Calvary University Top Questions

What should every freshman at Calvary University know before they start?


what i have gotten out of my college experience so far is a closer relationship with God. this is the most important thing that anyone can have. I have learned so much from my teachers about the bible. i have learned how to interpret it and understand it so that i am able to teach and tell others about it. I would love nothing more than to continue my life at calvary because in my opinion it is the best school to prepare for the rest of your life. during my experience i have been rounded as a human being and i am very good at meeting new people. although it is a cheaper school, it more than makes up for it by having great teachers and great rules. especially for those who cannot afford much.


If I had gone back in time to talk to myself as a highschool senior? I would have told myself to study, study, and study. Though coming into Calvary I expected the work to be hard (I do little or no work in highschool) and I ended up striving and doing great on the homework, I would have liked to have been mindful for the need of study as a highschooler. For in highschool I would have liked to been wise to study, then such great study would not have been needed as a College student.