California University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


The school is very unorganized.


I wish I would have known more about the organizations/clubs that they have on campus. The university's radio and television stations would have finialized my choice of picking Cal U earlier on. I didn't know how many great opportunities was present at Cal U.


The only things i wish i would have known before i came to this school is the crime and violence on/off campus. So far there has been a few different crimes that have happened and it is scary. There was a drive by shooting right off campus, and inside the dorm next to me on my floor there was an armed robbery. I was right next to this when it was happening and i had no idea. There are many things they can do to prevent this from happening but they don't.


I wish that I could have known a little more about the school and activities that they offered beforehand.


I wish that I had known the lack of school spirit and organized sports. If there was a football team, I believe the sense of community would be greater.


Very little to do off campus. It gets old very quick! Regardless, there are a ton on great services and clubs offered- take advantage of them!


I wish I would of known that no one stays here on the weekends. Its gets lonely and very boring a lot of the time. The campus doesnt provide many activities for students so were kind of on our own for fun.


I wish i would have been more motivated to stay a lot more serious in school. Coming in as a Freshman, you just settle in and ride the wave; go with the flow. You do not really know what to do, until you get into things. So you tend to slip up and fall off. if I would have known that getting better grades gets more money for financial aid. If I would have known that I would have done so much better. College is no joke, and needs to be taken serious.


i wish i would have understood how important college is. when i was a freshman i didnt do anything i ddnt care as long as i was passing. now understand and whem i hit junior year my grades have been good. but now its too late to bring my GPA up because im graduatng December 19 2009


I wish I would have known to get involved a little bit more than I am currently.


I wish that I would have known how far away any activities were, and I wish I would have known how dead the campus gets on weekends.


how much extra money i needed to live off of


The art department is floursihing greatly. If you are going into ed, be careful.


To have a car, and who not to rent off of.


How different people are from high-school compared to college (more laid back).


I wish I would have known how much it was actually going to cost to go to school, and how financial aid was not going to help me out financially at all.


That I had to travel to different campuses for some events.