Calvin College Top Questions

Describe the students at Calvin College.


Calvin College is a unique school, in the sense of wanting ethnic diversity. It wants more ethnically diverse students and even has scholarships and grants for multi-cultural students to attend Calvin with more ease and less financial burden. Yet to describe my classmates it will have to say that a large part of the college here are mostly students who are caucasian, and usually a heavy background of Dutch heritage. This makes it impossible to earse the inclusiveness and strong link of students to make 'clichs' with each other.


My classmates are open, honest, charismatic, and supportive as a faith-based community.


My classmates are intelligent and friendly; they are always willing form study groups so we can work together to learn the material.


Very intelligent students who are hardworking and enjoyable to be around.


They are fun, nice, and helpful.


Most of the students in my classes are good students and are there to learn. I am in a professional program so most of the students are pretty focused.


Engineering classmates keep within their groups


Most calvin students are career minded, friendly, and enjoy learning.


a wide variety of people, some are extremely studious, some procrastinate to the last minute, we have average students and well above average students.


Friendly and academically focused.