the students I currently advise. I would encourage myself to be involved in more activities. If I could go back I would simply encourage myself to work harder to make the most out of my college experience.


If I could go back in time and tell myself how to be prepared for the future, I would definately tell myself to actually figure out what I like. I have already changed my major several times, and although the faculty has been very helpful and nice, they can not figure out what I want to be professionally. I would inform me, that I need to become more independent, not only not relying on people for what I need, but also for finding my value and defsires for myself. That is what I have found the most difficulty in so far and what I would warn myself in the past.


Dear Maranda, 1) Consider your learning style. You need a school with small class sizes where teachers know your name, you know your peers, and everyone works as a team to help each other achieve goals and build skills for a career. 2) Stay close to home. Family is important to you and they are a great source of support and strength. 3) Don't underestimate colleges close to home. Small, community oriented colleges often are great values, excellent connections for internships, and can offer you the attention you need as a student. 4) Get active: clubs, campus activities, internships. Don't work so much during school that you miss out on opportunities to expand your background, experience, mind, and resume. Believe me, you'll regret working through school later on. 5) Have fun. College is your time to grow, experience, mature, and learn. 6) Don't lose sight of your dreams. Remember your goals. Take the lessons you learn with you. And do it all with a smile. Remember what Ferris Bueller said "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." Good Luck! Love, Maranda